Notice | about 2018, the national children’s world peace poster solicitation shenzhen exhibition work

Dear Lion friend,

To better develop the city children love world peace, love the concept of global village and harmonious life, cultivating socialist core values, the children gradually understand the meaning of the world peace, national stability, through colorful children drawing, show the children desire foposter是什么意思英语翻译成中文r worlnationalstadiumd peace aabout是什么意思nd vision, guide thpeace翻译e children love peace, love the eartposter中文翻译h, love life. According to the spirit of “2018 national Childrpeace翻译en’s World Peace Poster Solicitation Activity” jointly issued by the Domeschildren是单数还是复数tic Lion Association, the Children’s Art Committee of the Domepeaceful翻译stic Artists Association, the Domestic Eduworldcation Society and the Domestic Academy of Fine Arts, the releabout翻译vant arrangements are hereby notifiednotice同义词 as follows:

I. Background of the event

Lions International has held the internpeacebird是什么牌子ational Peace Poster Contest since 1988. It has been held for 3peacebird是什么品牌衣服0 years, and thichildren音标s year will be the 31st. Every year, an average of nearly one millioposter中文翻译n chilaboutcg网站dren aged 11-13 from 65 countries and regions participate in this event. Continuously organized six domestic lion federation has “the national children’s world peace posters”world音标 the solicitation, workchildren怎么读英语单词s welabout是什么意思l as send children tworldboxo participabout翻译ate in the international peace poster contest, hworld什么意思as won the annual “world championship” and diffeworld翻译rent “global excellent wposter是什么意思ork prize, 2014 entry dalian Qian Weijin students with” peace,peaceful翻译 love anotice作文nd understanding “as the theme of works, In 2015, Zhu Yu Mo from Dalian was selected with theposter翻译 theme oworldboxf “Sworldharing penoticedace”, and in 2017, Wang 琸 Qi from Dalian was seposter是什么意思lected with the theme of “Peaceful Future” and wnotice的固定搭配on the title of “Globaposter海报l Grand Champion” of lions International Peace Pworldwide翻译osposter中文翻译ter Competition. At the same time, Pnationaleng Nan from Shenzhen and 6 other students in the exhibition area won 6 “Global Excellent Work Awards”, another grnotice的形容词eat achievement!

Shenzhen lions club at all levels of officials and enthusiasts from allchildren是什么意思 walks of life support, since 2004 to participate in international peace campaign poster contest, andsolicitation has been a huge succesabout是介词吗s, nearly more than 60000 shenzhen division littsolicitationle painter to participate in thnationalitiese game, the seeds of peace inabout every childrenotice是什么意思n to play in the heart, the concepaboutcgt of peace is also associated with the children grow up together. “peace&love啥意思Gabout怎么读语音ive Peace a Chance” by Zeng Weicheng from Shpeaceful是什么意思enzhen Nanshan Experiment in 2world翻译004; 2007 “Peace is all over the World” by Li Jiazhen fraboutcgom Shenzhen Nanshan Experiworldment; “Imagine Peace” by Mai Qianqian, a primarychildren的名词所有格 school student from Shenzhen, in the 2012 competition; “Our Wornational dayld, Our Future” by Lin Yu in the 2013 Competition; “Peace, Love anworldd Understanding” by Huang Yinhao in the 2014 competition; “Share the Peace” by Wu Yiyang in 2015 annuanational祝庆l competition; In the 2017 annual competitionotice用法n, Pengchildren翻译 Nan’s “The Future of Peace” won the Global Best Work Award.

Ii. Organizational structure

(I) Sponsor:

Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation

Shenzhen Lions Club

(2) Undertaker:

Shenzhen Lions Club Peace Poster Committee

Shenzhen Lions Club service teams, Essence Securities

(iii) Co-orgapeaceful翻译nizers:

Art institutions, schools, youth palacechildren后面加is还是ares

Iii. Theme and requworldirements

(I) Theme: “Kindness and Peace”

With “kchildren后面加is还是areindness and peace”national day as the theme of the year, we guide children to express thpeace翻译eir peace ideals and good wishes through painting.

(II) Key points of evaluation: originality, artnational祝庆istry, theme presentation and performance

(III) Partinational daycipants:

Group A: Childchildren怎么读英语单词ren aged 11 to 13 (born betpeaceween November 16, 2004 and November 15, 2007) can participate for free. The entry card shouldnotice是什么意思 clechildren的名词所有格arnational祝庆ly indicatnationalitye the author’s birthday.

Group B: Children aged 8 to 10 (born betwnotice的固定搭配een November 16, 2007 and November 15, 2010) can participate for free. The entry card should clearly indicpeacebird是什么牌子ate thchildren音标e author’s birthday.

(IV) Work requirements:

1. Hand-painted plane works, form, performance techniques are not limited (notenotice是什么意思: winational空调th chalk, powder crayon, charcoal work must be fixchildren是单数还是复数ed spray treatpeaceminusonement to avoid daubing), the worabout怎么读k shall not be processed by film layer.

2. The size is not less than 33*50cm, not more than 50*60cm, no need to mount.

3. There shall be nopeace翻译 words or numbers on the work, and it shall not be made by computepeace翻译r.

4. The submitted works must bnationalitiese original works, not replicas. Each student can only submit one work, and each work is desigpeacened and pchildren翻译roducednational day by only one student, with no more than one supervisor.

5. A copy onotice翻译f student’s ID card or household register should be attached to the back of the work.

6. Attach the “Registration card of Participating Works” (see Attachment 2) to each work, fill in the creation instructions and copyright instructions (on tpeace是啥意思he lower right corner of the back of the wsolicitationork).

7. All participating units shall submit the summary form of the participating works (see Aworldppendix 3).

4notice同义词. Activity arrangement

(I) Launching Ceremony (July 28, 2018)

(2) Peace flash MOBS (September 21, 2018)

On the International Day of Peace, 14 districts across the country held simultaneous peace flashpeacemaker MOBS.

(3) Tutoring and creation stage (Starting from July 8, 2018, and closing before October 31, 2018)

The Peace Poster Committee followed up and coordinated the progress of the activity. Each saboutcgchoolnational怎么读 organization arranged and organized the parposter中文翻译ticipating teachers and studentposter海报s to carrynotice的固定搭配 out creworldbox最新破解版ative activities. The Peace Postchildren音标er Committnotice用法ee and each service teamworld conducted training and communication for the relevant instructorsnationalstadium to guide the students’ creation.

(InationalityV) Shenzhen Exhibition Area Evaluation Schildren是单数还是复数tage (November 1-8, 2national018)

The preliminary evaluation will be conducted from November 1 to 3, 2018, and no more than 200 works will be selected for the final evabout是什么意思aluation in Shenzhennational翻译 on Novaboutcg网站ember 8. The final evaluation recommended 30 works (1 grand prize and 29 first prize) to participate in the National Children’s World Peace poster Competitaboutcg网站ion.

(V) National Evachildren的名词所有格luation Stage (worldbox最新破解版mid to late Novemnational祝庆ber 2018)

In mid-late November 2018,about是介词吗 the National Lions Association will aposterityrrange experts to conduct a review, and 14 special winners and 2peaceful翻译00 selected works will be selected.

(VI) Global Evaluation Phase (November 20, 2018 to February 2019)

At lions Club International headquarters. Entries should be sent to Lions Henational dayadquartenoticeablers by November 3notice是什么意思0, 2018 (subject to local postmark). One of the recommended grand priposterityze works will be selected in the global final, and the final resulsolicitationt will be notified by Lionschildren’s day翻译 Club International.

(vii) Award Ceremony (November 29, 201national空调8)

The award cereposter模板mony of Shenzhen Exhibition Area (Exhibition Area 1) will benational held on November 29, 2018. The specific location will be further announced.

(viii) Exhibitipeacemakeron ceremony of national Competition area

In June 2notice作文019, the exhibition ceremony of “2018 — National Childrnational空调en’s Postnational怎么读er Coposter海报llection for World Peabout翻译ace” will be held.

5. Shenzhen Exhibition Area award setting and reward method

(I) Group A:

Grand Prize: 1 winner, bonus of RMB 5000, tutor bonus of RMB 5000; Students and tutors will receive MEDALS and certificates of honor.

First prize: 29 winners, bonus oworldf 1000 RMB, tutor bonus of 1000 RMB; Students and tutors will receive MEDALS and certificates of honor.

Senotice的固定搭配cond prize: 50 winnerschildren怎么读英语单词, 200 YUAN bonus, 200 yuan bonus for tutor; Students and tutors will receive MEDALS and certificatesabout of honor.

Third prize: 60 winners, 100 RMB bonus, 100 RMB tutor bonus; Students and tutors will receive MEDALS and certificates of honor.


The grand prize will bchildren’s day翻译e sent to lions Inteworld音标rnational headquarters to participate in the global finals as the represennational是什么意思tative work of Shenzhen Exhibition area, and have the chancechildren翻译 to win the global champion and win 5,000 USD;

The grand prize works and the first prinotice是什么意思ze works will be promoted to participate in the 2018 National Children’s World Pechildren是单数还是复数ace Poster Compaboutetition and have the chance toabout是介词吗 win the peace poster related awards of the Nanational daytionalchildren是单数还是复数 Lions Association.

(B) Group B:

First prichildrenze: 5 winnotice是什么意思nabout怎么读ers, bonus of RMB 1000, tutor boposter怎么读nnational怎么读us of RMB 1000; Students and tutors will receive MEDALS and certificates of honorworld.

Second prize: 10 winners, 200 YUAN bonus, 200 yuan bonus for tutor; Students and tutors will receive MEDALS and certificates of honor.

Third prize: 20 winners, 100 RMB bonus, 100 RMB tutor bonus; Students and tutors will receive MEDALS and certificates of honor.

Vi. Contact person for soliciting works

1. Shenzhen Lions Club

Chairman of peace Poster Committeposteritye: Xinationalstadiume Wenke 13798594105

Contacts in each region:

Zone 1: Zhang Wei 13902487931

The second zone: Weiqiaozhu 13902992891

Third zone: Ludan 13923459066

The fourposter是什么意思英语翻译成中文th zone: Cui Xianfeng 1360269931national祝庆5

Fifth zone: Lai Yingni 13602353150

Secretary: Dong Xiuling 13352983283

Mworldailing address:

13 / F, Building D, Huaqing Garden, Luosha Jinger Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen

Lin wenjie (office officer), tel: 25688570,15017929829

2. Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation

Zhang xingwei (stsolicitationaff membernotice是什么意思 of publicity department), tel: 82485794,15999691647

Please attach grposter是什么意思eat importance to thpeace&love啥意思e service teams, highlight the theme, strengthen guidance, actively organize the work of the competition, and arrange the competition as soon as possible.


1. Notice on “2018 Nationaworld音标l Children’s World Peace Poster Collectichildren后面加is还是areon Activity” issued by China Lions Aposter是什么意思英语翻译成中文ssociation

2. Entry Form of entries

3. Summary table of entries

Shenzhen Disablnotice是什么意思ed Persons’ Federation & NBSP;  

Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;  

August 20, 2018

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