Eastern Rose Service Team: the fourth captain team meeting and the fifth regular meeting of 2018-2019 will be held

Eastern Rose Service Team: the fourth captain team meeting and the fifth regular meeting of 2018-2019 will be held

On December 15, 2018teampro, the fourth captain team meeting arose朴彩英壁纸nd the fifth regular meeting of The 2018-2019 Oriental Rose Service Club ofservice翻译 Shenzhen Lions Club was helrosed at the 12th floor, Building A, Taojindi Building, Longhua Dirose朴彩英壁纸strict. Wang Yibing, the captainregular的名词 of the Eastern Rose Service Team, Wei Xinxin,captain怎么读 tregular反义词he former captain, Liu Sheng, the first vice captain, Wang Yanrong, the second vice captmeetingsain, Zhao Liye, the secretary, MAO Yunservice是什么意思xia and other 13 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chcaptain翻译aired by Li Caifaeastern怎么读ng and presided over by Dfourth的基数词u Juan.

At the tservicemaneam meeting, Wfifth怎么读ang Preasternoposed to participate in the “Clothes road love, Deep Lion Actionteambition” project in Jacaptain缩写nuary 2019, visit the lonely elderly and fund daily necessities before the New Year, which was unanimouseastern英语怎么读ly approfourth翻译ved by allfifth怎么读英语 team members

At the regular meeting, Wang Yibing shared the activities of “Go for Life” heldmeeting last month, the third Warm Lion Love Carnival, supportinregularly意思中文翻译g the poor patients of Futian Hospital of Traditififth的缩写onal Chinese Medicine, visiting lion enterprisfourth缩写es and other activities. He thanked lion friends for their active participation and hoped that you would continrose翻译ue to pay attention to and support the activities. Afterwards, Wang yibing, the leader of the teservicemanam, mobilized the lion friends to sign up for the New Year charity party and pledregular是什么意思英语ge to donate the Crose照片hinese Lion award, which received positive response from the lion friends.

At last, participants expressed their opiniofourth的基数词ns on themeeting是什么意思中文翻译 planning ofservice是什么意思中文翻译 the New Year pfourth的基数词arty of Oriental Rose Service Team. The party will be held in Hakka Prince Restaurant on Jfourth是什么意思anuary 19, 2019. Gao Yishan and Liu Sheng are responsiteamble for thregular的名词e overall planning and hosregular的所有形式ting. At that tfourth的基数词ime, lion friends will bring gifts for exchange, and present wonderfufifth怎么读l programs to add luster to the party.

After the meeting, lion frififth的缩写ends attended to celebrate Wang Yibing’s birthday, the scene was very happy.

By Liye Zhao & NBSP; Photo/Zhao Lina

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