The deep lion helps the disabled and the great love is silent

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"I first order 100 pieces, to help the disabled is our lion friends should do the obligation!"

On the afternoon of August 21, 2020, the Shenzhen Liolion复数ns Club United Service Tdeepl翻译eamdisabled的形容词 saw the fish skin painting handmlove is gone英文翻译ade by dislovely翻译abled people on the display case at thdisabled造句简单带翻译e "Red Lion Costume Disabled Station" activity site of The Comprehensive Vocational Rehabdisabled电脑启动项ilitation Center in Shgreat翻译atou Strlove直播手机版app下载eet, Futian DistrictBrother Yang Li shi, Brother Wu Brag ShiMake a reservation immediately100 pieces to give to friends or corporate clients.

"These handcrafted works by our disabled friends are so beautifulgreat-elec, especially 'The first daybdeepnostalgialessing'andChinese zodiacThe pattern, ndeeplot only do very delicate, good-looking, but also profound medisabled造句简单aning, to relatives and friendlovely什么意思s or important customers of the company, very meaningful!Yang Li shi brother, former leader of the Shenzhen Lions Club Unitedgreat是什么意思中文翻译 Service Team, couldgreat not contain his joy at the seminar.

Yang li said he would be in the lobby of a large hotel run by his companySet up a showcaseThe company specializes in displaying and selling fish skin painhelps翻译tings and other crafts made by disabsilent造句led friends to hotel guestsDonated to"Red Ligreat比较级on Clothigreatnessng Disabled Stasilent是什么意思英语tion"While helping disabled friends to open employment product sales, it can aldeepl在线翻译官网so better enhance the sehelpsb后面跟什么形式lf-confidence of disabled friends to go out of home to participate in vocational rehabilitation.

After listening to Yang Li shi brother help pldeeplyan, operagreathiddencamting auto parts chaindeepsleep2Brother Wu Show-offAlso have no"Show weakness" also ordered 100 piedisabled是开启还是关闭ces of fish skin paintings from the head of the Jobhealth Center. He said that the Mid-Autumn festsilent名词ival, the National Day holiday is cogreat是什么意思中文翻译ming soon, you can give these exquisite "fu" word art as a holiday gift to the company's key customers, to express a holhelps翻译iday blessing!

According to the Sand head streetLuo Yifeng, administrator of Occupational Health CenterIntrodsilentuction, the establishment of vocational rehabilitadeepintion centers in the streets of Shenzhen"Red lionlove直播破解版, assistive standinsilent什么意思g" is shenzhen lions in 2012-2013 annual innovation with a specially designed for the disabled friends services of public welfare projects, each assistive standing by 1 ~ 2 service docking, through holiday sympathy, stylistic fellowship, liodisabled造句简单ns, love lunch, psychologidisabled是什么意思cal counselideepl在线翻译官网ng, skills training, buy servicegreat翻译s, elion怎么读xtremely poor support to tlion的音标he disabledlovealarm friends with fixed-point suppolionelrt servsilent是什么意思英语ices. Shatou Street Occupational Health Center "Red Lion Clothing Disabled Station" is one of the first 46 "Red Lion Clothing Disablove最新版官方下载led Station" setlion翻译 up by Shenzhen Lions Clhelpsbwithsth是什么意思中文ub. Over the pasdisabled造句简单带翻译t 8 yeardisabled怎么读s, shenzhen Lions Club United Serhelpsu怎么读vice team has been rdisabled造句esponsiblehelpsu是什么意思 for providlion的音标ing fixed-point aslove直直播appsisthelpsu怎么读ance servihelpsb后面跟什么形式ces.

Luo Yifeng talked about the statusgreat是什么意思中文翻译 of vocational rehabilitation of the disablovely翻译led in Shatou Vocationadisabled是什么意思l Hsilent的形容词ealth Center. Hedisabled是开启还是关闭 ssilent的所有形式aid that under thelove直直播app care and support of thelion怎么读 municipal anhelpsbwithsthd district Disabldeepined persons' Federations and streethelpsbwithsth是什么意思中文s, The Sha Tlion的中文意思oulionkk Street Job Health Centehelps意思r"Red Lion Clothing Disabled Station" inliontroduced"Fish skin painting technique of Hezhen nationality"The training project, disabled friends are particularly like, a total of more than 20 disabled members can participate in the perennial thelpsbwithsth是什么意思中文raining and madeepinnual production. These fish skin pailionntings, paper cuttings and other handicrafts made by the disabled friends osilentlyf the Vocational Health Center are mainly sold through the vocational healthgreat比较级和最高级怎么写 Center exhibition festlions英语怎么读ival, the Disasilent造句bled Day exhibition and somelove is gone英文翻译 online platforms held by the municipal ansilent翻译d district Disabled persons' Federation after being framed. When the disabled friends saw their handicrafts "turned into realisilent是什么意思英语ty", they felt very happy and experienced that they could increase their income and create wealth through learning skills, especiallyA sense of accomplishment, happiness ahelpsu怎么读nd gain.

We have learlovelyned,"Fish skin technique of Hezhe nationality" ilovely什么意思s a unique artwork of Hezhe nationality. It is exqudisabled是什么意思isitely made of carp and Malaysian salmon as natural materials and tradigreat是什么意思tional handicrafts. Fish skin after scientdeepnostalgiaific processdeepl下载indisabled电脑g, taste, corroshelpsbwithsth是什么意思中文ion, finlion的中文意思e scsilentlyales, simple charm, with perdeepnostalgiamanent collection, ornamental, researchelps意思h folk value. It was listed in 2006The first batch of national intangible cultural heritageCasilenttalogue is the nalovely翻译tional key protection and inheritance olionelf ethnic handicrafts.

Talk abhelpsbtodo还是doingoutThe project of "Fish skin Makingdisabled是开启还是关闭 Tsilentlyechnique of Hezhen people" ahelpsbwithsth是什么意思中文lso brings out a story tdeepl在线翻译官网hat is cldisabled造句简单osely relgreat是什么意思ated to The Shenzhen Lions Club. Ning Lei, the innovative inhdeepleriter of this technique, and his team are thelion recipients ohelpsbtodosth造句f the Shenzhen Liosilently等于什么ns Cludisabled的形容词b's "Silent Love" program for the disabled. Ning Lei, a disabled artist and arlovely翻译tisan of intanhelpsu是什么意思gible cultural heritsilent是什么意思英语age for the disalove直播手机版app下载bled, was recognized as such by thlovee CDPF and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in MayThe first batch in ChinaOne of the 28 disabled intangible heritage craftsmensilently等于什么.

The daai art team led by Ning Lei is made up of hearing-impailionsred people and is dedicated to rescuing and inheriting endangered national intangible cultural heritage-- Fish skin prdeepoduction techniques of Hezhen nationaligreat比较级ty, whose works have won the Shenzhen (International) Cuhelpsbwithsth是什么意思中文ltural Industry Expo for three consecutideepve timesThe gold medal, developed nsilent名词on-legacy creative products have been sent as nationalion翻译l gifts to famous foreign ideepl在线翻译官网nstilove最新版官方下载tutions and leaders.

For more targetesilent什么意思d enrichmentIn 2012, The Shenzhen Lions Club launched tlove直播破解版he activity of "Red Lion Clothing Disabled Station""Silehelpsbtodosth造句nt Love" Program for the Disabled, funding ning Lei team to enter12 street job health cenhelpsbtodosth造句ters, withTeach to fishTo help people with disabilities learn skills.

The highlight of silent Love is"Assisting the dsilent的所有形式isabled", "Transforming individuals into groups"lovely翻译, "Transforming blood transfusion into hematopoietic"Is a new model of sustainable community assistance to the disabled. According to incomplhelpsbwithsthete statistics, the project has helped ssilent什么意思o farMore than 1,000 disabled people and theisilentlyr familielove直播破解版s learned the art of fdisabled造句简单带翻译ish ssilent的形容词kin painting, helping to drive mgreat-elecore than 50 disadeepestbled people to achieve itFhelpsbwithsth是什么意思中文lexible employment or entrepreneurship.

Today,"Red Lion Clothing Disabled station" disabled friends can rely on theidisabled造句简单r own employhelpsment products to receive orders, this ishelpsu怎么读 shenzhen Lions ClubTdisabled造句简单he Silent Love project has borne fruitCdisabled造句an not leave the lion friends, entrepreneurs and organizations and other loving groups of grdeepnostalgiaeat love dedgreat-elecication.

"Wlion怎么读ithout a well-off society for the disabled, there is nodisabled all-round well-off society ilove最新版官方下载n the true sensdeeple.".I sincerely wish the disabled friendsdisabled造句简单 in the community, under the guidance of da Ai Art team, inherit the intangible heritage, realize the value, and walk wider and wider towards the road of wdeepenelllion怎么读-off life...

Silent art, love is silent.

Lion friends help disabled, bit bhelps意思y bit.

This is a relay of love!


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