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The inaugural ceremony of the 2018-2019 annual change of the Shajing Service Team was successfully held


On July 6th, 2018, the inaugural ceremony of shenzhen Lions Cwalks翻译lub manhole Service Team for 2018-2019 was successfully heldlovely翻译 at Shenzhen Mission Hills Golf Club. Shenzhemindfulnessn Lions club 2018 — 2019 chairman Chen Nianzhong, chairman Cui Weiying of Shenzhen Lloveiowalks是什么意思ns Cwalks翻译lub 2018 — 2019 Chairman Cui Weiying, advisor Lai Wenqiu, all lion friends and guests of The Shajing Service team attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Zeng Jiajin and Yu Linlin.


Financial Offlove is gone英文翻译icer Liu Yingjie methwalksideodically delwalks怎么读ivewalks是什么意思英语red the 2017-2018 annual fwalk是延续性动词吗inancial report, while team leader Lai Yujian delivered an excellent annual work report. In the cheers of the audience, Lai Yujian prewalks是什么意思sented trophies to lmindfulness翻译ion lovers and enterprises and took photos for them.

In thewalks presence of Chairman Chen Nianzhong and Chairman Cloveui Weiying, Lai Yujian handed overlove最新版官方下载 tlovehe ribbon and the hammer to Qian Lin.

Qian Lin led the new team leader and members to appear on stawalks的中文意思ge, and announced the inaugloveuration. Captain Qian Liwalksn said that she was very gwalk是什么意思rateful for evwalks是什么意思eryone’s trust and would lead everyone to serve well in the New Year, strive for sucwalkscess and continue to do a good job in the spring Breeze Library brand project of sanwalks怎么读dwell service team.

Team leader Li Wenqiu made a speech. He said that the shajing service team is an amiable and lovely family, and we are united by the same public welfare dream. We hope that the lion friends will work together, grow together, contloveribute, clovely翻译ontribute anmindfulnessd attendlove直播软件安卓下载 the lion Rowalksad.

After the excitinglovely什么意思 draw, Chiang tai – lee rang the bell and adjourned.



Article/photwalk是延续性动词吗o Contributed by The Sandwell Service Team

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