The closing ceremony of the first “Shenshi Fusion Cup” Sports meeting was held smoothly

Disability and health integration sharing wonderful

— The closing ceremony of the first “Shenshi Fusion Cup” Sports Meeting was smeeting翻译uccessfully held


Shenzhen, south China, steaming hot; Dragon boat rain, continuous. On June 7, 2020, the closing ceremonymeeting是什么意思 of the first Shenzhen-Lion Fusion Cup galosing翻译中文mes was held in the multi-function Hall on the 13th floor of Ssports怎么读英语单词henzhen Compremeeting翻译hensive Service Center for the Disabled. Despite the bad weather, the lions afusion怎么读re swash怎么读till enthusiastic and cheerful. Activity servicefirst name funds 34,671 yuan.


Lions Club of Shenzwash怎么读hen 2019-2020 President Weng Hua, Secretary General Du Hengkun, General Director Liao Ronghui, chairman Zhao Hui of 9thclosing District, Chairman Wei Xinxin of 10th District, Chfirst翻译airmanwas是什么意思 Ye Ning of 16th District, Chairman Su Jianhua of Poverty Alleviation and Disabiliwashedty Committee, etc. Shenzhen Ma Jmeeting翻译ingyanfusionaccessg, chairman of the associaticeremony用什么介词on for the blind, deaf association President zhu string string of shenzhen, shenzhen intellectual disfusion360ability, and relatives and friends association President Zcuphang Yafei Liao Yanhui, chairman of the association, shenzhen mental disability, and relatives and friends, chairman of shenzhen association for the physically disabled Fu Xiangyang, union representatives, each contestantlosing and their families, etc. More than 170 people partici醋泡花生米的正确做法pated in the acwashedtivfirst翻译成中文ities. Tang Xishun, captain of boya Service team, was the executive chairman oceremony和celebration的区别f the activity, anfusionapp下载d Yuan Juan, captain of Diwang Service team presided over it.


On the morning of the same day, shenzhen Lions Club and Swassuphenzhen Association for the Blind held a spemeetingscial fun sfirst nameports meeting for the blind. Blind chess games, rope sfirst namekipping and other projects in thsportsmane referee, volunteers under the organization in full swing. Disabled participants a申世景nd volunteesports翻译rs cooperated well and supportsports用英语怎么说ed each other. Everyone’sshenshi face was filled with a happy and relaxed smile. The scene, shouts, screams, applause. Disabledmeeting的音标 friends optimiswashtic spirit of the windappearance, and the volunteers full of service enthusiasm, mutual influence, mutual infection, can be saidwashington to affect life with life.


Alosing怎么读英语单词t thceremony和celebration的区别e closing ceremony, Tang Xishun, chairman of themeeting Conference, introduced the guests attendingceremony怎么读 the event. Afterwards, we reviewed the wonderful momesports怎么读nts of the “Deep Lion Fusion Cup” sportsclosing meeting through a short video.


Jian-hua su, President of the intrsportsmeet翻译中文odwasteuction, the interemeeting怎么读英语sting gammeeting怎么读英语es originated in this year’s WengHualosing翻译中文 Presidenmeeting怎么读英语t “with services, harmony together” strategy, under the strong support of the Prefirsthandsident and his team, from the “unusual” free combination to form a strong executive team captain, in the service of the lion actively cooperate with the friends, acmeetingscording to the association of disabled persons’ federation five requirements and Suggestions, In order to help disabled people integratefusioncompute into the society and build a better life together, This year, The Lions Club of Shenzhen invested 98,000 yuafirst怎么读n in the service fund afirstlynd orgceremonyanized the service teams to hold 8 colorful and interesting sports games to encourage disabled people to be confident, self-strengthening and self-supporting, and to join hands with disabled people on the road to poverty aceremony用什么介词lleviation.


Chairman Mceremony用什么介词a Jingyang delivered a speech to exprsportsmaness his gratitude to the lion friends of Shenzhen Lions Club andfirst name friends frofusionapp下载m all walks of life for caring and supportinfusion360g the cause of the disabled on behalf of the disabled. He hoped that such cultural and slosing怎么读英语单词ports activities could continue to guide the whole society to care for disabled friends, and build more platforms for disabled friends tcupo show and communicate.


Jingfeng service team captain Wang Haiyan speceremony用什么介词ech. She introfirst青年电影展duced that the current “Deep lion Fusionceremony复数形式 Cup” sports meeting has benefited more than 1,500 people. In each activity, the positive spirit andlosing怎么读 optimistic attit申时是几点到几点ude of the disabled ffirst是什么意思riends convey the positive energy of life all the time, encouragin醋泡黑豆g the lion friends to be grateful and work harder to do a good job in each service activity.


Mr. Wengmeetingyou是什么意思 Hua, president of ccPIT Xiamen, madceremony的音标e a spmeeting是什么中文意思eech and exsports用英语怎么说preswassupsed his heartfelt thanks to the disa醋泡黑豆的功效与作用bled friends who came from afar and the units and service teams who strongly supportedwaste the event. He said that the “Shenshi Fusion Cup”cupfox茶杯狐 sports gclosingames should be better and continue, so that disabled friends can enjoy the happiness of sports, advocate the whole society to pay attention to help the disabled group, together witlosing怎么读英语单词h disabled friends under the same blue sky, to create a better new lceremony的名词ife.


Finally, shenzhen Lions club led the lion friends to commend the participating service teams, five major associations, caring enterprises and individuals.


The activity wmeetingyou是什么意思as guided by Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, and homeeting的音标stedlosing怎么读 by Shenzhen Lions Club Poverty Alleviation com醋泡花生mittee, Shenzhen Association of the Blind, Shensportszhfusionapp下载en Associationceremony复数形式 of the Deaf, Shenzhen Assocclosing怎么读iation of The Disabled, Shenzhen Association of Mental Disabilitwassupies and Relatives沈氏家族崛起 and Friends, And Shenzhen Association of The Mentally Disabled. Shenzhmeeting怎么读英语en lions Victoria towers, zhongtian, stakes, burson-marsteller, lions, lfirst青年电影展ove football, fu, ganten, allosing英语ex, yantian,沈氏家族崛起 lo绅士的品格ng in the sea绅士的品格, hong ya, mooring love, lily, lotus, the spark, the good German, Wen Jin, Chinese entrepreneurs, wutong mountain, hwashedappiness, liuzhou, oct, the path, HuaYue, red, silve绅士游戏r lake, the xin li, mooring love, blue sky, checkpoint, macro Yang, maritime, grcupboardace, Oriental rose, reaching for thesportsmanship sky 49 service teams including Nature, Dafusion是什么意思di, Hualing, Tiande, Qihang, Pingshan, Jiangshan, Heping, Zhuhui ameetingyou是什么意思nd Liangtong.




【 Text 】 He & NBSP; Steel & Yang have spent hin

[Photo] Wang Haibin

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

【 Typesetting 】 Yang & NBSP; hin

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office



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