Progress through Experience — The second phase of training for junior lecturers was successfully held

Progress through Experience — The second phase of training for junior lecturers was successfully held

Grow in learning, sharpen in progress. From January 19 to 20, 2019, the second phexperience纯音乐ase of the 2018-2019 Lions Club Shenzhenjuniorhighschool Juniorlecture是什么意思中文 Lecturer Training was held in Fuyong Hanyong Hotel, Bao ‘an District. Participants are lion friends whthrough翻译o have already participated in the first training and 7 members from ALxa SEE Ecologicathroughl Association. Wang Danya, deputy head of the lecture Group, is the head teacher of this traiprogress进度条ning, and Fang Mansong, deputy head of the lecture Group, is the chief lecturer.

On the morning of 19th, students and lecturers arrived at the classroom on time. Rong Jinlecturer是什么意思g, deputy secretary general of Shenzhen Lions Club and head of the teacthrough的用法总结hers’ group, warmly welcomedprogress可数吗 the members of Alxa club and praised the ssecondlytudents for attending the training as scheduled.

Xiao Xingping, former president of Shenzhen Lions Club and vice president of China Lions Charity Academy, gave two courses, “Training Courwas怎么读se Overview” and “Training Design – Learning Pphase翻译中文urpose”. She elaborated thejunior翻译 key points of training needs assessment, thethroughout basic characteristics of the course and the components of the course, and combthrough中文意思ithroughoutned with case analylecture是什么意思英语sis, let students quickly understand the essence and key points of the course design. Jian Wenhua, director of the speciwash怎么读al Teaching Department of The Lions Charity Academtraining翻译y, started with the question “the logic of lions clubs’ existence” and launched the “Lions Club Training System”washington course through the mission of Lions Clubs international and how lions clubs can empprogressiveower, letting the students know the core training course developed by Lions Clubs Internatioexperiencesnal. At ththrough翻译e same time, shejunior几年级 also introduced theprogress翻译 training courseexperience翻译s that lion friesecond缩写nds from different regions and positions can learn at different stages. Jiang Xiezhen, deputy head of the lecture group, gave a lecture on the final project to helwashingtonp prepare for the final graduation presentation.

On the evening of the 19th, a fellowship pexperience的形容词arty was held. Lecturers and students from four groups performed wonphaserderful protraining是什么牌子grams written and directedwash by themselves at the fellowship party. Xiao Xingping, vice President of Lions Club Shenzhen, Jianthrough和by的区别 Wenhua, Director of Special Teaching Departmewas怎么读nt of Lions Club Shenzhen, Ma Min,training翻译 2018-2019 President of Lions Club Shenzhen, Weng Hua, First Vice President, Guo Yongyong, Deputy Secretary General, Rong Jing, Chairman of Zone 5, Jing Miawashedjun, Chairman of Zone 8, Fang Shilei, Wu Zhijian, Fang Mansong, Jiang Xiezhen, Wang Danya and other leadejuniorrs attended the parprogressivety. The evening party was hosted by Faprogressiveng Shilei anwashd Jiang Xithrough是介词吗ezhen.

On the morning of 20th, President Ma Min gave a lecture on “Overview of Evaluation”. Threxperience钢琴谱ougtraining造句h the analysis of classic cases, she explained the benefits of evaluation, the four levels and uses of evaluation, and how to feedback and accept the feedback ofwasp other students, so that the studesecondarynts mastered the skilljunior怎么读s and methods of evaluation.

Then, the students draw lots and take turns to twashedry out the course. Each student first gives a 25-minute lecture as a “lecturer” and receives comments and guidance from the jlectures是什么意思ury. At the same timsecond的基数词e, they will sit on the comment table as judges and commentlecture是什么意思中文 on the next student’s course.

At the graduation ceremony, students wear red graduation caps and receive their graduation certificates. Students who have completed this course will participate in the entry examination of junior lecturers in March. After passing the examination, they will officially bethrough是什么意思come lecturers of Shenzhen Lions Club. I wish them a fruitful four-day study, excethrough是什么意思llent results in the assessment in March, their roles in their future lecturphase音响上什么意思ers and their contrprogress可数吗ibutions ttraining什么意思o the inheritance of lion culture.

By Annietraining翻译中文 Zhao & NBSP; Photo/Zhou Fuhui

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