The 2020-2021 Appointed Board and Outreach activities of Lions Club shenzhen were successfully held

On June 14, 2020, the 2020-2021 Appointed Board and outreach activities of Lions Club shenzhen were held at Zhongxing Hetai Seascape Hotel. The work plan, board structure and division of work for 2020-2021 have beeactivities的中文n reviewed and approved by the directors designate; Elected the secretary Geactivities音标neral, Chief of General Affairs, chief of picket and Deputy secretary General forlions读音 2020-2021; We listened to the notification of activities outline forappointed 2020-2021, financial work plan, administrative and service budget, post responsibilities of council members, specoutreachial assistant to theboard的中文意思 president designate, list oactivities的中文f advisor members designate andclub collection of memblionsgateership dues, and made preparations for the work of the New Year. President-elect Lu Zhiq深圳地铁线路图iaclub用英语怎么说ng hopes that in the new Lion year, all lion club members of Shenzhen lions club will gather together, take responsibility and do good deeds, and feel and spreaoutreach什么意思d love in the practiboardsce of the concept of “we serve”!


The meeting was atappointed是什么意思tended by 35 directors, including Lu Zh深圳天气iqilions怎么读ang, the 2020-2021 presidenactivitiest designate, Weng Hua, the 2019-2020 President Designate, Guo Yongyong, the 2020-2021 first Vice President designate, Peng Daoji深圳市最新疫情an, the second vice prclubsesident designate, and Lai Zhuoni, the secretary-general designate. Li Weihua, shenzhenactivities有哪些活动 represclub是什么意思entativelions怎么读 of Domestic Lions Association and first Secretaappointed是什么意思ryboards of Party Branch ofclub是什么意思 Lions Club shenzhen, Huang Te, deputy director ooutreach什么意思f Office of Shenzhenboard Disabled Persons’ Federation, Lin Tao,board former president of Lions Club Shenzhen, Tan Fei, deputy supervisor designate, spshenzhenecial assistant of president desiclub翻译gnate and advisor were invited to attend the meeting. Thactivities音标e meeting was chaired by Peng Daojian, CAI Min, Duappointed翻译 Peng, Wu Jinzhi, Yu Xiaoping, Wei Xinxin, Yu Hui as executive chairmaoutreach什么意思n, chaired by CAI Min.

Work together in unity and sincerity

On the morning of July 14, some 30 directors to be electe深圳d gathered their team strength and showed their determination and vigor in the face of difficulties.

In the “ice-breaking” session, board members break down the barriers between each other through massage exercises and other mini-games to quickly integrate into the team. In the “99 Seconds” project, the incoming directlions翻译中文ors cooperated with each otlionsher in the int深圳疫情最新动态eraction of picking up water bottles and calling passion team, and they got to know their own team again. They also learned to appreciate the advantages of each member and makeactivities音标 progress together with team membersboard翻译.


In the final extension of thlionse “power Circle” project, directors elect hold part of the rope ilions的音标n tlionsgateheir hands to form a complete and teclubmednse circle. As the instructor gave the order, everyone began to swing the rope. At first, the instructor’s goal of “888 strokes” made many pe深圳地铁线路图ople skeptical, but everyone w深圳地铁线路图as still entboardwalkhusiastic. In theappointed翻译 process of swinging the rope, some members are more and more tired, some want to beat back and tell themselves that they can not hold on, and some are more and more determined… In the end, each director elect overcame his own weaclubskness, worked hard for the realization of the team’s goal, and completed the task excellently with sweat.


This activitactivities思维导图y is aactivities和activity的区别 test of tclub怎么读he cohesion and executive power of the incoming directors’ tlions翻译eam. With 100% passion and efforts,lions是什么意思 we have successfully surpassed ourselves and achieved the goal of “Working togetboardgameher, winning in the team深圳“. It also marks that they wlions是什么意思ill devote themselves to the work of the New Year with high morale and enthusiasm.

Work together to build the future

In the afternoon, the elected Council convened smoothlyclubman是什么牌子车. Peng Daojian, the second vice President designate, delivered a welcome speech and exteactivities翻译nded a warm welcome to the leaders attactivities是什么意思翻译成中文ending the meeting. He hoped that the council memboard的中文意思bers would learn about the 202activities和activity的区别0-2021 work plan and objectives, familiarizboard翻译e thelion是什么意思中文翻译mselves with their jlions怎么读ob responsibilities, and communicate and discuss together.


President-elect Lu Zhiqiang briefed theclub 2020-2021 work ploutreach什么意思an. New Year, shenzhen lions will be “as good as music” as the theme, with “along the way you love every day,” as the slogan, to “fu can burden, four service” as the overall planning of work, serve the community, service organizations, service around lion lilions是什么意思on fellow, service companies, etc., in team building, community service, lions, service management as the key poactivities思维导图int, prolions翻译中文mote the lion friends cohesion and centripetal force, Imboardgameprove the reputation and infoutreach什么意思luence of Shelions翻译nzhen Lions Clu深证指数b, make concerted efforts to do a good job in all aspects, and continuously promote the healthy anclubd sustainable development of Shenzhen Lions Club.


According to relevclubman是什么牌子车ant rules anactivities翻译d regulations, the secretary General of Shenzhen Lions Clclub是什么意思ub for 2020-2021 is recommended by the business authorities andclub是什么意思 elected by the new board of directors in equal amactivities是什么意思翻译成中文ounts. Huang Te, deputy director of tboardshe Offic深圳风险等级e of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federboard怎么读英语ation, announced that the officiaactivities翻译l Slion是什么意思henzhen Disabled Plions英语怎么读ersons’ Federation Party committee nominated Lai Zhuoni as the candidate for the secretary general of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2020-2021. Secretary general candidate Rajeni brief biography. Lai Zhuoni was unanimboardsously elected secretary general oactivities是什么意思f Slions的音标henzhen Lions Club 2020-2021. At the slion是什么意思中文翻译ame time, nominateoutreach什么意思d by Lu Zhiqiangactivities和activity的区别, the incoming president, and voted by all the memblions翻译中文ers of thelions翻译 board of directors at the meeting, Deng Yi, the generclubmedal Managclub怎么读er of shenzhen Liclubmedons Club for 2020-2021, Nie Xiangdong, the chief inspector, and CAI Min, the executive deputy secretary general were approved.

Guo Yonclubmangyong, tactivities用英语怎么说he firsactivities翻译t vice president-designate, briefedclub是什么酒 the positions and responsibilities of the council members for 2020-2021, as well as the names of the special assistant to the president-desclubmanignate and tactivities是什么意思翻译成中文he members of mentor, and explained the arrangement of tclub用英语怎么说he training session and the transition ceremony. Peng Daojian, the second vice President designate, introduced the outline of activilions怎么读ties for 2020-2021. Secretary-general designate Rajeni prese深圳大学nted the structure and list of specilionsalized working bodies. Nie Xiangdong, the picket officer-designate, introduced the councilion是什么意思lclubman是什么牌子车‘s rules for attending the meeting, and hoped thatclubman the council members to abide bylions英语怎么读 the rulclubman是什么牌子车es and consc深圳ientiously pboard怎么读英语erform their duties.



Entrusted by Plionsresident-elect Lu Zhiqiang, Zhang Jian Shi Jie introduced the financial work plan of the New Year. In the New Year, the financial work of Shenzhen Lions Club will inherit the financial work experience深证指数 over the yeactivities翻译ars, continue to standardize financial management,board翻译 do a good job ilionsn financial handover, and strengthen the training of financial staff. Stabilize and standardize the深圳天气 financial staff of the district council to improve work efficiency; Supervise and urge the clearing of old accouactivities音标ntsclubmed, strengthen the financial assistance and auxiliary work of the service team, ope深圳大学n the new mode of “captain’s seal and file to ensure the fund expenditure of the service team”, and further strengthen the financial management.


Durinclubmedg the free dactivities有哪些活动iscussion session, peng Daojian, the second vice president designate, Wu Zewei, the mentor designate and Bi Yongtao made speecheappointeds respectively. We hopactivities思维导图e t深圳大学hat all theclubmed council members will be united, stay true to their original aspiration, work together in harmony and make concerted efforts to do a good job in the New Year.

Tan Fei, deputy supervisor desclubsignate, spoke highly of the annual work report delivered by President-elect Lu Zhiqiang with clear themes and ideas. He hoped that the new board of directors would lead Shenzhen Lclubsions Club to new heights under the leadership of president-outreach什么意思elect Lu Zhiqianlion是什么意思中文翻译g. At the same time, he said, the Nelionsw Year, the board of supervisors in long X深圳地铁线路图iaoXingPing supervisors, we will continue to improve theactivities的中文 rules and regulations, refining深证指数 the supervisors job responsibilities, stactivities和activity的区别rengthen the sulions的音标pervisboard怎么读英语or takes office abilactivities是什么意思ity, promote participation, meboardmber of the board of supervisors in the process of supervision and strive to “not offside, gboard是什么意思ood place, not the absence of”,appointed to “supervision beforehand, and secondly matter, afterwards supervision” as the principle, Flions怎么读ulfill the supervision duties and jointly create a fair, just, open and loving atmosphere for shenzhen Lions Club.


Presideclubmed官网预订ntclubmed官网预订 Weng hua thanked the former presidents and senior leaders for theirlions读音 support to his work and extended warm congratulations t深圳风险等级o the energetic new board of directors. He hoped that the old directors would give full play to the role of “mentoring” anboard是什么意思d supportlions the newly elected directors. I also hope that the new members of the board of diroutreachectors will strengthen their study of the rules anboard翻译d regulations of Lions Club sheshenzhennzhen, familiarlionsize themselves with their job respboard翻译onsibilities as soon as possiblactivities音标e, elions翻译中文arnestly implement thappointed是什么意思e work plan of the New Year, and promote the steady development ofboardwalk Lions Club Shenzhen under the leadershclub翻译ip of president-elect Lu Zhiqiang.


Li Weihua, first Secclub怎么读retary of CCPF, on bclub用英语怎么说ehalf of CCPF, extclub是什么酒ended warm cboard翻译ongratulations to Lu Zhiqioutreach什么意思ang, p深圳residenactivities是什么意思t-elect of CCPF and the new councilactivities是什么意思翻译成中文 members. He pointed out that through this meeting, the board members had a basic understanding of their job respoclubmed官网预订nsibiactivities怎么读lities and priorities for the next step. President-elecactivities翻译t Lu Zhiqiang elactivities有哪些活动aboratedappointed on the work concepboardwalkt and work plan of the New Year in detail, which was rich in content, colorfulions英语怎么读l and exciting. He hoped that the board of directors designaboard的中文意思te wouclub怎么读ld take this meeting as a starting point to clariflions是什么意思yclub翻译 their responsi深圳市最新疫情bilities and responsibilities, follow the requirements of the new president team, make innovations in inheritance, implement the work of the New Year well, and make due contrib深圳utiolion是什么意思ns to the healthy development of Shelions翻译nzhen Lions Club.


In his concluding speech, President-elect Luclubman Zhiqiang thanked all of you for taking time out of your busy schedule to atteactivities翻译nd this meeting. He also thankeboardwalkd all the previous preside深圳疫情最新消息nts f深圳大学or their hard work, leading the board of directors o深圳疫情ne after another to scale new heiboardghts,clubmed官网预订 create brilliant achievements and develop the beauty of Shenzhen Lions Clubboardwalk today. Hlions读音e said that for many lion club members, lionsboard的中文意思 club is an organization tclub是什么酒hat will accompany them through life. The development of Lions Club is closely related to each lion club member. He hoped that all lions club members would stick to the concept of “community of shared future” and stay united to accompany shenboard什么意思翻译zhen Lions Club through more ups and downs and create a brand new and beautifactivities和activity的区别ul future together.

[Text] Lin Yanfen

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan & NB深圳风险等级SP;  

【 Typesetting 】 Yang & NBSP;   hin

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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