Notice on Regular PREVENTION and Control of COVID-19 by Social Organizations of Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department

Service teams:

In accordance with the notice on Social Organizations’ Regular PREVENTION and csocialmanontrol of COVID-19 issued by the Dep广东疫情最新情况artment of Civil Afprevention是什么意思fairs of Guangdong Province, social organizations are required to carry out daily work steadily whilorganization是什么意思e carrying out r广东工业大学egular prevention and control of COVID-19, so as to ensure that all work is stable and orderly. Among them, require social organization festival exhibition, seminar, BBS, the aggregation activities such as training, the general assembly, should according to activity risk ratings are located and the outbreak of the new champions league around the guidance on the prevention and control of the orderly, location for high risk and the risk area, social organizations should suspend all kindsocial medias of clustering activitiesocialize翻译s; In low-risk areas, social organizations should strengthen epidemic prevention and control measures, strictly control the number of participants, prevent clusteprevention是什么意思rs of cases, and temporarily refrain from holding large-scale activities.

The full tesocial翻译xt of the No广东外语外贸大学tice is hereby forwarded as folloregular反义词ws. Acontrol游戏ll service teams are requested to strictly folcovid-19low the requirements of the noregularitytice a广东东莞天气nd ensure that epidemic prevention and control measures are in place whennotice用法 carrying广东东莞天气 ocovid怎么读ut various activities.

Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;  
1organizations9 June 2020
Thcovid怎么读e original link:什么意思ZBvPIERJGeGZ7DbKxhA

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