“Pay tribute to sanitation Workers for a Civilized City”

1,000 outstanding front-line sanitation workers were rewarded

Source: Shenzhen Business Daily & NBintributeSP;       28 October 2019 & NBSP;     &nworkers的中文意思bsp; A10 edition:

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The sanitation workers are cleaning.

Editor’s note

Shenzhen has a total of moreretribute than 50,000 front-line sanitation workers, evworkers’day怎么读ery day, it is their hard work to protect the beautiful face of Shenzhen, with practical actions to affect everyone’s civilized behavior. They are the creators, promoters and messengers of Shenzhencity复数 civipaypal登录lization.

October 26 is onepaypal是什么支付 of the most ordinary days of the year, bupaypal登录t for the sanitation workers, it is their holiday — “Sanitation Worker’s Day”. On this special day, Shenzhen pays tribute to the dedicated and selfleworkers怎么读ss sanitation woworkers’day是什么意思rkers.

Occity怎么读tober 26 marks the 26th Sanitation Workers’ Daysanitation翻译 in Guangdong Pworkers什么意思rovince and the third “Day of Caring sanitattributeion Workers” in Shenzhen. In the morning, the city urban management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau joint beautiful scitydohenzhen public foundpaypalation held in shenzhen book city center city area big ladder “salute the sanitation workers Create a civilized city “celebrate 2019 sapaychecknitation workerstribute词根 day activities, beautiful shenzpay的用法hen public foundatcity复数ion for the city’s 1000 engaged in the work of a gleam of sanitation outstanding awards the sanitation workers and bonuses.

At present, Shenzhen is actively creating a national civilized city, the cityattribute is becoming more and more beautiful, urban environment is bworkers怎么读ecoming cleaner, and all of this is inseparable froworkers什么意思m the city’s beautician – sanpayoneeritation workers. At the event, Liu Qingsheng, standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Executive Vice Mayor, Wang Gang, Deputy secretaryworker是可数名词吗 general of the Municipal People’s Government, Wang Guobin, Director of the Municipal Urban Management and Comprehensive latribute词根w enfopay是什么意思rcement Bureau, Yang Lei, Deputy Director, Xu Hang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Beautiful Scitydo集团henzhen Public Welfare Foundation and Pengrui Group, presencivilized怎么读ted hontribute词根orary certificates to outstanding representativpay的用法es of sanitation workers.

One thousand sworkers什么意思anitation workers were honored

This year, the city’s 1,000 excellent front-line sanitation workers werpayoneere commendecivilized怎么读d, each received a bonus of 1,000 yuan.

“Herecivilized翻译, I thank the city of Shenzhen for givpaychecking me a warm home.” Shi Xiaoling, representative of exctributeellent sanitation workers, said, although Iworkers’day怎么读 am only a sanitation worker, my power is vercivilizedy limited, but I will try my best to do more good and be a good person. According to the introduction,pay的用法 Shi Xiaoling suffers from congenital heart disease, there is a suddencitydo天眼查 onset of dizzinpaycheckess in the work post, at that time in Shenzhen to obtain the love of the public figure for her donations, and providworker是可数名词吗e help, these concerns let her remember in the heart. It is understood that Shi Xiaoling found an 86-year-old lost on her way to work on this year’s Double Ninth Festivretributeal. It took her 40 mworkers翻译inutes to find the old man’stribute词根词缀 house, which moved the old man and his fworkers翻译amily.

Beautiful shecity是本田什么款车nzhen public foundation director, shenzhen penintributeg rui group co.,workers’pickets翻译 LTD., chairman of thepay的过去式 board, said li xiting beautiful shenzhen public fousanitation和hygiene区别ndation set up 4 years, continue to carry out the “care for sanitation worker” series of activities, has obtaicivilized怎么读ned the widespread social effect, peng rui group in the beautiful shenzhen public foundation set up the “care focivilized是什么意思r the sacivilized翻译nitapaychecktion workerstribute翻译 spaypecicivilized是什么意思al funds,” We have already invested 2 million yuan to sucitydo吴先生pport the sanitation workers in extreme poverty, and in December this yearuncivilized, we will continue to provide 1 million yuan to care for the sanitation workers in extreme povertyworkers’day怎么读. This is a very meaningful thing. We also hope thcitydo杭州城市大数据at more and more caring enterprises and organizations can jointly care for the sanitation workers and build civilized cities.

Caring businesses aworkers翻译nd institutions salute them

At the event, many caring enterprises and organizations paid tribute totribute the sanitation workers and thanked them for their hard work daworker是可数名词吗y after day. Caring enterprises and orgcivilized中文意思anizations also donated 2.9 million yuan and 145,000 yuan worth of consolation goods to the Beautiful Shenzhen Foundapaychecktion for pubworkerslic welfare activities such as caring for sanitation workers.

Among them, Shenzhen Eworker是什么意思英语nergy Envirocivilized翻译nmental Protectionsanitation是什么意思 Co., Ltd. donated 2 million yuan; Shenzhen Auto Electric Pretributeower Plant Co., Ltd. 200,000 YUAN; Shenzhen Mairemet Environmental Technology Co., LTD donateworkers什么意思d 200,000 YUAN; Shenzhpaymenten Baijiahua Group Co., LTD donated 200,000 yuan; Lions Club of Shenzhen donated 300,000 yuan and sponsored food acivilized中文意思nd oil and other materials worth 45,worker是什么意思英语000 yuan. The Shentributeszhen branch of China Pacifipay的过去式c Property and Castribute结尾的单词ualty Insurance Co., Ltd. donatworker是什么意思ed personal accident insurance fopay是什么意思r more than 30,000 sanitationtribute词根词缀 workers in the city thiattributes yeworker是什么意思英语ar. Shenzhen Qianhai Sheworker是可数名词吗nzhen-Houncivilizedng Kong Connect Capital Management Gpayroup Co., Ltd. sponsworker是可数名词吗ored quilt and pillow worth 70,000 yuan; New China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. shenzhen brasanitation是什么意思nch sponsored 30, 000 yuan worth of emergency clothing.

Condolences to the outstandiuncivilizedng frontline operation team representatives

In order to celebrate thpaychecke festival, encourage sanitation wcity怎么读orkersworkers’pickets翻译 to continue to carry forward the spirit of love ancity翻译d dedicpay的过去式ation. On the morning of 26th, Lpay的过去式iu Qingsheng and his deltributesegation came to Fuzhong Yi Road, Futian District, and visited the excellent operation group of front-line sanitation workers who were workinpayg beside the urban administration rouncivilizedad in the center of Shenzhen Book City.

The operation team belongs to everybody property of shenzhen environmental engineerworkers’day怎么读ing co., LTD., is mainly responsible for citizen center, city square, books, music hall, children’s palace and other key areas of cleaniworkers的中文意思ng the cleaning work, all team workers per capita has nine years of engaging in the operations incity翻译 which a glimmer of sanitation, bears hardships and stands hard workattribute, fcivilized翻译amiliar with, dedicated business backbone. Tcivilized中文意思hey started to work inpaypal groups at 4 a.m. every day to keep the civic center clean and beautiful with high quality in the long term. Especially in the cleaning and cleatributening work of the sub-venue of this year’s “Spring Festival Gala”, the group obeyed the schedule, acted actively ancitydod stuck to their posts. In theworker是什么意思英语 70th ansanitationniversary of the foundcitydo杭州城市大数据ing of new Ccity翻译hina and shenzcivilized是什么意思hen central district lcivilized怎么读ight show and other important environmental protection woruncivilizedk with high qualitworkersy to complete various tasks, made outstanding contributions.

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