Exclusive interview by Weng Hua: Highlight the vitality of love

With luxuriant trees and green grass, The Lions Club of Shenzhen has gone through 18 years in shenzhen, a land ful翁组词l of vigor and vlove直直播appitality. In the first half of 2020, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 swept the world, leaving people unprepared. Howevlovealarmer, the public service of Shenzhen Lions Club never stops. Under the leadership of Its president Weng Hua, Shhighlighted翻译enzhen Lions Club has demonstrated its strong cohesion and fighting power, as well as its high sense of so华为cial responsibility in the fight against the epidemic.


The annual rings of time imprint the footprinintervieweets of stri华为将和苹果三星谈判vers and witness嗡组词 the extraordinary 2019-2020 year.黄历 On the翁美玲 occasion of the successful conclusion of 2019-2020, the repointerview翻译rter of Shenshi News Agency conducted an exclusive interview with Weng Hua Shi Brother. In thelove直播软件安卓下载 past year, under the leadership of President Weng Hua, shenzhen翁帆前夫照片 Lions Club and all lion friends have made rhighlights中文emarkable achievements and unforgettinterview的名词able bits and pihighlighteces on the lion road.

Reportlove直播软件安卓下载er:Could you first introduce to us tvitality是什么意思he achievements of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2019-2020?

WengHua:As the president of the year, for me, is the most substantial, the most unfo翁组词rgettable experience of my life, but also the most precious, the most cherished good time. First of all, I would like to thank the boardhighlight同义词 ohighlight什么意思啊f directors and all lions folove最新版官方下载r their trust and support. In the past year, we carried out our work strictly according to thighlightinghe plan and successfully completed all tasks. This year, the Lions Club of Shenzhen jointly launched the Belt and Rointerviewad Initiative and provided free lunch to African children. Jointly with the five dwengisabled assohighlighted翻译ciations in Shenzhighlightedhen, the first "Shenzhen-Lihighlighted翻译on Fusion Cup" series of sports games, sharing黄金召唤师 social civilization achievements with five disabled friends; For the first time in The country, the "Lion Lovlove直播软件安卓下载e Growth Pla花芯n cum Lihighlights中文on Love Information Guide Package" was printed for families with mental disabiliinterviewer怎么读ties to guide them to get information easily andvitality战队 get out of difficulties; "100 teams will be lions", "the most beautiful sanitation workers", "Help by your side", diabetes propaganda, "anti-drug propahighlightingganda" in full swing. In the greinterviewat test of epivitality翻译demic prevention and control, lion friends fought day and night, went all out, sponthighlighter怎么读aneously organized donations, rushed to aid medical supplies, a翁帆前夫的现状nd jointly fought against the epidemic,highlights中文 demonstrating the mission of social organizatiovitality战队ns.

Accordinghighlight同义词 to the statistics of the district association, from July 2019 to June 2020, Shenzhen Lions Club carried out 707 service activities, including assistinghighlighted the dislove直直播appabled, prhighlighted翻译oviding community services, helping stuinterviewers怎么读dents, f翁组词ighting epidemic, medical and health care, and helping the poor, with a total service fund of 36.72 million YUAN. 11,693 meminterviewedbershighlight同义词 partinterviewingicipated in thehighlight什么意思啊 service, benefiting 332,801 people. Thanks to the joint efforts of all lion friends, Shenzhen Lions Club was again granhighlights中文ted the pre-tax deduction qualification for public welovely翻译lfare donation, peace poster won the "International Excellent Work Award" for the eight黄金召唤师h time, and the "Targeted Assistance for the Disabled" series of activities were awarded as "100 Best Citizen Satisfaction Projects" of Shelovealarmnzhen Care Action黄峥辞任拼多多董事长. The plenary session showed a new atmosphere of vigorous develo翁的拼音pment.

Peace poster wins award. PNG

No matter when and where, lion friends have always worked together to face up to difficulties and forge ahead on the road of public welfare.

Reporter:2019-2020 ha黄芪s been an extraordinary year. I翁帆含泪道出实情 am sure we have encountered many difficulties and gained a lot of growth and inspiration. Please翁帆 tell us about some of the people and things that moved you.

Weninterview的名词gHua:Yes, this sudden outbreak has affected and changed our lives. Looking back on the proce翁帆ss of fighting the epidemic, I have a lot华为 of feelings. In the facwenge of the difficulties and obstacles of the epidemic, tvitality战队csgohe llovealarmio花芯n friends chose to marchlove直播软件安卓下载 ahead bravely, chose to unite as one, and chose to fight the epidemic with the people of the whole country. This islovely翻译 commendable, and it also strengthens my faith to continue to w翁帆含泪道出实情alk on the road of publichighlights中文 welfare.

During the outbreak, The Lions Club responded quickly and set up a leadiinterview什么意思ng group for epidemic prevention and control assistance whighlighter怎么读ith Guo Yongyong, the second v翁帆前夫的现状ice President of the翁帆 Club, and myself ainterview的名词s the c黄金召唤师hief coordinator. Soon, more than 300 lioninterview什么意思 friends threw themselves into the anti-epidemic service, even a翁帆前夫的现状t the ri温哥华sk of being infected by the virus, delivering anti-exclusiveepideinterview翻译mic supplies to hospitals, communities and charity organizations in urgent need. The epidemic prevention and control team and lion friends have always been concerned ahighlightbout the people in thehua afexclusivefected area, working together online and offline... I was really moved by the love of volunteer service and the feelings of public welfarelovealarm. I often ask myself, "What is theinterviews purpose of ourlovely什么意思 dedication to public weinterviewer怎么读lfare? Is it for the insignificant recognition at the end of the year?" In fact, it is the lion spirit of selfless dedication that inspires us to move forward on the road of public welfare.

Report花芯erinterview的过去分词:What are your plans after you step down as president?

WenvitalitygHua:In the past yearvitality是什么意思 wlove最新版官方下载hen I was the president, all the achievehighlightsments of Shenzhen Lio花芯ns cl花芯ub could not have been achieved without the support of the board of dilovelyrectors and the efforts of every Shenzhen Lion club member. Your support and encouragement have made me who I am today, and enriched my experience. Through continuous understanding and recogniti翁帆前夫的现状on, I have learned tohighlighted翻译 prachighlighted翻译tice good voluhighlightingnteer service with a pure heart of public welfare, do well what I want to do and should do, and demonstratelove直播手机版app下载 thhighlighter怎么读e vitality of love. My r嗡组词esignation does not meanexclusive the end of love, I will continue to lhighlighted翻译ove asinterviewing a member of Shenzhen Lions Cvitality怎么读lub, join hands with other lions to support the work of the New Year. In 2020-2021, I will continue to serve as the director of the National Lion黄金召唤师 Association, and I will also continterview的过去分词inue to set an example and give selflessly on the lion Road as always. Nvitality翻译o matter when, where andhighlight in what circumstanclovely什么意思es, I will never forget my original aspiration and help others.

In the stagevitality是什么意思 of life, turning arwengound and sayihighlight同义词ng goodbye i华为将和苹果三星谈判s something we have to learn and face all our life. President Weng Hua gave us the best answer on how to turn around in publhighlighted翻译ic service. Love is a lifevitality俱乐部 of good culture; Love is a noble quality of humanity; Love is a kind of gratitude tolerance; Love i翁美玲s a kindhighlights of interpersonal responsibility... Just as Weng Hua said, "The most primitive, essential and pure things in life have a longer vitality." I believe, th黄芪is should be "love"!


【 Text 】 Chen Meihong

【 Edit 】 Annie Zhao & NBSP; Ma Huvitality是什么意思ijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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