Innovation and Unity of Gratitude -- Shenzhen Lions Club tribute and Inauguration Ceremony appreciation ceremony was successfully held

Innovation condenses Gratitude

-- Shenzhen Lions Club tribute and Inauguration Ceremony appreciation cereclub是什么意思mony was successfully held

On Auceremony同义词gust 20, thceremony的名词e 2017-2018 ceremony and 2018-2019 Inaugural ceremony of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in the Cantonese Cuisine Palace of Jingji 1clubmed00KK MALL, Shennan East Road, Luohu Dinnovation翻译中文istrict, to commend the sponsors of the ceremony and inaugural ceremony, the lioshenzhenn sponsors, all the members of the深圳大学 preparatory group and the stclubman是什么牌子车aff of the offilions读音ce.

Ma Min, 2018-2019 President of Lions Club Shenzhen; Tian Wangxing, last President; Weng Hua, President and First Vice President of Lions Club Shenzhentribute; Zhang Hongxiang, Deputy Supervisor; Zeng Shiyang, Secretary-general; Guo Yongyong, General Managertribute翻译 of Lions Club Shenzhen; Zheng Guounity怎么调中文ping, Deputy Secretary-general; liao Ronghui, Nie Xiangdong, Xu Qiubin, Du Peng, Regional Chairman; District ctribute翻译hairman Wen Yaoli, Li Zhou, Ru Chunxu, Fang Shilei, Chen Qunhao, Li Chunchang, Li Xiang, Chen Nianzh深圳市最新疫情ong,club是什么酒 Cui Weiying, CAI Min, Zhao Yunpeng, Luo Junping, supervisors Wanglion是什么意思 Daoming, Chen Qiufen and more than 170 people atinnovation英语tended the meeting. Thlionsgatee appreciaceremony同义词tion meeting wagratitude短语搭配s hosted by Fang Shilei and Zhao Weixin.

The prepaunity下载ratory group for the cclubmederemony collected more than 200,000 yuan in cash and more than 700,000 yuan iceremony的音标n mategratitude造句rials, received the relevant units in Shenzhen, leaders of the Nationceremony复数形式al Lion Associatgratitude翻译ion and representatives from 13 regions in the mainland of China and lions clubsinnovation翻译中文 in Hong Kong and Macao, and excellently completed the organretributeization, preparation and on-sintributeite execution of the party.

General manager Guo Yongyong thanks weng Hua congress chairman of the trust, let him takegratitude英语作文 up the overall tribute and inauguration of the battributeurden; I would like to express my gratitude to all the members of the Preparatory Group for thgratitude的形容词eir generous support to the successful holding of the Conference; Thanks totribute怎么读 tclub翻译he sponsors and individuals actively donate money and materials to solve the financial difficulties of the Conference and provide a strong guarantee for the smooth holding of the Conference.

Wenghua chairman said that the power of one person is limited, the power of collective unity is i深圳疫情nfinite; I am grateful to the preparatory members for presenting a wonderful party for shenzhen Lions club in just over a month with the courage to bite hard bones and the attitude of solidarity and cooperation.

To thanlions怎么读k the executive Chairman, the members of thunity3de preparatory Group, the sponsors and tceremony怎么读he lion sponsors for theinnovation吕布ir support angratitude的用法d dedication, President Ma Min, Former President Tian Wangxing and深圳 chairman of wenghua congress awarded cerclubmantificates of appreciation to Guo Yongyong, Zheng Gugratitude是什么意思oping, Xu Qiubin, Du Peng, Jing Miaojun and Wen Yaoliu. Executive Chaiinnovation词根词缀rman Guo Yongyong, Zheclub怎么读ng Guoping, Xu Qiubiinauguration翻译n, Du Peng, Jing Mia深圳地铁线路图jun, Wen Yaoli to the members of the Event, Party, Publicity, Awards, Finance, Reception, Etiquette, p深证指数icket, Fundraising and Sponsorship, 47 lion friends who sponsored cash and 27 lion friends who sponsored supplies, 16 lions who sponsored the booth and advertisement of the special issue and 8 service teatributems wgratitudeholions翻译中文 sponsored the sgratitude短语搭配peinnovation吕布cial issue were presented withceremony的音标 certificates of appreciation.

Mr. Wanceremony怎么读g Tian, the last president of the preparatory Group, spoke highly of the members' courage to take responsibility atribute是什么意思nd dedication. He recalledclub怎么读 moving scenes at the ceremony and inauguration, especially when all the council members wore military uniforms during the ceremony. He was deeply impressed. At the sgratitude怎么读cene, he also awarded the Award to Zheng Guoping, Guo Yongyong and Nie Xiangdong, the chairman of the 2017-2深圳地铁线路图018 Zone.

President Ma Min summed upattribute the five highlights of the ceremony: One is really, the whole punity3darty whether peripherytribute decorate, or made in such aspects as process innovation, is the crystgratitude的用法allization of the wisdom of the lion the friendceremony的音标s, in the process of the new 2018-2019 annual board and photribute翻译to of the two terms as captain, as the lion friegratitude的用法nds left behind the preciolions的音标us historical pictures, saluinnovationste, the inaugural linkceremony复数形式 closely around t深圳疫情he characteristics of the two terms of set the scene, scene wartribute是什么意思m and touching. Seclub用英语怎么说cond, warm hearts. The lion friends of the recepgratitude翻译tion group spared no effort to wait at the airport at three or four in the morning, just to let the non-local lion friends fully feel the "warmth of home". Third,lions怎么读 concegratitude词性变化ntric, the sponsorship group and the fundraising group made concerted efforts and actively inspired, which was rinnovationeinnovation的中文意思cognized and positively responded by the sponsorslion是什么意思 and sponsors, and raised more than 200,000 yutribute是什么意思an in cash and more thaninnovation词根词缀 700,000 yuan in matinnovationserials, laying a solid foundation for the smooth holding of the party. Four is the intention, from the party planning to the specific implementation, the preparation group wholeheartedly, the publicity group carefully write eachceremony的音标 preheating draft, and specially iclub翻译nterunity是什么意思viewed each former president and tinnovation翻译中文he preparation group responsible person, one or two in tceremony是什么意思he morniceremony用什么介词ng is stlions是什么意思ill in the draft, fully reflects the intention to work; Fifthly, on the scene of the party, all the preparatory groups cooperated carefully and successfully completed the overall presentation, showing the excellent organizing ability of Sheclub怎么读nzheunityn Lions Club to the lion friends all over the country. She was sincerely proud of the mtribute是什么意思embers of the preparatory group headed by the Chairmaclub怎么读n of Weng Wah.

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