The 2018 — 2019 Preliminary Lecturer evaluation meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held

The 2018 — 2019 Preliminary Lecturer evaluation meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club was successevaluation读音fully held

On March 9, 2019, the 2018-2019 Junior Lecturerlionsgate test meeting ofmeetingtencentcom Lions Club of Shenzhenmeeting是什么意思中文翻译 was held in Room 405, Xiangqi Commercial Building,lecturer Luohu. A total of 16 lecturers were responsible for the evaevaluation读音luation, 17 peo深圳大学ple participated in the trial lecture, 15 of thevaluation怎么读em passed the evaluation.深圳疫情最新动态 The training lasted for three months, withevaluation Wang Danya, the deputy head of the lecturers group, as the head teacher, and Fang Mansong, the deputy head of the lecturers group, as the chief lecturer. After layers of screening, more than a dozen courses of teaching, conclubstantly try to temper, the new lecturers are like flowers in bud, more like butterflies fly off the colionscoon.

In thclubman是什么牌子车e morning, Chen Zong, Fang Shilei, Zhang Zheqin, Keng Ke, Chi Minghui, Li Bizhen and Li Li gave trial lectures respectively. Thclubmed官网预订e prospeshenzhenctive leshenzhencturers werelecturer free to choose one of the two courses “Understandinlions翻译中文g lions Club” and “Organization Structure and Responsibilities omeeting的音标f Lions Club” for trial lectures. Yi Dongsheng, Xiao Xingping, Rong Jing, Su Youhua, Wang Danya, Gao Ling, Li Chunchang and other lecturers wevaluation可数吗ere responsible for comments; Huang Jieling is responsible for voice control; Gao Ling and Xiong Jun were responsible for counting votes. Zhang Jinllions翻译中文ian on-site support. After 20 mclubsinutes of presentation, 5 minutes of comments anlions读音d secre深圳天气t ballecturer怎么读lot, all the seven prospective lectumeeting是什么中文意思rers passed the evaluation. Chen Zong, F深圳疫情ang Shil深圳疫情最新动态ei and Li Bizhen won warm applause fclub翻译or their excellent resulevaluation和assessment区别ts.

In the afternoon, Huang Shaofang, Wei Qiaozhu, Wang Yibing深证指数, Huang Haiqun, Yu Xiaoping, Liu Jinlai, Zhang Lizlions的音标hong, Zhao Annie, Yu Lixia and Zhou Yanjie gave trial lectures respectively. Five lecturers, Jiang深圳大学 Xiezhen, Ma Feng, Zhou Fuhui, Huang Xuelan and Li Zhongjie, were responsible for the evaluation. Lecturer Su Youhua is responsible for audio control; Chow fook Fai was in charge of counting the votes. In the end, Huang Shaofang, Wei Qiaolions英语怎么读zhu, Wang Yibing, Huang Haiqun, Yu Xiaoping, Liu Jievaluation翻译nlai, Zhang Lizhong and Zhao Anni passedmeeting怎么读英语 the evaluation, Yu Lixia and Zhou Yanjie missevaluationsed the promotion opportun深圳市最新疫情ity by a few votes,lecturer翻译 Liu Jinlai and Zhao Anni won everyone’s praise forclubman是什么牌子车 passing the good results.

In the evening,evaluation可数吗 the lecturelions的音标rs who had workedpreliminary hard all day attended the welcomlionse dinner for new lecturers. They gathered together to summarlions读音ize the past andclub是什么意思 plan the future. The 2018-2019 Lions Club of Shenzhen president Ma Min,preliminary怎么记忆 first Vice President Weng Hua, deputy secretary general and lecturers rong Jing, district presidents Tan Fei and CAI Min, lecturers Li Rong, Xiong Jun, Qiu Hengying and other leaders attended the dinner.

President Ma Min first congratulated the promoted lecturers and hoped that they could play a role in the following training for potential liopreliminary和primary区别n friends and leadership candidates and make greater progress with thpreliminary翻译e old lecturers. At the same time, encourage the prospective lecturers who did not pass the examination tclubmano try to pass the examination next time. The lion road is stpreliminary的汉语意思ill very long, an excellent lecturer also need to have a good body, in order to convey the lion spiritlecturers, lion culture to everyone, I hope you take care of your health, accompany ymeetingour family, give thlecturerousem love and warmth.

First Vice President Weng Hua expressed hisclubman appreciation for the contlion是什么意思中文翻译ributions made深圳 tolions是什么意思 Lions Club over the years, and shared his experience of attending the 2019 — 2020 Lions Cllecturersub President-lions怎么读in-wailions的音标ting Seminar in the United States in February. Because of a respevaluation翻译成中文onsibility and an honor, he donated 100 Mervyn Awards in one lump sum, becoming the only large donation among more than 700 first vice presidents of lions clubs from深圳疫情最新消息 all over the world who participated in the training this year. This is not only a national honlions翻译中文or, but also the honor of shenzhen Lilions读音ons club.

Rong Jingpreliminary thanked the leaders of the district council for their care anpreliminaryd suppolions是什么意思rt and the enthusiastic sponsorship of lion Friends, which enabled the lecturers to have sufficient fundsevaluation. She also thanked Wang Danya, Fang Mansong and other senior lecturers for their positive contributions, which enabled the lecturers to add many new forces and flourish.

Growing from a深圳风险等级 lion friend to a lecturer requirclubman是什么牌子车es unimaginable深圳疫情最新动态 time and energy, but such training has created a solid echelon of spreading and leading lion culture, which itself is a process of empowerment, I believe that with the growth of the lec深圳turers, Shenzhen Lions Club will make grea深圳市最新疫情ter contributions to the society.深圳疫情最新消息

【 Text 】 Su Youhua

[Photo] Sumeeting Youhua

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Hu Lei

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

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