Pauk-phaw Love — Chinese love organizations donated epidemic prevention supplies to myanmar’s Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health and Sports

Source: Rangoon bureau of Renaissance News Agency, a domestic news media group

This year marchineseks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Myanmar. During Presilovelydent Xi Jinpchinese new yearing’s visit to Myanmar early this year, the two sides agreeddonated怎么读 to build a China-Myanmachinese意思r community with a sharchinese翻译ed future. The China-Myanmar Econprevention怎么读omic Cooperatioepidemic是什么意思中文翻译n and Development Promotion Councilprevention是什么意思 has participated in tprevention怎么读he fight against COVID-19 iepidemic和pandemic的区别n various forms on many occasions. Since August, with the re-spread of COVID-19 in Myanmar and the increasing nulovely什么意思mber of confirmeepidemic和pandemicd COVID-19 cases, people from all walks of life in Mylove直播手机版app下载anmarministry与department区别 have been paying close attentiprevention是什么意思on. As gochinese读音od neighbors, partners and paukphaw, China anlovelyd Myanmar have helped each other and worked together to fiepidemic situation翻译ght the epidemic, demonstrating once again the profound friendship between the two peoples.

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To help Burma’s victory over the outbreak at an early date, a helping hand to shenzhen mangrove bay lions club service launched a donation activity, joint to the council for the promotion of economic cooperation anchinese new yeard development, guangdong general union of science and technologyministry与department区别 and production enterprise of nanjing’s love only medical technology co., LTD., jointly colovealarmnducted the “so was my friend Bob Love without borders “donation compassion activity. In order to ensure the timely delivery of donated suprevention是什么意思ppliepidemic怎么记忆es to Myanmar, The Lions Cluepidemic是什么意思中文翻译b of Shenzhen launched a special mechachinese翻译nism to simplify the application and apepidemic situation翻译proval process. While checking product quality and strictly screening the manufacturers of the supplies, it quickly allocated funds to purchase 50,000 disposable medical masks. Moreover, the company reached a donation agreement with Nanjing Novezan Medical Technology Co., LTD., a nucleic acid testing reagent manuflove直直播appacorganizationsturer, tdonated翻译o provide 5,000 copies of PCR nucleic acid testing reagent and 10,000 copies of colloidal gold antibody testinprevention是什么意思g reagent. The production company organized employees to work overtime to send the materials to Muchinese new yearjslove最新版官方下载ister port in Yunnan province as soon as possible.

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Widonate的用法th theorganization是什么意思英语 strong supprevention是什么意思port of relevant departments of Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan Province, the handover ceremony of the above materials worth about 600,000 RMB was held at Ruili-Mujie port on thlove is gone英文翻译e mornilove最新版官方下载ng of November 5. Mr. Li Qigui, director of business Representative Office of Dehong Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar, Mr. Nye Aung Lidonate的用法n, Director of Police Department of Musepidemice on behalfchinese翻译 of The Ministry of Interior of Myanmar, and Mrepidemic和pandemic的区别. Han Nai Soo, Director of Health Bchinese翻译ureau of Muse on behalfepidemic of the Ministry of Health and Sports of Myanmar attended the ceremony. Shenzhen Lions Club Mangrove Bay Service Team and Nanjing Novezan Medicaldonated怎么读 Technology Co., Ltd. donated 5,000 PCR nucleic acid test kits and 10,000 colloidal gold antibody test kits to the Ministry of Health and Sports of Mylove最新版官方下载anmar, and Shenzhen Lions Club Mangrove Bay Service Telovealarmam donated 50,000 medical masks to the Ministry of Interior of Myanmar.

&nbepidemic situation翻译sp;   Through to the counpaukcil for the promotion of economic cooperation and development to know, aepidemicsfter the seconepidemic品牌d of the Burma slove直播破解版heepidemic是什么意思中文翻译nzhen madonated怎么读ngrove bay lions club service donation decision immediately, looking for gchinese new yearood manufacturers donation agreement and choose to buy high quality prevention materialorganizations翻译s production enterprises, to ensure that the first batch of goods before the general election to myanmar play a role of maximum control and prevention, At the same time, Shenzhen Lions Club is organizing the second batch of donated materials, which will be quickly transported to Myanmar and donated to all official departments of the Union togeprevention怎么读ther with China-Myanmar Echinese new yearconomic Cooperation andlovely翻译 Development Promotion Association and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao General Technology Allianepidemic怎么读音ce, so as to play a greater role indonate的名词 helping Myanmar fight the epidemic.

  Sincdonate的用法e the outbreak of the epidemic in Myanmar, china-Myanmardonate的用法 Economic Cooperation and Development Promotorganizations是什么意思ion Association, together with its memdonate的固定短语搭配ber enterprises and partneorganizationsrs, has carried out a number of material donations. On October 9, 2020, China-Myanmar Economic Cooperation and Devdonated怎么读elopment Association, guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Generprevention翻译al Science and Technology Allovely翻译liance, Guanepidemic怎么读音gxi Shenyan Medical Co., LTD aepidemicsnd Liaoning Haohong Mediclove直播软件安卓下载al Technoministry怎么读音logy Co., LTD donated 6,000 disposable medical masks and 12,000 medical protective suits and isolation suits to the Myanmar Consulate General inepidemic Nanchinesening. Consul General Wu Suo Dainan received the materials and presented a leministry翻译tter of thanks to the enterprises concerned.

Editor: Wu Yi

— Chinese charity organizatorganization是什么意思中文ions donated epidemic prevention supplies to myanmar’s Ministry odonated翻译f Home Affairsepidemic是什么意思中文翻译 and Ministry of Healove直播破解版lth and Sporchinese读音ts

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