Diwang Service Team: held the ninth regular meeting of 2019-2020

On March 15, 2020, the 9th regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Land King Service Team 2019-2service怎么读020 was successfully held through zoom video conference system. Ten people attended the meetingteampro, including Liao Ronghui, director of General affairs of Shenzhen Lions Club and f帝王蟹多少钱一斤ounding leader of Diwaheld的意思是什么ng Service Team, Tang Haozhi, supervisor, Yuan Juan, first vice leader Li Guodong, former leader Chen Weihao, secretary Guo Nuan, treasurer Zeng Xiaoling and team member Li Sumservice是什么意思中文翻译ei. Three would-be lions were present at the meeting. The regular meeting was presided over by Li Su帝王婿mei.

Yuan Juan’s team ra帝王最多的星座ng the bell for a meeting. Lion fri帝王蟹ends held the meeting strictly according tservice是什么故障灯o the regular meeting standard proceninth的基数词ss. Everyone spoke freely, fully expressed their suggestions and opinions, and successfully elected the new captain team m帝王婿embers.

Liao Ronghui, director general of Lions Cheld的中文意思lub shenzhen, introduced the recent work priorities of lions Club Shenzhen, and hoped that lions club members could timely repregularly意思中文翻译ort the list of the new team members ofteamo the ground King Service Team, and support the three lions club members to participate in the election of di帝王蟹reninthmonth是什么意思ctors and supervisors of Lions Club Shenzhen in 2020-2021. Due to the epidemic, he announced that a student visit tmeeting的音标o Guilin, origin帝王最多的星座ally scheduled for March, would be postponed.

Captain Yuan Juan introduced the epidemic prevention and control services carriedteam是什么意思翻译 out by the Diwang Service Team and thanked the lion friends for their efforts. Li Sumei called on lservice翻译ion friends to actively participate in voluntary blood donation activities, donate blood at the nearest blood bank where they live, and jointly alleviate the winter blood shortage in Shenzhen.

Zeng Xiaoling reported the financial situatninth英语怎么读ion of thmeeting翻译e diwang service team since March. The clear financial data let lion friends feel the finaservicebioncial rigor and norms of the king of earth service team.

Lion friends sponinth的音标ke enthusiastically and put forward reasonable suggmeeting怎么读英语estions for the development of the Di King Service team.

In this regular meeting, lion friends were scattered all over the place, includinninth英语怎么读g Liao Ronghui, general manager in the expressway service area, Zeng Xiaoling, treasurer on the way out, and many lion friends at home. Although they were not in the same place, they still felt the warmth of the big family across the screen. Espe帝王蟹多少钱一斤cially for those who participated in the vninth还是nineth区别ideo meeting for the first time, they felt the strength of lions club. Looking forward to the end of the epidemic, looking forward to the spring bloom, lion friends hanregularizationd in hand out of the house, and jointly practice the “four out” spirit, staymeeting怎么读英语 true to the original aspiration, happy service.


Arninth英语怎么读ticle/photo & have spent Diwang Service team contrmeetingtencentcomibuted

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