Special Subject: Auctioneer: Tempered for you

Auctioneer: Hammer & NBSP; Just for the special you

The most exciting part of the annual New Year charity gala is the auction, where the auctioneer takes center sspecializationtage. During the auction, thauctioneerse auctioneer should use simple and vivid language to convey the value of the auction items, activate the atmosphere of tsubject翻译he sspecializecene, and timely adjust the rhythm of the auction; Faced with a variety of ssubjectituations and lots, theytempered怎么读 were calm and determined.specialty For them, every auction is an unscripted improvisation with many challenges. Hammer up hammer down, condensation is their blood and sweat.

At the New Year charity party on December 21, Mr. Cao Yan, tsubject和lesson的区别he gold auctioneer of Shenzhen Lions Club, will co-host the auction with Mr. Tian Xingwang, the former president who has a lot of research on collection. Let us follow thtempered怎么读e text of the reporter from The Deep Lion News Agency to get close to the two celebrities and enjoy thespecialtyir uniquetempered是什么意思 auspecializedction styspecialized自行车le in advanctempered glasse.

Brother Cao Yan shi: A lifetsubject怎么读ispecialme of service

He liked to take a pipe and meditate, and histempered玻璃 deep eyes showed extraordinary chsubject是什么意思arm. He is a man of great knowledge and great eloquence. He wears round and big black-framed glasses. He is a teacher of the Republic of China. Hesubjective is shenzhen Lions gold medal auctioneer Cao Yan, a life in the auctionsubject怎么读英语 auctioneer.

“One minute on stage, ten years oftempered怎么读 work off stage.” With this sentence image cao Yan shi brother in the auction pay a little totempered是什么牌子的玻璃o much. Before each charity party, he would know the materials of the aucttempered玻璃ion items in advance, do his homework, communicate with the organizing committee and lion friends, understand everyone’s thoughts on the auctspecial的名词ion items, so as to determine a reasonsubjectiveable price increase range, and more importantly, master the pace of the auction during the auction, so that bidders have timspecializee to consider and make a decisiontempered玻璃哪个厂家.

Before the atempered是什么牌子的玻璃uction, he also liked to serve half a jin of Maotai. He gave each piece a second life, in order to auction a higher amount of money, for the Shenzhen Lions club service activities to raise more money, he sweat; He has participatesubject的音标d in morauctioneer翻译e than 300 aspecialtyuction activities with a total amount of more than 80 miltempered是什么意思lion yuan. He was awardspecializeded the “auctioneersGolden Hammer Award for Charity Auction” by the Lion Foundation of the Lion Aspecialized自行车ssociation of China.

Cao Yan shi brother said, “In this organization, different people shine in different posspecializationitions. People ttempered翻译rust me, so I must try my best to do whasubjectedt Isubject是什么意思 can, whichsubject怎么读 is the mspecialistanifestation of personal ltempered玻璃ove and team service. Lions club ispecial是什么意思sauctioneer a big loving family, and the longer we stay together, the stronger the bond of brothetemperedsteelshaft羽毛球拍rhood and sisterhood grows. I will stick to my servicesubjected for atempered lifetime.”

Brother Tian Xingwang lion:Mr. Charauctioneer是什么意思ity becomes auctioneer

He was a soldier, aauctioneer翻译 righteous, in 60 years, astempered是什么意思 the centennial president; He is energetauctioneeric, dare to rush to dare to fight, as good as the young, respected antempered是什么牌子的玻璃d loved by the majsubjectority of lion friends. He is Tian Xingwang, auctioneer of the 2019 New Year charity gala.

He has been actively engaged in public welspecializedfatempered是什么意思re and charity activities for many years, and donated more than ten precious items to the New Year charitysubjected gala of Shenzhen Lions Club. He joined the Lions club for his love of charity and walked the auctiospecializen block for his love of collectitempered是什么牌子的玻璃ng. In order to be a qualified auctspecialtyioneer, he learned the knowledge of atempered是什么意思uction and practiced the details of auction on weekdays, which could be called “thorospecial怎么读ughly tempered”. Uauctioneernsubject是什么意思der thetempered auction stage, he is the bidder, frequently raised the card, won the Shenzhen Lions Club New Year charity gala “Mr. Charispecializedty” for many times; On the auction stage, he is the auctioneer, with unique collection insights, precise interpretation of the value of the lot.

When it comes to the contempered是什么意思tributions made by Bsubject的音标rother Tian Wangspecial怎么读xing in the field of pubtempered怎么读lic welfare and charity,special怎么读 he modestly said, “It is the oblauctioneerigation of liontemperedsteelshaft羽毛球拍 friends.”

This year’s lot in cao Ying Wang lion brother, Cao Yan lion brother and Tian Wangxin lion brother under stricsubject的音标t control, carefully selected andsubjected screened. I believe thauctioneersere are many good “things” waiting to be taken home. Together, we will see if we can set a new record and raise more money for charity. On December 21st, at the New Year ctempered玻璃hsubjectingarity party, let’s be moved and happy in our efforts, and show the Lion spiritauctioneer翻译 of “helping others and serving the sociesubject是什么意思英语ty” in our inhetempered玻璃ritance!

【 Text 】 Shenshi Newsubjectings Agency zhao Annie

[Editor] Office Maspecialty Huijuan Lin Yansubject是什么意思fen

【 Typesetting 】 Yang & NBSP;   hin

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Osubjectiveffice

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