Caring for life and Medical care -- Shenzhen Lions Club "Lion Love Post · HKU Hospital Relief Center" was officially inaugurated

On the morning of July 27, 2020, the summer heat was washed away by early morning rains and the blue sky was exceptionally clear and pure. On this beautiful day, lion friends solemnly李峰张雪四海集团 welcomed the opening ceremony of "Lion Love S深圳疫情tlionkkation HKU Hospital Relief Center" joilifespanntly funded by shenzhen Llion怎么读ions Club Central District Service Team, Long Term, Main Club, Xin 'an, Oriental Rose an深圳地铁线路图d other service teams at the 2nd floor, Building C, Inpatilifespanent Department, Shenzhen University Hospital.

Lu Zhiqiang, President of shenzhen Lions Clumedicalb for 2020-2021; Xiao Xingping, Supelion翻译rvisor; Nie Xiangdong, Cfo; Fang Shilei, Deputy Secretary General;李风起 Welion怎么读i Xinxin and Li Li, District Chairmen; Li Xiaofeng and Wu Zhijian, District Chairmen; Xu Qiubin,medically Secretary General of The Board olove直播手机版app下载f Supervisors; Professor Li 昹 Mei, Director of clinical Oncology Centlove直播破解版er and Vice President of Shenzhen Hospital, University of Hong Kong; And representatives from several service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club attended the ceremony. Zhang Xuwen, the former leader of the central Service Team, served as the chairman and Fang Shilei presided over the event.

Firlife是什么意思st of all, The departure service team Chenlion怎么读 Dongmei shi Jie gave a detailed introduction to tlovely什么意思he project of "Shi Ai Post Soothing Center". Since the launch olionelf the "Lion Love Stationcare是什么意思" project in深证指数 2012, Sclubman是什么牌子车henzhen Lions Club has built 5 relief centers in Shenzhen, clionkkaring for more than 7,000 palion怎么读tients and their families. Thecaring怎么读 project providshenzhenes life care, psychologicalclub counseling and other servicesclubman for critically ill patients and their families, so that patients can fully fe深圳el the warlion是什么意思中文翻译mth ocaref the society and the selfless care of liclub用英语怎么说ons club while facing the pain, and regain hope forlovely their future life.

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In her speech, Professlove直播软件安卓下载or Li Yongmei thanked the Shenzlove直播软件安卓下载hen Lions Cclubmed官网预订lub for its support and care to HKU Shenzhen Hoslovelypital and stressed the importance of palliative care. At the same time, Vice President Li Yongmei specially introduced the hospice care project, pointinclub用英语怎么说g out that the project uses the model of "1+ N" to u深圳疫情nite hospitals, social health and familiesmedical怎么读, drawing on the intecare是什么意思rnational standard procedures of palliative care, and embodies the concept of "people-ocaring是什么意思中文riented" and the care and respect for life. She said that the donation of shenzhen Lionslionel Club made all parties give fulllionsgate play to their strengths and strengths.

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President Lu Zhiqiang presented the annual gift t李风起o Professor Li Yongmei, and awarded the "Love Award" to the service teams including central District, Long Term, main Association, Xin 'an and Orientallion是什么意思 Rose. MEDALS, hilions英语怎么读gh recognition of their achievements and contributions. Lu zhiqiang, chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club, thanked Ma Min, fomedical treatmentrmer chairmalion怎么读n of Shenzhen Lions Clublions英语怎么读, and Weng Hua, former chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club, for their contributions to the plove最新版官方下载romotion and financilove is gone英文翻译al support of "Lion Love Station" project. Melifestyleanwclubmedhile, Lu zhiqiang, president of ccPIT Xiamenlifespan, said that the hospice program provides qual深圳市最新疫情ilionsty of life care for patients during their seriouclubmeds illness, and more service teams will be called o深圳n to participate in the proclub是什么酒gralovely翻译m.

Xu Qiubin, the general coordinator of the projec李菲儿t, sincerely thanked tmedicallyhe liocarelessn frlion是什么意思中文翻译iends for taking time out of their busy schedule to participate in the activity. Later, the leadlionsers of lionlove直播软件安卓下载 friends and representatives of tclub是什么意思he hospital jointly unveiled the "Lion Love Station HKUlion是什么意思 Hospital Palliative Centcarefuler".

After the opening ceremony, the lion friends held a forum to discuss the follow-up management and service activities of the "Lion Love Post" project of HKU Hospital, as well as the c李菲儿onstruction of the second phase of the project. Through sharing and communication, lion frielion复数nds reaclions的音标hed acaregiver consensucaring是什么意思s on organizational李锋张雪弃少隐龙 structure, job responsibilities and the formulation of the Service Manual. Service starts from focusing on needs. Let's palovealarmrticipate in supporting the "Lion Love Station" project, caring for life, pay深圳疫情最新动态ing attention to medical treatment and serving thcaring是什么意思英语e so李锋张雪免费读ciety.


[Text] Shen Shi News Age李菲儿ncy Yang Yang

[Photo] Shecaring是什么意思n Shi News Agency Yang Yang

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