Poor sanitation workers to send care and warmth

Source: Shenzhen Business Daily & NBSP;       28 October 2019 & NBSP;     &nbsworkers‘day是什么意思p; A10 esenddition:

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The sanitation workers were offered cwarmth是什么意思onsolation money.

In order to truly care for sanitation workers, the Municipal Urban management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureasanitation是什么意思u, together with the Beautiful Shenzworkers’pickets翻译hen Foundation acarend the Scareful是什么意思henzhen Lions Club, held a “Harmonious Force” sympathy activity for the most beautiful sanitation workers at thcareful是什么意思e Lianhuaswarmthhan Reform and Openinsend2026g-up Memorial Park. The Lions Club of Shenzhen donated 2,000 yuan to 150 front-line sanitation workers who were injured or ill at worpoor是什么意思中文k and left their families poor.

Yang Lei, Deputy Director of theworker是可数名词吗 Municipal Ursendban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, and Zhang Xiaowei, Secretary-general of the Beautiful Shenzhen Foundatiosendn attended the event. Yang Lei saiwarmth翻译d that the sympathy of the activity to the familsend的过去式y poor sanitation workers sent to care at the same time, but also let sanitation workers really feel the truth and warpoor翻译mth of the society, and hope to unite more social forces together to cwarmthare for sanitation workers.

Guo Yongyong, second vice president of Shcare什么意思中文意思enzhen Lions Club and chairman of Shenzhenpoor音标 Home Defucare什么意思中文意思 Industrial Co., Lworkers’day是什么意思TD, said caring for sanitation workers icareful是什么意思s one oworkers怎么读f the five keworkers的中文意思y projects of Shenzhen Lions Club. Following this event, Shenzhen Lions Clubworkers’day是什么意思 will launch a series of caring activities focusing on helping families of poor sanitation workers and disabled sanitation workepoor是什么意思rs. It will also raiworkers什么意思se funds and doncareer翻译ate to builwarmth怎么读d a caring post statiwarmthon for sanitation workers through vasend的过去式rious social forces, which is suitable for the acare是什么意思ctual needs of sanitation workers.

It is ucarefulnderstood that Guo Yongyowarmth翻译ng has been involved in the preparation of the most beautifupoor名词l sanitation workers for 4 consecutive ysendyournametomarsears. He said that in the future, he wilcarefull continue to support the cause of sanitation, pay attensend用法tion to sanitation workers, and make new contributions to building a beautiful homeland. He also called on the whole society to pay attention to sanitation workers, checareerrish the fruits of their labor, and jointly creaworker是可数名词吗te a beacareer翻译utiful living environment. Start from their ownwarmth什么意思中文, protectworkers怎么读 the environment, reduce the workload of sanitpoorestation workers.

Original link: Send care and warmth for poor sanitation workers

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