Strengthen learning and discipline - the discipline committee held its first working meeting

2019On November 21, the first working meeting of the discipline Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 was held in thheld过去式和过去分词e Domestic Economicheld and Trade Buits翻译ilding. Participanfirst翻译成中文ts studied the rules and reguitsyou是什么意思lations of Shenzhen Lions Club and put forward suggestions on how to better carry out this year's picketing work.

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Du Penit'sg, chairman of the shenzhenlearning chocolate Liits和it's的区别ons Club, and CAI Chunlin, Zhang Fulong, Hondiscipline的形容词g Xianyi, Wang Yanhua, Yin Qigai and Luo Min, executive chairmen of the Discipline Committee, attended the meeting. Last chairman Ma Min attended the mefirst怎么读英语eting.meeting腾讯会议 The meeting was presided over by Du Pediscipline零无修版ng.

In order to further implement the relevant system of Shenzhen Lions Club and promote the harmonious development of the service teait'sm, under the instruction of President Weng Hua, the disciplinary committee specially convened this meetincommitteeg. He introduces disciplinary committee duties, adiscipline翻译nd detailed interpretation of the "shenzhen lions club member management system", "shenzhen lionlearning chocolates club member code of conduct", "shenzheitstimefor和to区别n liworkingon propaganda work system", "shenzhen lions council meeting management method", "shenzhen lions regumeetinglation on administration of Internet public information platform, such alearningmalls system related to the disciplinary committeits翻译e work content.

Du Peng stressheldbacked the importance of buildiheld的中文意思ng a learmeetingsning organdiscipline零无修版ization. He hoped that the participating exediscipline零无修版cutive chairmen would learnmeeting是什么中文意思 and understand the rules and regulations of Shenzhen Lions Cmeeting是什么意思lub, objectively identify and deal with members' violations of disciplincommitteese, timely mediateits翻译 disputes caused by the affairs and servfirst翻译成中文icheldbackes of the club members, and carry outmeeting怎么读英语 democratic supervision work with reasonable grounds. He proposed to convene more than 100 pickets from The Lions Club of Shenzhen tlearning chocolateo carry out systematic propaganda training and team building, and buildlearning翻译 an efficient and pragmatic pstrengthen和enhance的区别icket team by buildinglearning怎么读 a platform for learning and communication. At the same time, he deployed the 2020 New Year charity party picket work, ilearning翻译nvited the executive chairman of the discipline committee as the deputy leader of the party picket group, mobilized everyone to support the party picket work.


The executive chairmen of the meeting made speeches respectively, and put forward suggestions folearning是什么意思r advancing the discipline supfirstervision work. They said thstrengthen是什么意思啊at they would keep pace with The Times and learn the rules and regulations of Shenzhen Lions Club, stay true to their original intentiits翻译on to fulfill their membfirstname填姓还是名ershupheldip duties, do a good job in policing, influence the lion friends aroumeetingsnd by example, and actively sprestrengthened翻译ad the positive energy of public welfare.

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Ma Min, former chairman of the Board, praised the discipline Committee for iheld怎么读的ts serious and responsits和it's的区别ible attitude towards the piclearning和studying的区别ket work this year and expressed full support for the relevant work oworkingf the committee. She hoped that the mecommittee和councilmbers of the committee could learn from the rules and regulationcommittees of Shenzmeetingyou是什么意思hen Lions Club, unify their thoughts, understanding and opinions, and effectively supervise and guide their behaviors.


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[Text] Lin Yanfen

[Photo] Lin Yanfen

[Edit] Ma Huijuan

[Composition] Hu Lei

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office




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