The Lions Club of Shenzhen promotes the experiential education of “Walk into campus and awaken love”

The Lions Club of Shenzhen promotes the experiential education of “Walk into campus and awaken love”

Source: Shenzhen News

On January 28th, Shenzhen Lions Club and team 025 of Shenzhen Dclubmedeshengbang Business Scholions读音ol held a caring activity in Shenzhen Second Vocational and Technical School.

Shenzhen News Network on February 2, 2019 On January 28, 025 tecampusesam shenzhen, shenzhen lions joint Santa bond business school, in shenzhen second vocational and teclubmedchnical school held an activity, give the schoeducational翻译ol XinJiangBan of more than 339 students and 70 teachers to the care and gifts, and held a care for the youth of the large-scale public welfare activities – “into the campexperiential是什么意思us waken love”, by the teachers and students of the school Welcome and praise.

Because XinJiangBan of 339 students this year all stay in shenzhen, can’t go home for thclub用英语怎么说e festival, lions club in shenzhen diwang service when, immediatecampus造句ly led the united way, yantian, mastery, and other six service and charity collection, central DE SAN bond bulion是什么意思中文翻译siness, to buy a batch of Spring Festival gifts, travel to visit stay in shenzhen for this batch of minority students. The second Vocaticlubonal Technical Schooeducation怎么读l ineducation是什么意思 Shenzhen, where these high schooleducational是什么意思 students are studying, is the largest school with the largest class size ameducation怎么读ongcampus造句 thwalkse 31 schools in Xinjiang. When they first arrived in south China, they are far away from home and their families. They ninto1小跟班eed care and warmth very much. Six service teams of The Lions Club of Shintonationenzhen held a donation ceremony on the morning of 28th in thpromote是什么意思英语e classroom of the 1st floor of Nachuan Building of the second vocational school, and presented the gift bags to students and teachers from Xinjiang province. The service funds were nearly 50,000 yuan.

On the afternoon of the same day, The Lions Club of Shenzhen apromote是什么意思中文nd the Teameducation是什么意思 of 025 desheng Bang Businescampus英语s School held a swalkmasterpecial “Walk into campus to awaken love” large-scale lowalkerve activity in the baskewalkstball hall of the school. “Into the campus waken love” is a social public welfcampus读音are activities, it refers to experiential learning as the basis of activity patterns, and through different types of exercise and share, learn from experience, good communication between people, trust, support andwalk的过去式 appreciation, to create a more effective and better for teenagers development environment, the overall quality was improved ainto1小跟班ccordingly.

Experiential learning startpromotesed in the 1970s and was crexperientialeated by Stanford University in the United States. It was introduced into China in the mid-1990s. This learning mode was then widely used and praised aslions a very effe深圳疫情最新动态ctive learning mode. Participanteducation的形容词s learn and experience their relationinto1超话社区ships with other people through personal contact. Through more thaneducation是什么意思 eilions怎么读ght hours of experience and games, students in Xinjiang gradually opened their hearts a深圳天气nd felt the spiritual feasclubmed官网预订t, especially in the “talent show” part, students’ enthusiasm reached a climwalk是什么意思ax, they asked to performcampus读音 on stage and share their feelings.

Through thinto1超话is aclubmanctivity, let the students further understand what is unity, what is trust, what is giving and gratitude. Let the students feel more cshenzhenare, receive more positpromote是什么意思英语ive energy, stimulate a heart of gratitude to serve the motherland.

More than 450 students, teachers and volunteers tointo1ok part in深圳 the charity event, which startcampus翻译ed at 1:00 p.m. and ended at 9:30 p.m. (Correspondent Haozhi He Gangning Xinliang) & NBSP;

Shenzhinto1成员en Lions Cluwalksb promotes theeducation experiential education program of “Walk into campus and awaken love”

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