Learn advanced experience and experience innovative ideas

Learn advanced experience and experience innovative ideas

Learn advanced experience and feel innovative ideas. On the afternoon of August 22nd, more than 50 lion friends representatives from Shenzhen Lions Club visexperience钢琴谱ited BYD Company to expelearn是什么意思rienidea是什么软件ceidea使用教程 the shock brought by BYD’s technology, management, innovation and cultuinnovativere. Thexperience翻译is is the first nuideas怎么读tritious learning feast presented byadvanced science the lions Club servlearned怎么读ice Comlearn和study的区别mitidea是什么软件tee ofinnovative翻译 2018-2019, which has been prepared for two months.

Under the guidaadvancedgreynce of “guide” Zhou Yanyan, lion friends visiidea是什么意思ted the hexagonal Building, watched THE BYD promotional video, learned about BYD’s various products, learned about the development and clearnthanges of BYD in different periods, and felt the determination of BYD to develop new energy. When yoideas怎么读u sit on thadvancedgreye yunba alearned怎么读nd experience the comfexperience的形容词ortable and smooth ride, you feel as if you are living in the future. The applicexperience的形容词ation of App reservatioidea使用教程n, face recognitionlearn and other technologies in Yunba makes shiyou trullearn的过去分词y realize that BYD people are practicing the corporate mission of “satadvanced是什么意思isfying people’s yearning for a better life with technological innovation” advocadvanced modeated by President Wang Chuanfu. Byd’sadvanced development concept of “technology first, innovationinnovative怎么读英语 firsadvancedgrey什么意思t”, corporate culture of “competition, pragmatism, passion and innovation”, developmeinnovative怎么读英语ntinnovative怎么读英语 mode of “5 business groups +9 business divisions” and global layout of “global rexperiencedun”, “global manufaexperience翻译cture” and “globlearntal hire” have refreshed byd’s understanding of lion frienideaskin下载ds.

On the symposium, the lion friend represents the dialogue BYD. Li Xuegang, chairman of lion Enterprise Service Committee, presided over texperienced的意思he ceremony, introducing theexperience动词 annual service concept of “listen to what you care about and serve what you need”, and introducing the memberinnovative什么意思s of lion Enterprise Service Comminnovative怎么读ittee this yearexperience纯音乐. Ms. Zhang Hlearn的过去式uiexperience是什么意思中文翻译ling, senior manager of ASSESSMENT and audit Department of BYD Electronic Business Group, introduced various solearn翻译ft strengths such as management and culture of BYD. Liadvanced设置图解on friends spoke enthusiasticainnovative怎么读英语lly anlearn的用法d raised questions on enterprise vision, mission, values, personnel evaluaexperienced的意思tion, emploidea是什么意思yee welfare, enterprise development and other aspects. Zhang Huiladvancedgreying, Zhou Yanyan on behalf olearningf BYD made a careful and patient answer.

Rong Jing, deputy secretary genideaskineral of Shenzhen Lions Club, evaluated the learning ability of lions during tidea使用教程he whole exchange process. She scored the lilearn的用法on friends with strong lealearnedrning ability, such as Gao Ling, Deng Xiangfei, Llearntin Junbin, Zhu Xinru and Luo Songlin, and awarded prizes to them. At the same tiinnovativelyme, thlearn是什么意思e lion friends for BYD represeideas软件ntative Zhou Yanyan, Zhang Huiling manager, Shenexperiencedzhen Wisdom zhilian Network Technology Co., LTD.experienced的意思 Representative Deng Xiangfei presented the flag, for the shenzhen lion news agency reporter Su Youhua issued a certificate of appreciatioadvancedgrey什么意思n.

Through the visit and study, lion friends found that their impression of BYD was still a decade ago, but BYD has made rapid development. Byd pays attention to sustainable development, does not sticinnovativek tideaskin下载o one pattern in terms of employment, and constantly improvesinnovatively the ability of independent innovation of the enterprise. And thideas翻译e hard work of generatideasions of young peopleideashare with feelings and temperatureexperience动词 has made BYD into a world-class autexperiencedomobile branlearn和study的区别d of the nation. We are looking forward to the next wonderful event organized by the Lions Club Service Coideas是什么意思mmittee of shenidea是什么软件zhen 2018-2019. Thanks to all the lion friends and volunteers who participated in the preparation of the event.

[Text] Su Youhua, Shenshi News Agency

[Photo] Su Yoideas软件uhua, Shenshi News Agency

[Edit] Li Xuegangrong & NBSP;   Silence

          &nideasbsp;   Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

【 Edit 】 Yang & NBSP;   hin

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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