Hua-han Service Team: Held the eighth regular meeting of 2019-2020 and the recommendation Meeting of 2020-2021

On March 21, 2020, the eighth regular meeting of 2019-2020 and the recommendation Meeting of 2020-eighths2021 of Shenzhen Lions Ceighth什么意思lub Huahan Service Team was held in Huashinghui Commercial Beighth什么意思uilding, Jinhai Road,servicebio Bao ‘an Distriservicebioct. Fourteen people attended the meeting, including Liu Qihai, chairman of the 20th District of Shenzhservice是什么故障灯en Lions Cteamolub, Liao Wenxi, captain of The Sino-Chinese Service Team, Liao Haosheld中文heng, first vice captain Yang Chunzhao, secoteamworknd vice captain Gao Rui, third vice captain Yang Yang, founding team leader Zhang Huaji, secretary X杭州雷峰塔倒塌事件u Jinghua and fteamsinance Sun Yuping. The meeting was chaired by Liao Wenxi and Yateamng Yang.

Photo of all lion friends. JPG

Captain Liao Wenxi expressed heartfelt thanks to all lion friends for attending the meeting as scheduled during the special period of the epidemic韩国漫画漫免费观看免费.

The bell tolled for the meeting

The conference begins. PNG

Play and sing the national anthem and have a meeting

Finance Sun Yuping makes financiameeting怎么读英语l reports. Recently,meetings Hua-Han Service team has participated in service projects such as “100 team Lionsheld的原型 meeting”, peace posters, helping friendly communities, jo华为云空间int servicmeeting是什么意思中文翻译e in The fifth Zone, and fighting against pneumonia epidemic, with a total investment of 53,596 yuan. She said that the service projects the Team participated i韩三千苏迎夏最新章节n were well received by lion friends and all walks of lifheld的中文意思e.

Finance Sun Yuping makes financial report. JPG

At the meeting, Captain Liao Wenxi introduced theighth翻译e requirements of the new team leadteamviewerer. With the assistance of the supervisor group composed of Liao Wenxi, Liao Haosheng and Zhang Huaji, the lion friendeighth英语怎么读s elected a new team leader by secret ballot.

Liao Wenxi congratulated theteams会议 new team leader and thanked the lion frteamiends for their contribution tservicemano Shenzhen Lions Club. He hregular翻译oped that the New Year will bring new glo华为ry to theighth是什么意思英语e Club aservicemannd promote and pass on the public weteamslfare cause.

Captain elect Yang Chunzhao delivers a speech

Yangmeeting翻译 Chunzhao, the 2020-2021 team leader designate of The Club, said that he would take t邯郸疫情his conference as a new startingheld的意思是什么 poeighth基数词int, unite closely with the new team members and all lteams手机版ion friends, and under the leaeighth怎么读dershieighth读音p of The Lions Cluhuab of Shenzhen, he would stay trueteam什么意思 to his original aspiration and conscientiously perform his duties to realimeetingyou是什么意思ze the vision of the Club.

Captains elect. PNG

There is a sense of responsibility and unity in every lion member’s hearmeetingtencentcomt. “Hua Han people” are passionate, honorable and lovely. No matter how big the challenge is, they always go forward bravely. Let us continue to learn from the excellent service team and create further brillimeeting怎么读英语ance. Speciaregularl thanks to Ping an Insurance company for sponsoring the venueregular是什么意思英语.


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Pteams手机版hoto/Grui & NBSP; Xu Jinghua

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