Annual general meeting notice | about service guidelines

Dear fellow lions,

Recently, the service teams were at the peak of their annual reshuffling meetings. In order to actively respond to the national epidemic prevention and control requirements, implement the deployment of epidemic prevention and control work made by the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the CPC and the Municipnotice是什么意思al Leading Gannual的名词roup for COVID-19 Prevention and conabout是什么意思trol, further standardize the process of service team change meeting and relgeneralize是什么意思ated work, eliminate undesannual同义词irableserviceable onotice过去式r illegal phenomena, and effectively protect the health and safety of Lion friends, the relevant matters are reminded as follows:

First, basic principles.Strengthen epidemic prevention and control measures, redugeneral轮胎什么牌子ce the number of people gathering, siannual造句mplifymeeting是什么中文意思 the process of changing the session, and reduce the size of the control change meeting. It is recommended that the service team be replaced in regular meetings or in service.

Second, we need to take epidemic prevenannualstion aguidelines翻译nd control measures.guideline是什么意思

1. The meeting 2 days in advancguideline是什么意思英语e, completes the attendees information statistical work, statistical all attendees "green travel card", confirm the participants in the current state of body, whether to have symptoms such as fever, cough, the 14 days before the meeting have been to epidemic prevention in key areas, if there are oannual造句ther isn't suitable for to attend the meeting, the presence of alarm declined to aservice的名词ttend;

2. Do a good job of disinfection and prevention. Before the meeting, centralized disinfection should be carried out on the meeting venue and meetingannual items, and centralizeannuallyd investigation should be carried out on meeting sserviceableecurity personnel tonotice是什么意思 ensure thnotice同义词e meeting venuannual英语怎么读e and personnel safety. Distance identification shall be set up at the meeting site; The health code "Sheni You" wnotice的形容词ill be postenoticed at the entrance and exit,guidelines anguideline是什么意思英语d temperature measuring points will be set up. Participants can entermeetingtencentcom only when their body temperature is qualified and their health cguideline是什么意思英语ode and itinerary code are green. All participants are reqgeneral什么意思中文uired to wearabouttime免费观看 masks.

3. Prepare epidemic prevenmeeting是什么意思tion materials. Each person is equipped with a mask, and the venue is equipped with disinfectant, alcohol and other protective disinfection products.

Third, it is suggesteaboutcgd that the city hold a new sessionaboutcg. In ordabout翻译er to reabout怎么读语音duce the risk of the epidemic caused by the movement of personnel, anotice的固定搭配ll service teams should try their best to hold the transitiomeeting腾讯会议n meeting in Shenzhen, and prohibit to hold the transition meeting in medium and high risk areas, so as to avoid the risk caused by inter-provincial movement and the uncernotice是什么意思tainty of the epidemic in other places.

Fourth, control theabout怎么读语音 size of the transition session.servicemanIn light of the current situation of epidemic prevention and control, it imeeting是什么意思s suggested to limit the sizabout-facee of the meeting, not invite non-local guests, friends and relatives to attend, aabout怎么读语音nd reduce the number of people gathered. Try to control the number of invited guests. It is recommended to invite no more than 10 district council diannual英语怎么读rectors, supeservicemanrvisors, former presidents and other district council leaders, and the total number of on-site meetings should be controlnoticedled within 50.

Fifth, do a good jobguidelines翻译 of reporting for the change of leadership.Each sermeetingsvice team is requested to report the time, plservice怎么读ace, agenda, scale, prevention and control measures and methods of the change to the regional officer 7 tnotice的形容词o 15 days beforservice是什么意思中文翻译e the change.

Sixth, do a good job in the report ofannual同义词 the succession auction fund-raisinservicemang activnotice作文ities.Ifannualized fundraising activities such as charity auctiomeeting是什么意思中文翻译n are held at the same time, please fill in the "Approval Fogeneralistrm of Fundraising Activities of Shenzhen Lions Club" aabout是什么意思nd fundraising plan 8 working days before the evennoticet. The admigeneralistnistrative expenses incurred by the service team in carrying out fundraising activities shall not exceed the servgenerallyice expenses collected.

Seventh, other matters needing attention:

1.  It is strictly prohibited to hold friendship team closing ceremony ammeeting是什么意思中文翻译ong the servicemeetingyou是什么意思 teams of Shenzhen Lions Club.The more than 140 service teageneralistms of The Shenzhen Lions Club are all fraternal and friendly teams. Thgenerally翻译ere is no sumeeting翻译ch thing as a friendship team. Shenzhen Lions club advocates more interactionotice的固定搭配n and communicatiogeneralistn amonnotice翻译g the service teams in the aspects of meeting affairs and service activities, but it is not alloweabout后面动词什么形式d to sign agreements sucguidelines翻译h asmeeting friendship teams. If some smeeting是什么意思中文翻译ernotice翻译vice teams have signed the so-called friendship team (sister team) agreement, pleasegeneralization do not hang relevant flagmeeting是什么意思s with "friendship Team" (sister team) logservicebioo on the scene of the change meeting.

2guidelines是什么意思.&about是什么意思nbsp; Proper use of shenzhen Lions clumeeting腾讯会议b name and title.The standard name of each service team is "Shenzhen Lions Club Seannual是什么意思rvice Team" according to thenoticed "Rules for the Use of The Name and Duties of Shenzhen Lions Club". Please use the standard titles of sannualhenzhen Lions club's name and pguidelines翻译osition correctly in the exmeetingtencentcomhibition board andserviceable on-site screen casting. Do not use nonguidelines-standard titles such as "Shenzhen Lions Club " and "Shenzhen () Lions Cnotice的形容词lub".

3.  Personnel from abroaguideline是什么意思d are prohibited from participating in the electiogeneral轮胎什么牌子n session.It is forbidden foabout是介词吗r the service team to invite overseas personnel to particannualipate in themeeting的音标 lion service activities such as the election meeting.

4.&nbsabout翻译p; We will practice strict economy and conductmeeting腾讯会议 meetings.The advocacy seannualsrvice tmeeting翻译eam changes terms during regular meenotice的固定搭配tings or during serviannual的名词ce. The budmeetingget formeetingtencentcom the change of serannual造句vice team shall be prepared inservice翻译 advance, and the per capita budget shall be contrnotice翻译olled within 200 yuan. Regular meetings and other activities of the serviabout后面动词什么形式ce team shall not be held in five-star hotels or abservice怎么读ove (including high-end hotels without five-star hotels); Do not get sgeneral翻译cenic spots and other places held. Advocate "clean action", eliminate extravagance and waste.

5about后面动词什么形式.  Do a good job of mutual support between the district councservice的名词il and the service team.Work for support service transitinotice过去式on, in principle, chguidelines是什么意思airman of the partition and the chairman of the zone to participate innotice作文 their own for general service meeting, when the servicegeneral transition is dense, area will lead the non-market determined for each service transitannuallyion, thabouttime免费观看e overall arrangement of the office, will trnotice同义词y to ameeting是什么意思rrange area of team attended activities at least one person.


Dear friends, we are all membersgeneralize of the shenzhen Lions Cabout怎么读语音lub family. We all love this orgnotice过去式anization and hope that Shenzhen Lions Club can develop in a snotice过去式tandardized, healthy, stable and harmonious way. We hope that everyone can make joinnotice是什么意思t efforts, especiaabout翻译lly the distservice怎么读rict chairmen, district chairmen and service team leaders, to supegeneralistrvise and remind each other, andnotice同义词 jointly promguidelinesote the steady development of Shenzhen Liongeneral什么意思中文s Club and the service teaservice和serve的区别ms.



Shenzhen Lions Club

June 7, 2021

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