Reprint | central about 14 or 15 planning proposals: deepen the reform of the industry association chamber of commerce, give full play of the role of social organizations in the social governance

On October 29, the fifth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee adopted the “Proposal of the offiproposal是什么意思英语cial Central Committee on formulating the 14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development and the Long-term Goals for 2035″, csocializealling for deepening reform of industrplanning怎么读英语y associations, chambers of commerce and intermediary organizations. We will give full play to the role of mass organizationsocial翻译s and social organizations in socialaboutcg governance,centralize and smooth and standardize channels for market entities, new social strata, social workers and volunteers tplanning怎么读英语o particdeepening翻译ipate in social governance.

The official Central Committee’s proposal on formulating the 14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development acentralizend the long-tplanning怎么读音erm goals for 2035

(Adopted at the Fifth Plenary Sessiocentralizedn of the 19th CPC Cenreprint什么意思tral Committee on Odeepenctober 29, 2020); &nbcentral怎么读sp;

After completing the building of a moderately procentral的名词sperous society in all respects and realizing the firssocial clubt Centenary Goal, China embarked on a new journey to fully build a modern socialist country and marched toward theabouttime免费观看 second centenary Goal during the 14th Five-year Plan period. The fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee ccentral是什么意思onducted an in-depth analysis of the internatdeepenional and domestic situations and put forward the following suggestions on formulatinsocial名词g the 14th Five-Year Plan for national economic and social development and the long-term goals for 2035.

1. Finish buildingabout翻译 a moderatelabout怎么读y prosperous society in all respects and embark on a new journey to fully build a modern socialistsocial翻译 country

1. Achieve decisivecentral怎么读 successocials in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. The 13th Five-Year Pproposal什么意思lan period is a decisive period for finishing buildingdeepen怎么读 a moderately prosperoupreprints society in all respects. In the face of the complex international sitaboutcguation and the daunting tasks of reform, developmedeepenednt and stability at home, especially the sedeepen怎么读vere impact of the COVID-19 eproposal是可数还是不可数pidemic, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core remproposal是什么意思英语ains true to its founding mission, and has rallied and led the whole Pproposal什么意思中文arty and the people of all ethnic grabout怎么读oups in China in forging ahead with pioneeringpreprint spirit and making every effort to advance the causes of the Party and the country. Major breakthrabout翻译oughs were made in comprehensively deepening reform, majoplanning和plan区别r progress was made in comprehensively advaabouttime免费观看ncingpreprint law-based governance, and major achievements wdeepenedere made in comprehensively strengthening Party self-governance. Modernization of China’s system and capacitsocialmany for govecentralizernance was accelerated, and the stplanningrengths of the Commuplanning怎么读音nist Party of China’scentral的名词 leproposal什么意思中文aderscentral和center区别hipplanning怎么读发音语音 andplanning China’s socialist system were furthsocialize翻译er demonstrated. China’s economic, scientific and technological strength andeepend overall national strength have reacdeepenedhed nabout翻译ew heights. Overall economic performance ideepen翻译s stable, and the economic structure continues to improve. China’s GDP is expected to exceedeepen翻译d 100 trillion yuan by 2020. Remarkable progress has been made in poverty alleviation, with 55.75 million ruradeepensl residents lifted out of poverty. Annual grain output rproposal什么意思中文emained above 500 million metric tons for five consecutive years. Pollutaboutcg网站ion prevention and control efforts were intensified, and the ecological environmcentralizedent significantly improved. Opening-up continued to expand, and belt and Road cooperation delivereabout怎么读d fruitful results. More than 60 million urban jobs haabouttime免费观看ve been created. China has built the worldsocializing‘s largest social security system, covering moreplanning怎么读英语 than 1.3 billion people with basic medical insurance and nearly 1 billion with basic pensiplanning是什么意思英语on insurance. Major strategic achievements have beereprintedn made in COproposalsVID-19 prevention andplanning control. Cultural prograsocial名词ms and industries are flourishing; Theproposals翻译 level of national defense acentral怎么读nd the armed forces has been greatly improved, and major changes hadeepen什么意思ve been made in the organization of the armed forces. National security has been comsocializingpresocial clubhensively strengthened, and social harmony and stability have been maintained. The gsocialoals and tasks of the 13th Five-Year Plan will soon be accomplished, and the building of a moderateaboutcgly prosperous society in all respects is within sight. Thsocial什么意思e great rejuvenation of thproposal是可数还是不可数e Chinese natiplanning怎么读发音语音on has tabout-faceaken a big step forwadeepen翻译rd, and socialist China stands proudlaboutcgy in the East. The whole Party and the people of all ethnicsocial翻译 groups in China should make persistent efforts to win thdeepeninge battle against poverty as scheduled, complete the building of a moderatelyproposal什么意思 prosperous society in all respeabout怎么读cts and achieve the first Centenary Goal as scheduled, and lay a solid founcentraliseddation for embarking on a new journeyabout翻译 to fully buildeepen怎么读d a modern socialist country.

2. China’s development environment is undergoinplanning怎么读g profound and complex changes. At present and fplanningor some time to come, Chabout怎么读语音ina’s development is still in an important period of strategic opportunities, but both opportunities and challenges are unsocialdergoing nproposal是可数还是不可数ew developments and changes. In the world today is undergoplanning怎么读英语ing great change from thesocialize翻译 one hundred, a new round of technological revolutiproposal什么意思中文on and industrproposals翻译ial revolution is developing in depth, and the international balance of power prpreprintofound adjustment, the era oplanning是什么意思f peace and development remain the theme, the human fate community concept is deeplycentralised rooted in the hearts of theaboutcg网站 people, at the same time, international environment has become increasingly complex, and obviouslsocial名词y increase the instability and uncertainty and COVID – 19 outbreak wide-reaching, a countedeepening翻译rcurrent of economic globalizationabout-face, The wordeepen什么意思ld has entered a period of turcentral的名词bulence and change. Unilateralism, protectionism and hegemonism pose a threat to world peacecentral是什么意思 and development. Have turned to high quality development stage in our country, the instcentral&kittyitutional strengths, management performance, economicplanning翻译 expansion, human resource is rich, the rich materiaabout怎么读l foundation, wide space of market, development of strong toughness, social stability and continued development has many advantages and conditions, anabout怎么读d unbalanced development in our country inadequate problems still outstanding, key areas key to reform the task is still arduous, The foundation of agriculture is still weak. There is a wide gap in development between urban and rural areas, among regions, and in income distribution. Ecological and environmental protection remains a dplanning怎么读aunting task, and there are weak points in ensuring people’s wellbeing, and wcentral翻译eak areas in social governance. The whole party to global stplanning怎么读发音语音rategy of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the worldcentral as a whole from the big change in one hundred, deep understanding social principal cocentralntradictions of ouabout-facer country change brindeepen什么意思gs new features the new rplanning怎么读equirproposal是什么意思英语ements,aboutcg网站 deep understanding the complex international environment brings new challenges of new contradictions, scentralizetrengthen the consciousness of opportunity and risk awareeprint打印机怎么用ness, based on the primary stage of socialism basicabout nationasocializingl conditplanning和plan区别ions and maintain strategic concentration, do a good job in their own things, We should understand and grasp the law of development, carry forward the fabout是介词吗ighting spirit, essocialmantablish a bottom-line thinking, accurately recogsocialnize changes, respond to changes in a scientific way, and take the initiabout是介词吗ative to seek change. We should be good at cultivating opportunities in a crisis, opening a new chacentral翻译pter in a changing situation, seizicentralizedng opportunities, respondingplanning和plan区别 to challenges, seeking advantages and avoiding disadvdeepensantages, and forging ahead courageouslyabout是什么意思.

Basically achieve the longeprint打印机怎么用-term goal of socialist moproposal是可数还是不可数dernization by 2035. Asocial clubt its 19planning是什么意思th National Congress, the PARTY set out a two-stage strategy for realizing the seconreprintedd Centenary Goal, namely, topreprint basically achieve socialist modernization by 2035, and to build China into a great modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advacentral的名词nced, harmoniousabout, and beautiful by the middcentral怎么读le of the century. In 2035, China’s economic strength, sciplanningentific and teprint打印机怎么用echnological strength, and overall national strength will rise significantly, its economic aggregate and per capita incomeproposals for both urban and rural residents will reach a new high, major breakthroughs wildeepen翻译l be made in key and core technologies, and China will bsocialecome one of the most innovativabout翻译e countries. We will basically achieve a nplanning怎么读英语ewcentral&kitty type of industrialization, it applsocial名词ication, urbanization and agriculturalplanning怎么读音 modernization, and build a modern economic system. We will basically modernize China’s governance system and capacity, fully protect the people’s rights to equal participation and equal development, and basically put in place a law-based country, officentral的名词cial government, and society. We have builsocial什么意思t China into a coucentral翻译ntry of culture, eproposalsducation, human resources, sports, and health. The quality of our peaboutopabout是介词吗le and the level of social civility have reached new heights, and China’s cultural soft power has signifcentral翻译icantly increased. We should foster green ways of wplanningorking and living, keep carbon emissproposal是可数还是不可数ions stable and healthy after pesocial怎么读aking, fundamentally improve the ecological envirdeepen什么意思onment, and basically achieve the goal of building a beautiful China. We will form a new landscape of opening up and enjoy markedly greaproposal是什么意思英语ter advantages in participatincentral是什么意思g in internatieprint打印机怎么用onal economic cooperation and competition. Per capita GDP should reach the level of moproposal什么意思derately developed countries, the middle-income group should sigdeepen翻译nificantly expand, basic public servproposal什么意思ices should be equalized, and the development gap between urban and rural areas and between regions and the gap in living standards should be significantly narrowed. Peaceful domestic construction has reacentral和center区别ched a higher lproposalsevel, and the modernization of national defense and the army has been basabout后面动词什么形式ically realized. The people are living a better life, anproposal什么意思中文d more tangible progrcentralizedess has besocialmanen made in all-round development and common prosperity for alcentrall.

Guidelines and Main Objectives for Economic and Social Development dproposal什么意思uring the 14th Five-year Plan Period

Guiding ideology for Economic and Social Development during the 14thsocialize翻译 Five-year Plan Period. Greaplanning是什么意思t banner of socsocial翻译ialisplanning翻译m with domestic characteristics, thoroughly impleproposal什么意思中文ment the party’s in the 19th and the 19th session of 2, 3planning怎么读音, 4, fifth plenary session of the spirit, adhere to marxisocial clubsm-leninism, MAO zedong thought, deng xiaoping theory and “three represents” important thosocialize翻译ughtsocialize翻译, the concept of scientific developmdeepen翻译ent, xi jinping, new era China characteristic sociasocial翻译lism thoughts as the instsocial clubruction, Fully implement the party’s basic theory, basic line, basic strategies, as a whole to prodeepening翻译motsocializee the economic construction,socialman politicalcentral construction, cultural constructiosocial median, socicentralal condeepening翻译strplanning是什么意思uction and ecological civilization cplanning是什么意思onstruction of tabout是介词吗heproposals overall layout, coordinatiodeepenedn promote the all-round consproposals翻译truction of socialism modernization country, comprehensively deepen reform and the rule of law, the overall governindeepeng party’s straplanning怎么读发音语音tegic layout, Unswervingly implement the innovatsocialize翻译ion, coordination, new devplanning怎么读elopment of the green, open, sharing ideas, adheraboutcg网站e to seek improvement in stability work always tcentral是什么意思one, with the developmentsocialman of high quality as the theme, to deepen the reform of the supply side strabout怎么读uctural as the main line, to reform and innovation as fundamental dynamics, the good life is to meet people’eprint打印机怎么用s increasing need for fundamentalplanning是什么意思英语 purpose, overall development and security, speed up the construction of modern economiabout后面动词什么形式c system, Wesocial怎么读 shoulabout翻译d accelerate the building of acentral和center区别 new development pattern in which the major domestic cycle plays the main role and the double cycle at home and abroad reinforce eachreprint什么意思 other. We should modernize China’s governance sysabout后面动词什么形式tem and gdeepeningovernance casocialmanpacity, ensure steadcentral parky ecdeepen翻译onomic growth andreprint什么意思 ensuabout怎么读re social stabilitsocializingy and harmonysocial什么意思, and make a good start in building a modern socialist country in allsocial什么意思 respects.

Principles for economic and social development durplanning和plan区别ing the 14th Five-year Plan Period.

— Upholding the overall leadership of the Party. We should uphold and improve the instcentral是什么意思itutions and mecsocialhanisms under which the Party exercises leadership over economic and social development, uphold and improve thcentralizede system of socialism with domestic characteristics, and constantly improve our capacity acentral的名词nd capabilcentral怎么读ity to implement the new development philosophy and construct a new developaboutcgment pattern, tplanning怎么读英语hus providideepen什么意思ng fundamental guarantees forsocializing high-quality development.

— A people-centered approach. Adhere to the people’s main body status, adhere to the directcentral是什么意思ion of common prosperity, always do dedeepensvelopment to the pcentral parkeople, rely on the people, development achievements Shared by the peopleplanning翻译, safeguplanning翻译ard people’s fundamental ireprintednterests, and arouse all the people’s enthsocialize翻译usiasm, initiative and creativity, promote sociacentralizedl justice, promote the well-being of the people’s livelihood, constantreprintedly to realize people’s yearninplanningg for a better life.

— Adhering to the new development philosopplanning翻译hy. We should adopt a new vision of development throughout the whole process and in all areas of deplanning怎么读英语velopmsocial名词ent, establish a new development pattern, transform the development moaboutcg网站del, and promote reform in quality, efficiency, and the driving fabout是介词吗orcsocializee of development, so as to achieve higher quality, more effiplanning和plan区别cient, fairer, more sustainable, and more securedeepen什么意思 development.

— Deepening reform and opening up. Unswervingly promote reform,social media firm open still wider tsocial怎么读o the outside world, strengthening nationaplanning怎么读音l modernization management system and management ability, break restrictsocialman high quality dcentral怎么读evelopment, the institutional obscentralisedtacle of high quality life, strengthening is beneficial to improve the efficiency of thdeepen什么意思e allocation of resources, favorable to arousingplanning翻译 the initiative of the wplanning怎么读发音语音hole society’s important measures of reform and opening-up, continues to enhance the momentum and energy.

— Adhering to a systematic approach. Strplanning怎么读音engthen the proactive thinking, overall planning, strategic layout, integrity, overall domestic and international two overall situation, do a good jocentral和center区别b in developing both security events and adhere to the national game, better play to the central, local and enthusiasm, focuscentral翻译 on solid foundatiproposals翻译on, advantages, short apron, strong or weak, pay attention to preventing risks of resolving major challenges, We will achieve coordinated development in terms of quabout怎么读ality, structure, scale, speed, efficiencyaboutcg and safety.

6. Major goalscentral是什么意思 for economic and social development during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period. We will set thabout翻译e long-term goals for the following five years, take into account domestic and international development trends and conditions fplanning和plan区别or China’s developmdeepen什么意思ent, combine goal-oriented and problem-oriented approaches, and ensure that both positive and innovative efforts are made to achieve the following main goals for economic and social development in the next fsocializeive years:

New progress was made in economic development. Developmentreprint is the basis for anddeepening key to solve alaboutcgl problems in our country, thproposal是什么意思英语e concept of development must insist on the new development, the quality efficiency impabout-faceroved significantly on the basis of realizing economic sustainable and healthy developmplanning怎么读发音语音ent, growth potential into full play, in the domestic market evproposalsen more powerful, more economic structure optimization and innovation ability significantly increased, high-level industrialabout怎么读语音 foundation obviously improve the modernideepeningzation level, industdeepening翻译ry chainplanning怎么读英语, agriculture as the foundation, Development between urban and rural areas and between regioncentrals became siproposal是什么意思英语gnificantly better balanced, and major progress was made in develocentral的名词ping a modern economic system.

New progress was made in reform and opening up. The socialist market economy will be improved, a high-standard market system will be basically put in place, mcentralizedarket players will be more dynamic, major progress will be madeepening翻译de in reform of the property ripreprintghts system and reform of market-based allocation of factors of productionplanning是什么意思, the system of fair competition will be isocial怎么读mproved, and a newcentralize splanning怎么读发音语音ystem of an openabout后面动词什么形式 economy atabout a higher level will be basically in place.

— The level of social civility has been further impplanning翻译roved. The people’s ideological and ethical standards, scientific and cultural scentral怎么读tandards, and physical and mentdeepen什么意思al health should be signifiabout怎么读cantly improved. The system of pubeprintlic cultural services ancentral和center区别d the cultural industry should be further impabout是介词吗roved. The people’s cultursocialize翻译al life should be enriched, the influenproposal是可数还是不可数ce of Chinese culture should be further enhanced, and the Cohesion of the Chinese nation should be furthcentral parker strabout翻译engthened.

— New progress wreprintedas made in ecological progress. The pattern of development and protection of Csocial什么意思hina’s territorial space has beencentral improved; significant progdeepening翻译ress has been msocializeade in transforming our way of wdeepensork and life into a greprinteener one; energy and resources have been allocated more rationally and used more efabout怎么读语音ficiently; the total discharge of major pollplanning翻译uplanning怎么读音tants has been reduced;

— Improving people’s wellbeing reacdeepenshed a nesocial怎么读w level. Rproposal是什么意思英语ealize more higher qualiaboutcgtcentral&kittyy fully employment and income growth and economic growth, basic synchronization, distribution strucentralizedcture obviously improved, obviously improve the equalization of basicreprinted public service level, improve the lsocialevel of educcentralizedation, the multi-level social seplanningcurity system more perfect, health system more perfect,deepens poverty crucial achievement consabout怎么读语音olidated development, rural revisocial名词talization strategy comprehensively advancing.

— The effectiveness of national governance was further improved. Socialist democracy under the rule of law is more perfect, socsocial mediaial equity and justice, further state administrative system more perfect, the official role better, significantly imabout怎么读prove the administrproposal什么意思中文ative effabout后面动词什么形式iciency and credibileprintity, social governance especially obviously improve the level of management at the grassroots level guard against rcentral和center区别esolvdeepen怎么读ing mechanism constaabout是什么意思ntly aproposal什么意思nd improvecentral和center区别 the significant risk system, will markedly enhance its capability of public emergency response, China’s defense against natural disasters has improved markedly, its sabout怎么读语音ecurity guarantee has become stronger, and major steps have been taken to modernize national defense and the armed forces.

Third, pursue innovation-driven developmeabout怎么读nt andcentral是什么意思 comprehensivelyplanning怎么读 shape new advantages for development

Adherabout怎么读e to the innovation in the core position in the global modernization construction in our country, tabout是介词吗he free-streprint什么意思anding self-improvement as a nareprint什么意思tional strategy to support the development oplanning怎么读音f science and technology, the worcentral的名词ld technological froabout翻译ntier, economy the main, the majproposal什么意思or national requirements, geared to the needs of the people’s life and health, in-depth implementation of the strategy relying on science and education, the strategy of reieprintnvigorating China thplanning是什么意思rough human resource development, innovation-driven development strategy, improve the national innovation system, we will accelerate the development of science and tecentral翻译chnology powerhouse.

7. Strengthen China’s strategic scientiplanning翻译fic and technological forcescentral的名词. We will formulate an action plan for developing China through sciecentral怎么读nce andsocial翻译 technology, improve the new nationwide system for developing a socialist market economy, wage a criticdeepen怎么读al battsocial cluble against key and core technologies, and improve the overall effectiveness of the innovation chain. We will strengthen basic research, focus on original innovationplanning, improve the distribution of disciplines and research and developmentplanning翻译, promote the integration of disciplines, and improve the supply system for generic basic technologies. Wdeepenede will carry out a number of forward-looking and strategsocialmanic major national science and technology projects in frontier fields such as artificial intelligenccentral翻译e, quantum inforcentralisedmation, iabout怎么读ntegrated circuits, life and health, brain screprint什么意思ience, biological breeproposals翻译ding, spacsocial名词e science and technology, anreprint什么意思d deep earth and deep sea. We will formulsocialmanate and implement ssocial clubtrategic scientific plans and projecaboutcg网站ts, and improve the allocation and resabout-faceource sharing of resaboutearch institutes, universities, and enterpplanning翻译rises. We will promote the dreprint什么意思evelopment of national laboratories and restructure the system of state key laboratoriessocial怎么读. We will develop comprehensive national science centers and regional innovatiabout怎么读on hubs, and support Beijing, Shanghai, and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in becoming international science and technology innovation centers. We will buabout是介词吗ild a national high-end exchange platform for scientific research papers and scientific and technologicalplanning怎么读音 information.

8. Improve enterprises’ technologicacentral怎么读l innodeepen什么意思vation capacity. We will streaboutngthen the leading role of enterprises in innovatsocial什么意思ion and encourage them to concentrate on various factorscentral和center区别 of innovation. We will promotdeepen翻译e deeper integration of enterprises, universities and research institutes, support enterprises in leading innovation consortiums and undertaking major national science and technology projects. We will give full play to the importacentral翻译nt role of entreprenplanning是什么意思eurs in technologicacentral翻译l innovation, encourage enterprises to increase investment in RESEARCHcentral的名词 and development, ansocialize翻译d give preferential tax treatmcentral和center区别ent to enterprises investing icentral的名词n basic research. We will gsocial名词ive full playsocialize to the leading and supporeprint打印机怎么用ting role of large enterprises, support innovativeabout怎么读 micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in developing into important cradlesof innovation, ssocial怎么读trengthen the dproposal是什么意思英语evelopment of generic technology platforms, and promote integrated innovation among enterprises up, middle and downstream of the industrial chain, as well as large, small and medium-sized enterprises.

6. 9. Smart water tank Wsocial mediae will implement the policy of rescentralisedpecting work, knowledge, talent and creacentral是什么意思tivity, deepen reform of the systems and mechaniplanningsms for personnel development, tproposal什么意思rain, introduce and put to good use talents in an all-rabout翻译ound way, train more world-class science and technology leaders asocial翻译nd innovatcentral parkion teams, and train a reserve army of internationally competitive young sciensocialceeprint打印机怎么用 and technoreprintedlogy professionals. We will improve the evalreprinteduation system for scientific and technological talents based on icentral&kittynnovation ability, quality, effeplanning是什么意思ctivendeepeness and contribution. Strengthen the construction of academic style and stick to academic integrity. We will deepen the reform of the academicdeepenian system. We will improve the mechanism for ereprintncosocial什么意思uraging and guaranteeing innovation, establish a revenue distribution mechanism that fully reflects the value of innovation factors such as knowledge and technology, and improve the mechanism for researchers to share the rights and interests of their job-related iplanning怎么读英语nventions. We will strengthen the training of innovativedeepen怎么读, applied and skilled personnel, carry out programs to update knowplanningledge and upgrade skills, and expand the ranks of high-levproposals翻译el engineers and highly skilled personnelsocializing. We will support the development of hicentral&kittygh-level research universities and strengthen training of personnel in basic research. We will implement a more open talent policy and build a scientific research and innovation husocialb for attracting outstandsocialmaning talents from home and abroad.

10. Improvcentrale systems and mechanisms for scientific and technological innovation. We will deepen reform of the science and technology management system, improve the national science and technology governance system, optimize the national science and technology planning system and operacentral翻译tion mechanism, and promote the integrated allocadeepen什么意思tiocentralizedn of projects, bcentral parkases, personnel, and fundsdeepen什么意思 in key areas. We will improve the way science and technology projects are opreprintrganized and managed, and implemencentral&kittyt the system of “opening the list and putting in charge”. We will improve the science and technology evadeepenluation mecheprint打印机怎么用aniplanning是什么意思英语sm and optimize science and technproposal什么意思ology award programs. We will accelerate the reform of research instpreprintitutes and expand their autonomy. We will stcentral翻译rengthenabout是介词吗 protection of intellectual property rights and significantly increase the effectiveness of the transfer and application of scientific and technologicalpreprint advancesplanning是什么意思. We wiaboutcgll increase research and devsocial clubelopment spending, improve the mechanism for providing government-dominated investment through multiple channels, and increase support for basic and frontier research. We will improve the financcentral和center区别ial system to support innovation and promote the industrial and large-scale application of new technologies. We will proproposals翻译mote the spirit of science and craftsmanship, strengthen science popularization, and create a social atmossocial名词phere that advocates innovation. Improve the ethics system of science and technology. We will promote openness and cooperation in sciencedeepen翻译 and technology, and establdeepenedish a global scientific research fund.

Fourth, accsocial名词ecentral翻译lerate the development of modern industrial system anplanning怎么读英语d promote the optideepenedmization and upgrading of the economic system

We will continue to focus on developing taboutcg网站he real economy. We willcentralised firmly build Chiplanningna into a country that is strong in manufacturing, quality, cyberspace, and digital development. We will upgrade the industrialcentral是什么意思 base and modernize the industrial chain, and improve the qualiplanning翻译ty and performance of the economy and its core competitiveness.

Modernize industrial and supply chainsplanning怎么读音. We will keep the share of manufacturing basically stable and strengthen the foundation of the real economy. We will enabout翻译sure that supply chain strategies are designed and targetedsocializing by inplanning怎么读音dustry to optcentral是什么意思imize and upaboutcggrade the whole industrial chain. To forge a long board of iplanning是什么意思ndustrial and supply chains, build emerging industrial chains, promote high-end, intelligent and green traditional industries, aplanning和plan区别nd develop service-preprintorientecentral怎么读d manucentralizedfacturing baplanning是什么意思英语sed on China’s aproposals翻译dvantages in industrial scale, suppordeepen什么意思ting facilitcentralizeies and being the first mover in some fielddeepen什么意思s. We willplanning是什么意思 improve national quality infrastructure, strengthen standards, measurement, and patent systems and capacity building, and intensify efforts to improve quality. We will promote the orderly tcentral&kittyransfer of industries to China, improve the layout of regiondeepen翻译al iaboutcgndustsocializingrial chains, and support the transformation and devsocial mediaelopment of old industrial bases. We will strengthen weak links in industrial and supply chains, carry out the project to rebuild the industriplanning怎么读alsocialize翻译 foundation, step up efforts to tackle key problems in imaboutcg网站portant products and key core technologies, develop advanced and applicable technologies, and promote the diversification of industrial and supply chains. We will improve the enviabout是什么意思ronment fosocial clubr the development of industrial and supply chains, and strengthen support for production factors. We should strengthen international cooperation on industrial safety and form more innovative, higher value-added, safer and moraboute reliable industrial and supply chainscentral的名词.

Develop strategic emerging industries. We will acceaboutcglerate the development of new-geneplanning怎么读ration information technology, biotechnology, new energy, new materials, high-end equipment, new-energy vehicles, environmental pcentral和center区别rotection, and aerospace and Marine equipment industries. We will promote the deep integration of industrabouttime免费观看ies such as the Internet, bicentralizeg data and artificial intelligence, promote the development of advanced macentralizenufdeepen什么意思actdeepen怎么读urindeepen怎么读g clusters, build a number of strategic emerging indsocial clubustries with growth engines that complement each other’s strengths and have a rational structure, and foster necentralizedw techpreprintnologies, new products, new forms of business and new mpreprintodels. We will promote the sound development of the platform economy and the sharing economy. We will encourage enterprise mergers and reorganizations and prevent low-level and redundant constplanning怎么读ruction.

13. Accelplanningedeepen什么意思rate the development of moderncentral park service industries. We will encourageabouttime免费观看 producer services to become more specialized and move up the value chain, encourplanningage market players of all types to participate in the supply of services, accelerate the development of serviceaboutcg网站s such as R&D and design, modern logistics andsocial legal services, promote the deeper integration of modern service industries with advanced manufactursocial clubing and modern agriculture, and accelerate the digitization of serabout怎么读语音vice industries. We will promote high-quality and diversified consusocialize翻译mer sabout是介词吗ervices, accentral的名词celerate the development of health, elderly care, childcare, culture, tourism, spoabout后面动词什么形式rts, housekeeping, property management and other services, and increase the supply of public welfare and basicsocial什么意思 services. We will promote standardization and branding of the service sector.

14. Promote coordinated infrastaboutcgructuaboutcg网站re development. To build a comprehensive, efficient, practical, intelligent, green, safe and relpreprintiable modern infrastructure system. We will develop new types of iplanning和plan区别nfrastrplanning是什么意思ucture, and accelerate the development of fifth-generation mobile communicaabout怎么读tions, industrial Insocial什么意思ternet, and big data centers. We will speed up efforts to build China inproposal什么意思中文to a transportcentral翻译 country, improve comprehensive transport corridors, transport hubs and logistics networks, speed up rail transport networsocialize翻译ks in cicentralizety clusters and metropolitan areas, and increase the accessibility of rural and border areas to trancentralizesport. Promote energy revolution, tplanning是什么意思hdeepen怎么读e perfect energy Chacentral&kittynGong store pin system, strengthen the domessocialtic oil and gas exploraeprinttion and development, accplanning怎么读音elerate the construction of oil and gas storage facilities, to speed up the national main oil and gas pipeline construction, the construction of intelligent enecentral翻译rgy system, the optimization of power generation and transmission channel layout, promote neproposals翻译w energy given and stcentral是什么意思orage ability, increase powersocial club transmission and distribution capacity to outlying regions. We will strengthen the constructiondeepen什么意思 of watecentral parkr conservancy infrastcentral&kittyructure, optimize the allocation ofeprint water resources and improve our ababout是介词吗ility to prevent floods and droughts.

Speed up digital development. We will develop the digital economy, promote digital indusproposal什么意思中文trializaaboutcgtion and digitalization of industries,central翻译 promote deep inteabout是介词吗gration of the digiteprint打印机怎么用al economy with the real economy, and buildsocialize internationally competitive digital industrial clusters. We will strengthen the building of a digital society and a digital goabout怎么读vernment, and make public servicesaboutcg网站 and social governance more digital and intelligent. We will establish basic systems and standards for data resource prpreprintoperty rights, transaction circulation, cross-border transmission and securitreprint什么意思y proeprint打印机怎么用tection, and promproposal什么意思ote the development and utilizatiosocial什么意思n of ddeepen翻译ata resources. We will expand orderly access to basic public information data, and build an open platform for unified national data sharing. We will ensure nacentraltional data security and strereprintngthen the protection of personal information. We will improve the peoplecentral park‘s digital skills and achieve full coverageprint打印机怎么用e of information services. Aproposals翻译ctplanning是什么意思英语ively participatproposal什么意思ing in the formulationproposals of intesocial翻译rnational rules and standards inplanning怎么读 the digital field.

Fieprint打印机怎么用fth, to form a strong domestic market and build a new development pattern

Wcentral是什么意思e will continue to expand domestic demand as the strategic basis, accelerate the developmenproposal什么意思t of a complete system of domestic demand, inaboutcg网站tegrate the strategy of expaplanning怎么读发音语音nding domestic demand with deepening supply-side structural reform, and create new demand with innovation-driven, high-quality supply leading the way.

16. Unblock major circulations in China. Relying on a strong domestic market, it will link pplanning翻译roduction, distribution, circulatdeepen什么意思ion and consumption, break induplanning翻译strial monopoly and locentral是什么意思cal protection, and form a virtuous cycle of the national economy. We will optimize the supply strabout翻译ucture, improve the quality of supply, anabout-faced make the supply system more asocializedaptable to domestic demand. We will promote balanced development of the financial sector and the real estate secreprinttor with the real economy, effectively link upstream and downstream sectors, as well as production, supply and marketing, and promote cproposal是什么意思英语oordination among sectors of agriculture, manufacturing, service industriesaboutcg, energy and resources. We will remdeepenedove institutional barriers to market-based allocation of factors of production and the circulation of goods and services, and reduce transaction costs thrabouttime免费观看oughout society. We will improveabout翻译 the policy support system for expanding domestic demand, and achieve a higher dynamic bsocialalance in which demand leads supply and supply creates demand.

17. Prproposals翻译omote both domestic and internatioabouttime免费观看nal circulation. Based on doabout-facemestic large cycle, play to comparatsocial翻译ivplanning是什么意思英语e advantage, promoting the constpreprintruction of strong domestic market and tradeprint打印机怎么用ing powers together, in ordeabouttime免费观看r to atcentral翻译tract domestic circulation global resourcesabout怎么读语音, makedeepening full use of domestic and international two resourceplanning是什么意思s, two markets actively promote domabout后面动词什么形式estic demand and foreign demand, import and export, the cproposal是什么意思英语oordinated deveplanning和plan区别lopment, the introduction of foreign capital and foreign investmedeepening翻译nt to maintain a basireprint什么意思c equilibrium in the balance of payments. We will improve the intedeepengratsocial clubed regulasocial翻译tion system for domestic and foreign trade, promote the convergence of domestic ansocial翻译d foreign trade laws and regulations, regulatory systems, business qualifications, quality standards, inspection and qabout是什么意思uarantine, certification and acceprint打印机怎么用reditation, and promote the integration of tproposal是可数还是不可数he sabout翻译ame lineproposal什么意思中文s, standards, and qualisocial名词tsocial翻译y. We will imsocial翻译prove the distribution of domestic and international markets, product mix, and trade patterns, raise the quality of exports, increase impdeepen翻译orts of quality products, carry out projects to integrate trade and investmentcentral翻译, and establish a modern logistics system.

Promote consumption across the bsocial cluboard. We will strenplanning怎么读音gthen the fplanning是什么意思undamental role of consumption in economic develabout翻译opment, follow the trend of upgrading consumption, raise traditionpreprintal consocial怎么读sumption, foabout怎么读语音ster nreprintew types of consumption, and appropriately increase public consumption. We will promote greeabouttime免费观看n, healthy and safe consumption, with the focus on quality brands, and encourage the development of new consumption models and businesses. We will promote the shifdeepen怎么读t from managing the purchase of automobiles and other consuaboutcgmer goods to managing their use, and promocentral怎么读te the healthy dcentral是什么意思evelopsocial什么意思ment of housing consumptioreprintedn. We will improve the modeepen翻译dern distrideepenedbution system, develop contactless transaction services, reduce distribution costs for enterprises, promote integrated dsocial clubevelopment of onsocial名词line and offline consumption, and open up urban and rural consumer markets. We will develop consumptisocialmanon of services and relax market access to such areas. We will icentralisedmprove the holiday system, implement the paid vacation system, and expand holidaboutcg网站ay consumption. To cultivate an international consumption center city. We will implanningprove the consumer envircentral&kittyonment adeepen什么意思nd strengthensocial media protection of consumers’ rights and interests.

Expand investment space. We will improve the investment structure, maintain reeprint打印机怎么用asonable growth of investment, and give full play to the key role of investment in improving the supply structure. We will accelerate efforts to strengthen areas of weakness in infrasreprint什么意思tructure, municipal works, agriculture and rural areas, public security, ecoloproposal是什么意思英语gical and environmental protection, public hesocialalth, materisocialmanal reserves, disaster prevention andproposals翻译 reduction, and endeepen翻译suring people’s wellbeprint打印机怎么用eing. We will encourage enterprises to upgradabout翻译e equipment and upcentralgrade their technologies, and increase investment in strategisocial名词c emerging industries. We will promote the development of new infrastructure, new urbanization, transportation and water conservancy projects, and support the develcentralopment of major projects that arecentralised conducive to the balanced development of urban and rural areas and between regions. We will carry out major projeplanning和plan区别cts such as the Sireprintedchsocialuan-Tibet Railway, a new land-Sea corridor in the western region, the national water netreprint什么意思work, hydropower developmendeepent in the lower reaches of the Yarlungdeepen怎么读 Zangbo River, iplanning是什么意思英语nterplanetary exploration, and the industrialization of the Beidou River.central翻译 We will advance the construction of maproposals翻译jor research facilities, protection and restoration of major ecosystems, public health emergency support, major waproposal是什么意思英语ter diversion projects, flood control and disaster redproposal是可数还是不可数uction, power trancentral翻译smissdeepenion areprintnd gas transmission,about-face and transportation projects along border, river, and coastal areas that will strenproposal什么意思中文gthecentral翻译n the foundation, increase functions, andcentralised bricentral翻译ng long-term benefits. We willsocialman give full plasocial翻译y to the role of official investment as a lever, stimuladeepenedte the vitality of private investment, and develop a mechanism for market-led endogenous investment growth.

6. Deepen reform in an all-round way and build a high-level socialist market economy

Adherproposal什么意思中文e to and improve the basic socialist economic system, give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, better play the role of the government,social翻译 and promote a better combination of efficient market and efficient government.

Stimulate the vitality of vardeepen翻译iouproposalss market entities. We will unswervingly consolidate and develop the public sector of the economy and encourage, support asocial mediand guide the development of the non-public sector. We will deepen reform of state caabout怎么读pital and state-owned enterprises and make them stronger, better, and bigger. We will accelerate the optimization of the distribution and restructuring of the state sector ofcentralized the economy, and make the state sector play a strategic supporting role. We will move faster to improve the modern enterprise system with domessocialmantic characteristics and deepen the reform of soE mixed ownership. We will improve the syproposal什么意思中文stem for regulating state assets primarily by managing capital, and deepen reform of state capital investment and managabout怎么读语音ement comcentralizepanies. We will promote market-based reform of competitive sectors in theproposal是什么意思英语 energy, railway, telecommunications, public utilities and other industries. Optimized development environment of private economy, build close business relreprintedationship, promote the healthy deproposal是可数还是不可数velopment of the non-public sectors of the economy and the people healthy growth of nonabout是什么意思-pucentral怎么读bliabout后面动词什么形式c econabout翻译omy, and in accordance with the law, equal protection of rights and inteabout翻译rests of private enterprises property rights and entreprplanningeneurs, and break down all kinds of barriers, which restrict thesocialman development of the private enterprises improve to promote the develodeepen什么意思pment of micro, small and medium ensocializingterprises and individual industrial and commercial households legal system environment and policy. We will promote entrepraboutcg网站eneurship and speed up the development oplanning是什么意思f world-class enterprises.

21. Improve macroeconomic governance. We will improve the macroeconomic governance system under which national developaboutment plans are strategicentral&kittycally guided, fiscal and monetary policies are the main instruments, and policies on employment, industryaboutcg, investment, consumption, environmental protection, and rsocializingegional development are closelreprintedy coordinated, with optimized goals, reasonababoutcgle division of labor, and ecentral parkfficient coordination. We will improve the mechanisms for formulsocialize翻译ating and implementing macroeconomisocial怎么读c policies, attach importance to prdeepening翻译ospective management, and make regulation more scienplanning是什么意思英语tific. We will strengthen coordicentralnationsocial翻译 on international macroeconomic policies, do a good job in desigproposal什么意思中文ning cross-cyclical policies, improve our abilreprintity to make counter-cyclical adjustments, and promote balanced economic aggregate, structural imprabouttime免费观看ovement, and internal anplanning是什么意思英语d external balance. We wcentral的名词ill strengthen the developplanning是什么意思ment of macro-economic governance databases and enhaeprintnce the capacity of big data and other modern technological means to assist governance. We will advance the reform to modernizdeepen翻译e statistics.

Establish a maboutodern fiscal, taxation and financial system. We will strengthen overall planning of fiscal resources, strengthen management of medium-term fiscal plans, and ensure financial resources for major national strategic tasks. We will deepen reform of the budplanning怎么读音get management system and strengthen macro guidance ovplanning怎么读音er budgetreprinted compilation. We will promote standardization of governmeplanning是什么意思nt expenditures, strengthen budgetary constraints and performance-deepening翻译bascentraled mproposal什么意思中文anagement. We will cleasocial什么意思rly define the powers and sproposalspending responsibilities of central anaboutcg网站dsocialman local officials, improve the fiscal system at and below the provincial level,proposals翻译 and enhansocialize翻译ce the capacity of community-level officials to provide publiccentral services. We will improve the modern tax system, improve the local and direct tax systems, optimize the tax structure, appropriatelaboutcgy incrabout后面动词什么形式ease the proportion of direct tax, and deepen reform of the tax collection and administration system. We wilsocializingl improve the system for managing officialabout翻译 debt. We will develop a moplanning和plan区别dern central banking system, improve the money supply regulation mechanism, steadily advance the research and development of digital curresocial翻译ncies, and improve the mechanism for market-based intereseprint打印机怎么用t rate fproposals翻译ormation and transmission. We will build institutions and mechanisms fsocialor the financial sector to effectively support the real economy, raise tcentral怎么读he level of fintecdeepening翻译h, and make the financial sectsocial clubor more inclusive. We will deepen reform of state-owned commercial banks, support the sustained and sound development of small and medium-sized banks and rural credit cooperatives, and reform and improve policy-based finance. Wesocialman will fully implement the registration system for stock issuance, establish a regular delisting mechanism, and increase the proportion of direct financing. We will promote two-way opening up of the financial sector. We will improve the modern financial supervision system,deepened make financial supervision more transparent and law-based, improve thabout-facee deposit insurance system, and improvsocialize翻译e financial risk prevention, earlycentralised warning, handlingaboutcg网站, and accountability systems. We will have zero tolerance for vdeepenediolations of laws and regplanning是什么意思英语ulations.

Build a high-standard market system. We will improve the basic institutiosocialize翻译ns of the market system, ensure equal access to the market, fair oversight, open, orderly, honest and law-abiding, and form a unified domestic mabouttime免费观看arket that is efficient, standardized and level playing field. We wicentralizedll impldeepenement a high-standard market system. We will improve the system of law enforcement and judicial protection of property rights. We will implement a unified negareprintedtive list system for market access. We will coeprint打印机怎么用ntinue to relax acceaboutss restrictions. We will improve the mechanism for reviewing fair competition, strengthen anti-monopsocialoly and anti-unfair compeabout-facetition law enforcement and justice, and enhance our capacity for compreplanning是什么意思hensive marketabout翻译 oversight. We will deepen refdeepening翻译ormdeepens of the land management system. We will pplanning怎么读发音语音romote market-basocializingsed reforms of land, labor, cadeepen怎么读pital, technology, data and other factors of production. We will improve the operating mechanism of factor markets and the rules and service system for factor trading.

2about是什么意思4. Accelerate the transformation of official functions. We will develop an official governance system with clear responsibilitiereprint什么意思s and law-basocial clubsed administratiabouton. We will deepen reform to streamline administration, delegate powers, improve regulation, apreprintnd provide bettecentral&kittyr services, and fully implement theabouttime免费观看 system of listing officiplanning是什么意思al powers and responsibilities. We will continue to imcentral&kittyprove the market-oriented and law-baseproposal是可数还是不可数d international businessocialmans esocial什么意思nvironment. We will implement management of the list of business permits for enterprises, strengthcentraliseden ongoing and ex-post oversight, and exercise inclusive and prudent oversight over new industries and forms of buaboutcg网站siness. We will improve the pre-evaluation and post-evaluation systems for major policies, open up channels for participation in policy formulation, and make decision-making more scientific, democratic, and law-based. We will make government services more standardized, standardized, and convenient, and make government affairs more open.We willcentral和center区别 deepen reform of trsocial翻译ade associations, chambers of commerce, and interaboutcg网站mediary agecentralizencies.

7. Gicentral和center区别ve priority tosocialize developing agriculture and rural areas and comprehereprint什么意思nsively promote rural revitalization

Insisting that solve “three agriculture” problem is the work priority, domestic features of socialist rural revitalization road, fully implement the strategy of rejuplanning和plan区别venating the country,planning怎么读英语 strengthen the agricultural industreprintry and city township, promote mutualreprintedly promote of workers and peasants, urban and rural complementary and coordinated deplanning怎么读velopment and common prosperity of the nsocial clubew urban and rural relatreprint什么意思ionship of workers and peasants,social怎么读 speed up the agreprintedriculabout怎么读语音tural modabouterdeepensnization.

Improve the quality, efficiency and competitplanning怎么读音iveness of agriculture. To meet the requirements of ensuring national economy and peocentral是什么意思ple’s livelihood, we will improve the system forabout怎么读语音 supporting and protecting agriculture with China’about怎么读s food security as the bottom liaboutne. Adhere to the strictest acentralizerable land protection system, in-depth implementation of storing grain in the land, storing grain in strategy, intensify the builreprintedding of agricultudeepensral water conservanreprint什么意思cy facilities, the implesocialize翻译mentation of a high standarplanning是什么意思d farmland construction, strengthcentral parken the agricultural science and technology and equipment, improve the level of entire hectareagesocialize of agricabout怎么读ulture, and imreprintprove the animal epidemic prevesocial名词ntion and crop pest control system, and the construction of intelligent agriculturpreprinte. We will strengthen green, sreprinttandard-central是什么意思driven, qualitsocializingy and safety oversight, and develop demoeprint打印机怎么用nstratsocial mediaiplanning和plan区别on zones for agrideepen翻译cultural modcentral翻译ernization. We will promote supply-scentral是什么意思ide structural reform in agriculture, improve the struaboutcg网站cture and regional distribution of agricultural production, strengthen the devproposalselopment of functional zones for grain production, protection zones for the production of major agricultural products, and zones where agricultural products with special features are developed, and advancsocial翻译e the project to produce high-quality grain. We will improve the mechanism for compeproposal是什么意思英语nsating major grain-producing areas. We willsocialize ensure the safe supplabout是介词吗y of major agricultural products such as grain, cotton, oil, sugar and meat, aplanning怎么读音nd improve our ability to regulate their purchsocial翻译ase, stodeepen翻译rage and storage. We wilcentral的名词l launch a campaign to conservproposal什么意思e grain. We will develop county economies, promote the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industriessocializing in rural areas, diversify the typroposals翻译pes of business in the rural economy, and expand thecentral和center区别 space for increasing rural incomes.

26. Rural development initsocialmaniatives were launched. We will place rural construction in an important position in socialist modernization. We will strengthen county seats’ ability to provide comprsocial mediaehensive services and build towns and townships into regional centers serving farmdeepeningers. We will coordinate the planning and dplanning怎么读英语evelopment of towns and villages at county level, and protect traditional villages and rural landeependscapes. We will improve ruralsocial怎么读 infrastructure such as water, electricity, roads, gas, communications, radio and television, and logistics, and improvecentral翻译 the quality of rural housindeepening翻译g. We will improve rabout-faceural toilets, treat household garbage, and treat sewageabout是介词吗 in light of local conditions, and comprehensicentralizevelplanning是什么意思y improve river and lake systems to imprreprintove the rural living environment. We will improve the scientific, technological and cultural quality of farmers and promote the revitalization of rural talents.

Deepen rabout-faceural reform. We will impsocial什么意思rove mechanisms for integrated urban and ruraproposal是什么意思英语l development,reprinted promote equal excsocial名词hange and two-way flow of factors oabout翻译f production between urban and rural areas, and boost the vitality of agricultural and rural development. Wreprintede will implemabouttime免费观看ent the policy of extending land contracts for another 30 years after the sedeepening翻译cond round expires, accelerate the development of new types of agricultural businesses such as farmer cooperatives and family farms, improve the sydeepening翻译stedeepen翻译m of specialized and socialized agricultural services, develop diversified anddeepen什么意思 appropriately scaled agricultural operations, and ensure that small farmers are connected with moproposalsdern agriculture. We will improve the unified marketsocialize for construction landeepensd between urban and rural areas, and actively explore the implecentralizementationplanning of a market system for rural colsocialmanlective profitplanning怎么读音-making construction land. Weprinte will eplanning怎么读发音语音stablish a recognition mechanism for land exproprideepen翻译ation for publdeepen翻译ic interests and reduce the scope of land expropriation. We will expldeepensore ways to separate homestead ownership,planning翻译 qualificationaboutcg rights and use rights. We will ensure that rural resiaboutdents who have settled in cities have the right to contract their land, the right to use homestead, and the right to distribute collective profits, and encourage voluntary and compensated transfers in accordance with the law. We will deepen reform of the rural collective prodeepenperty rreprintights system and develop a new type of rural collective economy. We will improve the rural financial service system and develop agricultural insurance.

28. Consolidate andeepenedd expand poverty alleviation efforts and effectively link them with rural vitalization. We will escentral&kittytablish a mechanism to help low-income rural people and underdeveloped areas, maintain overall stability in government spproposal是什么意思英语ending, and continue to promote development in poverty-stricplanning怎么读英语ken areas. We will improabout是介词吗ve the monitoring and assistance mechanism for precentral parkventing people from recentral的名词turning tsocial什么意思o poverty, do a gooddeepened job of follow-up assistance for relocating poor people from inhospitable areas, strengthen the management and supedeepeningrvision of fproposal什么意思中文unds and assets for poverty alleviation projects, and promote the sustainable development of industries with local characteristics. We will improve the rural social secaboutcg网站urity and assistance systems. We will focus ocentralizen supporting a group of key rural revitalization counties in the western region that have been lifted out of poverty, and enhance their ability to conssocializeolidate poverty alleviation aabout是什么意思chievements and develop internally. We will adcentral翻译here to and improve mechanisms for cooperation between the east and thedeepen怎么读 west and for pairing assistance and participation of nongovernmental forces.

8. Imsocializingprove the distribution of land space and promote coordinated development among regions and a new typplanning和plan区别e of urbanization

We will continsocialue to implemsocialize翻译ent the masocial mediajor regionareprint什么意思l strategy, the coordinated regionalreprint什么意思 developmabout翻译ent strategy, and the functional zoning strategy. We will improve institutions and mechanisms for coordinated regioncentralizeal devedeepen什么意思lopment, improve the new urbanization strategy, and bdeepeninguild a national spatial layout and support system for high-quality developmenreprint什么意思tabout怎么读语音.

29. Build a new landscape for territorial development and protection. Based on the carrying capacity of resources and the environment, we will give full play to the comparative advantages of each regsocial mediaion, gradually form three spatiaboutcg网站al patterplanning翻译ns of urbanized areas, major producing areas for agriculturadeepen翻译l products, and ecological function zones, and improve thecentral怎么读 distribution of major infrastructure, major prabout是介词吗oductive forcesproposal什么意思中文, and pusocialize翻译blic resdeepensources. Supporproposal什么意思中文t the efficient agglomeration of economy and population in urbanized areas, the protection of basic farmland and ecologabout怎么读语音ical space, the enhancement of agricultcentralizeural production capacityplanning是什么意思英语 in major agricultural produproposal什么意思ction areas, the focus of development in ecological function zones on protecting the ecolocentral和center区别gical environment and providing ecological products, and the gradual and orderly transfer of population in ecological function zones; We will form a new pattern of developing and protecting China’s territorial space that features distinct main functions, draws on each other’about是什么意思s strengths, and featuplanning怎么读发音语音res higplanning翻译h-quality development.

30. Promote balanced development among regions. We will make new progress in the large-scale development of the weplanning和plan区别stern region, make breakthroughs in the revitalization odeepenedf the northeast, accelerate the rise of the central regionsocial名词, acentral和center区别nd encourage the eastern region to accelerate modernization. We will support accelerated develplanning是什么意思英语opment of old revolutionary basreprinte areas and areas with ethnic minorities, and strengthen development of border aresocial mediaas. We will promote prabout后面动词什么形式osabout是什么意思perity in border areas, improve their people, and stabilize and strengthen border arsocialmaneas. We will promote coordinatproposalsed development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze Economic Belt,deepened the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greatdeepen翻译er Bay Area, and tabout翻译he Yangtze Rivdeepeneder Delta, and create platforms for innovation and new polescentral是什么意思 of growth. We will promote ecological protection and high-quadeepenedlity developmdeepening翻译ent in the Yellow Rivercentral basin. We will develop the Xionganplanning和plan区别 New Area with high standards and high quality. We will continue to coordinate land and sea development, developdeepen什么意思 the Marine ecaboutcgonomy, and build China into a mardeepen怎么读itime power. We will improve mechanisdeepen什么意思ms forsocializing coordinating regional strategies, promoting isocialmanntegrated mabout是什么意思arket developmentdeepen, promoting regional cooperation and mutual assistance, and compensating for interregional iplanning怎么读英语nterests, so as to better promote the common deaboutvelopment of developed and less developed regions, the eastern, central, western and northeastern regions. We will imabout怎么读prove the transfer payment system, increase financial sucentralizedpport for less-developed areas, and gradually achieve eqcentral&kittyual access to basic public scentral怎么读ervices.

31. Promote a new type of people-centered urbanization. We will carry out urban renewal initiatives, promote ecological restoration and functional improvemeproposals翻译nt projects, coordinate urban planning,planning怎么读 construction acentralnd management, appropriatelycentral怎么读 determine the size, population density and spatial structure of cities, and promote the coordinated development of large, medium-sized cities and small towns. We wcentralill strengthen historical and cultural protection, improdeepen翻译ve the urban landscasocial什么意思pe, strengthen the renovation of old residential areas and community development in cities, enhance urban flood control and drainasocial mediage capacity, and build sponge cities into resiliendeepenedt cities. We will imsocial mediaproplanning怎么读发音语音ve urban governance and strengthen risk prevention and control in the governance of megacities. We will ecentral翻译nsure that housing is for people to live iproposal是可数还是不可数n, not for speculation. We will encourage both rental and pucentralizedrchase of housing and adopt policies tailored to local conditions to promote the steady and sound development of the real estate market. We wiplanning怎么读发音语音ll effectivedeepenly increase the supplsocial翻译y ocentralf low-income housing, improve the mechanism for distributing income from the transfer of land, exploredeepen怎么读 ways to support the use of collective land for construction to build rental housing in acreprint什么意思cordance with planning, improve the policy on long-term rental housing, and expand the supply ofabout怎么读 loweprint-income rental housing. We will deepcentral parken reform of the household registration system, improve the policy of linking transfer payments and the amount of land for new construction in urban areas with the granting of permanent urban residency to rural migrant workers, strengthen the guarantee of basic pabout-faceublic services, and aplanning怎么读音ccelerdeepen翻译ate the granting of permabouttime免费观看anent urban residency to ruralproposal什么意思中文 migrant workers. We will imreprintprove the setting of administrative divisions, give full play to the leading role of central cities and city clusters, and buildsocialize modern metropolitan areas. We will promote the construction of chengdu-Chongqing Twin cities economic circcentralisedle. We will promote urbanization with county townplanning怎么读s as aplanning怎么读发音语音n importeprint打印机怎么用ant carrier.

9. Develdeepen怎么读op cultural undertakings and inducentral parkstries and enhance the country’s cultural soft power

Adhere to marxist guiding status in the field of ideoabout翻译logy, culabouttime免费观看tural self-confidence, adhere to the sociasocial名词list cocentral&kittyre values guide cultural construction, strengthening the construction of socialisreprintedt spiritual civilization, around for flagseprint打印机怎么用, moraleaboutcg aproposal什么意思nd people, culture, studies show thadeepen翻译t the image of the mission, to promote meet people’s cultural needs and improplanningve the people’s spiritual power unifies, We will make progress in building a strong socialisocialize翻译st culture.

32. Improve the level of civility in society. We will promote the formation odeepening翻译f ideas, attitudes, civility, and norms of conduct that meet the requiplanning是什么意思英语rements ofeprint打印机怎么用 the new era. We will carry out intensivereprint什么意思 stplanning是什么意思英语udy and education on Xi Jinping Thplanning和plan区别ought on Socialism with Domestic Characteristics for a New Era, and advance the project to studabout是介词吗y and develop Marxist theosocialmanry. Promote thecentral和center区别 ideal faith education normalizecentral怎么读d institutionalization, strengthplanning和plan区别en party history, new domestic education historsocialy, history of reform and opening up and socialist developsocial什么意思ment, strecentralngtheplanning翻译n the education of patriotism, collectivism and socialism, strive to carry forward the party and the people in each historical period in the fcentral parkormation of the great spirit, promote the citizen moral construdeepensction, the implementation of civilization to create projects, esocial clubxpand the new era of civilization construction practice center. We will improsocial名词ve the vabout后面动词什么形式oluntary service system and carry out extensiabouttime免费观看ve volunteer service care activities. Promote a culture of integrity and promote its constructiplanning怎么读发音语音on. We will advocate hard work and thrifplanning是什么意思t, and carry out publicity and ecentral怎么读ducation on the thabout后面动词什么形式eme of creating happiness through labor. We will strengthen the development of families, private education and family traditiocentral&kittyns. We will strengthen the construction of a civilized Internet culture and develop a positive and healthy Internet culproposal什么意思turecentral&kitty.

33. Improve public cultural services. We will see all-round prosperity in the press and publishing, radio, fideepenedlm and television, literature and art, philospreprintophy and the social sciencentralizedces. We will launch a project to improcentralisedve the quality of lipreprintterary and artistic works, strengthen the creation and production of realistic subproposals翻译jectscentral是什么意思, and consreprint什么意思tantly produreprintce fine literary and artistic works that reflect the new atmosphere of The Times and eulogize the people’s new crplanning怎么读发音语音eations. We will promote in-depth media integration, implement all-media communication projects, strengthen new mainstream media, and build and make good udeepen翻译se of coplanning怎么读unty-level media centers. We will integrataboutcge urban and rural public cultural services, carry out innovative cultural projects to benefit the people, carry out extensive mass cultural activitiessocialize翻译, and prdeepenedomote the digitalization of public culture. We wplanning是什么意思ill strengthen thedeepens development of major national cultural facilities aplanning怎么读发音语音nd cultural projecproposal是什么意思英语ts, and promote projects such as the National Editiosocial名词n Library, the Ndeepen什么意思ational literature reserve, and ssocial clubmart radio and television. We will carry forward China’s fine traditional culture, strengthen the protection, research and utilization of cultural relics and ancient bproposal什么意思中文ooks, strengthen systematiplanning怎么读音c protection of important cultural and natural heritage sites and intangible cultural heritage sites, and strengthen the protection and inheritance of fine traditional handicrafts of all ethnic groups. We will build nationreprint什么意思al culturasocial clubl parks along the Great Wall, the Grand Canal, the Long Macentral是什么意思rch, and the Yellow River. Extendeepen什么意思sive nationwide fitness campaigns will be carried out to improve the people’s health. We will make good preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

Improve the modeplanning和plan区别rn cultural industry systsocial mediaem. We wdeepening翻译ill continuecentralised to give top priority to social benefits and integrate social benefits with economic benefplanningits. We will deepen reproposalsform of the cultural management system, improve plans and policies for the cultuproposal什么意思中文ral industry, strengtdeepen翻译hen the deveplanning翻译lopcentral怎么读ment of the cultural market system, and expand the supsocial mediaply of quality cultural products. We will implement the digitalization strategy foeprint打印机怎么用r cultural industries, and accelerate the development of new cultural enterprisesocialmans, forms of cultural business, asocial什么意思nd modes of culturadeepen翻译l consumption. Standardize the development of cultural industry parks, promote the construction of regional cproposal是可数还是不可数ulplanning怎么读发音语音tural industry belts. We will promote integrated development of culture and tosocial怎么读urism, build a number of world-class scenic spotcentral的名词s and resoabout是什么意思rts with rich cultural heritage, build a number of state-level tourismplanning和plan区别 and leisure cities and blocks with distinctive cultural features, and dedeepen翻译velop red tourism and rural tourieprint打印机怎么用sm. We will focus on tellinaboutcgg good domestic stories, promote international communication in nedeepeningw ways, and strengthen cultural eplanning是什么意思英语xchanges and dialogue among civilizacentral翻译tions at multiple levels with othplanning翻译er countries.

10. Promote green development and promote harmony between man and nature

We should adhere to the principle that lucidwatercentral翻译s and lush mountains are invaluable assets, respect, adapt to, and protect nature, give priority to conservation, conservation,social翻译 and natural restoration, aeprint打印机怎么用nd guard the boundary of natural ecological security. We will fully implement the strategy ofcentralised sustainable development, improve mechanisms for coordinating ecological prabout翻译ogressproposals翻译, build a system for ecological progress, promote green transformation in all aspects of economic aabout是什么意思nd social development, and build modernization in which man and nature coexist in harmony.

Acceeprintlerate green and low-carbon development. We will strengthen the plaplanning怎么读英语nning and use control of territorial space, implement space control boundaries for ecological protection, basic farmland and urban dcentralisedevelopment, and reduce the occupation of natural space by human activities. We will strengthecentraln legal and policy support for green development, develop green finance, support green technological innovation, promote cleasocial什么意思nproposalser production, develop environmental protection industries, and promabout后面动词什么形式ote the greening of key industries and sectors. We will promote clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient use of energy. Develop green buildings. We will launch campaisocial翻译gnsproposal什么意思 to promotesocial什么意思 green living. We will reduce carbon intenaboutsity, support local governments where conditions permit to take the lead in peaking carbon emissions, anpreprintd forreprintedmulate anplanning怎么读 action plan for peaking carbon emissions by 2030.

36. Continue to imabout是介词吗prove the quality of the environment. We will raise public awareness of ecological and environmental protection and intensify efforts to prevent and control pollution. We will continue to take action to pplanning是什么意思revent andcentral park control pollution, and esdeepen什么意思tablish a system to improve the ecologicalreprint什么意思 environment in a coordinated way, both above and underground, and on land and at sea. We will strengthen coordinated control of multiple pollutants and coordincentral是什么意思ated control of different regions, strcentral是什么意思engthen coordinated creprint什么意思ontrol of fine particulate matter and ozone, and baabout是介词吗sicreprintally eliminate heavy pollution. We will improve theeprint打印机怎么用 living environment in both urban and rural areas, make progplanning怎么读英语ress in covering all urban sewage networks, and basicallycentral怎么读 eliminate black and odorous water bodies in cities. We will reduce the number of chemical fertcentralizedilizers ancentral怎么读d pesticiabouttime免费观看des, control soil pollution, and strengthen the control of whcentralizeite pplanning怎么读发音语音ollution. Strengthening collection and treatmproposal什么意思ent of hazardous and medical wastes. Relocation and renovation of hazardous chemical production enterprises in key areas wilabout翻译l be completed. We will pay attention to the treatment of new pollutants. We will fully implement theeprint pollutant discharge permabout怎么读itreprint system, and promote market-based trading of pollutant discharge rights, energy use rights, wproposalsater rightsaboutcg网站, and carbon emission righproposal什么意思中文ts. We will improve management of binsocialding targets fabout后面动词什么形式or environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction. We will imdeepen什么意思prove the central supervision system for ecological and environmental protection. We will actively participate in and lead international cooabout-faceperation on cliplanning怎么读英语mate change,reprint什么意思 ecological and environmental protection.

37. Improve the quality and stability of ecosystems. We will continue to improve the system of mountains, rivers, forestproposal是可数还是不可数s, farmland, lakes, and grasslands, and build a system of protected natuproposal是可数还是不可数ral areas with natioplanning怎么读英语nal parks as the main body. We wireprint什么意思ll carry out major projects to protect biodiversity. Strengthen control of alien species. We will strengthen the system ofcentralized river and lake chiefs, strengthen ecologicaaboutcgl protection and improvement of major rivers, major lakes and waboutcg网站etlands, and implement a ten-about怎么读yearcentral park ban on fishing on the Yangtze River. We will take scientific aplanning翻译nd comprehensive steps to control desertification, stony deserts, and soil erosion, launch large-scale afforestation campaigns, and introdudeepen怎么读cedeepens the system of forest growth. We will promote the rehabilitation of grasslands, forests, rivers and lakes, strengthen the protection of black land, and improve the system of fallow crop rotation. We will strengthen observation of the impact of global wplanning和plan区别aplanning怎么读英语rming on vulnerable arecentral是什么意思as in China, improve the system for monitoring protected natural areas and ecological red lines, and conduct monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of ecosystem proteplanning是什么意思ction.

Improve the efficiency of resource utilizatiabout是什么意思on across the board. Weeprint打印机怎么用 will improve the propertycentralize rights system, laws and regulations for naturasocialmanl resource assets, strengthen the investigation, evaluation, monitoring and registration of natural resource ownership, establish a mechanism for realizing the value of ecological products, improve market-based andproposal什么意思 diveabout怎么读rsified compensacentral和center区别ticentral&kittyon for ecoloreprintedgical damage, and promote total resource management, scientificsocializing allocation, overall conservation, and recycling. Carry out national water-saving action, establish rigid restraint system of water resources. We wcentral&kittyill improve the development and protection of Mardeepensine anproposal是可数还是不可数d mineral resocial mediasources. We wideepening翻译ll improve the pricing meccentralisedhanism for resources. We will promote garbage classification, reduction and recyclplanning怎么读音ing. We will accelerate the establishment of a recycling system for used materiaplanningls.

11. Open up to the outside world at a high level and open up new prospects for win-win cooperation

We will continueprinte to open up in a wider range of areas and at a deeper level, leverage China’s advdeepeningantage in its largeabout怎么读 market, promote international cooperation and achieve mutual benereprintfit.

Build a nedeepening翻译w system of an open economy at a higher level. We will comprplanning怎么读音ehensively open up to the outside world, promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, promote inncentral和center区别ovativsocial名词e development of trade, and enhreprint什么意思ance the overall competitiveness of fordeepen什么意思eign trade. Perfect before the foreign investment access, national treatment and negative list mansocial名词agement systsocial clubem, orderly expansion of service industry opening to the outside world, procentral&kittytecting the legal rights and interests of foreign-funded enterprises in acentralccordance with the law and improdeepenedve treprinthe promotion and protectioabout是什么意思n of oversabout-faceeasproposal什么意思中文 investment law, policy and serviceproposal是可数还是不可数 system, determinecentral和center区别d to maintain the lawful rights and interests for domestic enterprises overseas, achieving hicentral parkgh quality import and higabouth level to walk out. We will improve the layout of pilsocial名词ot free trade zones, grant them greater autonomsocializingy in repreprintform, steadily advance the development of hainan’s free trade pcentral&kittyort, and make ireprint什么意思t a new pillar of opening-up. We will steadily and prudently promote the internationalization of the RMBabout-face, adhere to the market-oriented approach and enterprises’ independent chsocialmanoice, and foster a new type of mutually beneficial coopesocial clubrative relationship based on the free use of the RMB. We will give full play to the role of domestic and internatioreprintednal import fairs and othedeepen翻译r important exhibition platforms.

40. Promote hiplanning怎么读音gh-quality belt and Road Cooperation. We should adhere to the principle of extensive cosocial翻译nssocializingultation, joint contrcentral是什么意思ibution and shared benefits, uphold green, opreprint什么意思en and clean development, deepen practical cooperation, strengthen security guarantee and promotsocial翻译e common development. We will promote infrastructure connectivity and expand cooperation in third-party markets. We should build a mutually beneficial industrial and supply chain cooperatideepen什么意思on system, deepen international cooperation on production capacity, and expand twoplanning-way trade and investment. We will improve the diversified investment and financing system, with enterprises as the main player and masocial clubrket orientation, in line with international practices and the principle of sustainable debt. We should synergize our stratedeepensgies, plans and mechanisms, and strengthen connectivity of policies, rules and splanning是什么意思tandards. We will deepen cooperation in publicproposal是可数还是不可数 health, digital economy, green developmproposal什么意思ent, scieaboutnce, technology and education, and promote people-to-people esocial什么意思xchanges.

41. Actively participate in the reform of the global economic governance system. Wplanning怎么读音e should uphold equal-footed consultation and mutual benefit and encourage the G20 and others tplanning怎么读o play their role in intsocial怎么读ernational economic coopdeepenederation. We will uphold theabout翻译 multilateral trading system, take an active part in the reform of the WORLD Tdeepen翻译rade Organization, and workdeepened for the improvement of a more just and equitable global economic governance system. We will actively participate in multilateral and bilateral regional investmencentral和center区别t and trade cooperation mechanisms, promote the formulation of ecosocialize翻译nomic governance rules ideepen怎么读n emerging areas, and enhance our capacity to participate in international financialsocial media governance. We will implement the strategy of upgrading free trade zonecentral的名词s and build a network of high-standard free trade zones opencentralize to the world.

Improve the quality of peoplproposal什么意思中文e’s lives and raise the level of socaboutcg网站ial development

Adhere to the good implemsocial翻译entation, safdeepen怎么读eguard and develop the fundamental interests of the massessocial名词 as the starting point and fooplanning怎么读thold of development, do your best, strengths, and impreprint什么意思rove the basic public service system, perfect the work sharing of social governance systemabouttime免费观看,preprint solid foundation to promote common prosocial mediasperity and inreprintedcreasing people’s feeplanning怎么读英语ling, happiness, security, and promoteprinte people’s all-round development and all-round social progreabout翻译ss.

Raiscentralizede people’s income. We should ensudeepen怎么读re that distdeepensribution according to work is dominant and that multiple forms of distribution exist side by side,social什么意思 increase the proportireprint什么意思on of remuneration in primary distributionabout是什么意思, improve the wage system and mechanisms for reasonable wage increases, and strive to raise the income of low-icentralncome groups and expand theplanning是什么意思英语 middlsocialmane-income group. We will improve the policy and system of distribution by factors of production, improve the mechanabout是什么意思ism whereby remuneration for all fasocial什么意思ctorsplanning of production is determined by the market, and explore ways to increase the factor income of low – and middle-income groups through the use and earnings rights of land, capital and other factors of production. We will increase urabout怎么读语音ban and rural residents’about后面动词什么形式 property incoplanning怎么读英语me through mulabout怎么读语音tiple channels. We will improve the mechanism for redistribution, increase the intensity and precision of tax, sosocialmancial security, transfer payments and other adjustments, appropriately adjust excessive income, and ban illegal income. We will give full play to the rolproposal什么意思e of the third distribution, develop philanthropy, and improsocial名词ve the distribution ofaboutcg网站 income and wealth.

43. Strengthen the policy of giving priority to employment. We will dabout怎么读语音o everything possible to stabilize and expand eabout是介词吗mployment, keep economic development employment-oriented, expand the nuproposal什么意思mber and quality of employment, promote full emplcentral是什么意思oyment, and protect the benefits and rights and interests of workesocial mediars. We will improve the employment public service system, the labor relatiplanning是什么意思英语ons coordination mechanism, and the lifelong vocational skills training systemdeepening. We will pay more attention to alleviatineprintg structural problems in employment, accelerate efforts to improve the skills and quality of thplanning是什么意思英语e workforce, improve the employment support system for key groupsabout翻译, and coordinate employment policies fcentral怎么读or urban and rural areas. We will expand the placement of public welfare jobs, and help people with disabilities and members of zero-eplanningmployment families find jobs. Wabout-facee will improve the guarantee system for creating jobs through business startups and flexibcentral和center区别le employment through multiple caboutcghannels, support and standardize the development of new forms of employmentreprint什么意思, and improvesocial怎么读 the mechanisms fdeepenedor job demand surreprint什么意思veys and unemployment monitoring and early warning.

Build a high-qualityproposal什么意思 edeepensducation system. We will fully implement the Party’s eproposal是可数还是不可数ducation policy, uphold moral integrity and cultivate talents, strengthen teachers’ ethics, and train socialist builders and successors who are well developed morallplanning和plan区别y, inteabout是什么意思llectually, physically, aesthetically,social and asocial翻译rtistically. We will improve the mechanism for school, family and social cooperation isocial怎么读n educating students, improve teachers’ abilitiesocializings in teaching and educating students, enhance students’ cultural literacy, sense of social responsibility, and practical skills, and attach importance to educatinsocializeg young people about physical and psychological health. We will adhere to the principle of non-profit education, deepen education reform, promote equity in education, promote the balanced development of compulsory education and the integration of urban and rural areas, improve the mechanism for ensuring universal pre-school education, special education and specialized education, and ensocial clubcourage the diverssocialifieabout是什么意思d development of senior high schools. We will increase input in humandeepened capital, make vodeepenscational and technical education more adapsocial翻译table, deeplanning怎么读音pen the integration of vocationadeepening翻译l and technical educproposal什么意思中文atiocentral parkn, integratiabouton of industry and education, and cooperation between schools and enterprises, explore apprenticeships with Domestic characteristicssocial media, and vigorously cultivate technical and skilled personnproposal什么意思el. We will imprdeepenove the quality of higher education, develop first-class universities and dplanning怎么读发音语音isciplines by categorabout翻译y, and speed up the training of talents in science, industry, agriculturabout-facee and mediciplanning和plan区别ne that are in short supply. We wipreprintll improve the quality and level oplanning和plan区别f education in ethnic minoriabout-facety areas and intensify efforts to promote the use of the standard spoken and written Chinese language. We will supporproposalst and standardize the development of private education and off-campus training institutions. Give full play to the advantages of online education, improve the lifelong learning system, and build a learning-oriented society.

45. Improve the multilevelproposal是什么意思英语 social security system. We will improve a fair, unified, and sureprint什么意思stainable multi-tiered social security system thaboutcg网站at covers thereprint entireaboutcg网站 population, balances urban and rural areas. We will move forwdeepen怎么读ard with the transfer and continuation of social security payments, and improve the mechanisms for financing and adjusting benefits of basic old-age insurance and basic medical insurance. We will imaboutcgplement national pooling of basic old-age insurance, and gradually raise the legal retiremencentralizedt age. We will develop a multi-tiered and multi-pillar old-age insurance sysdeepeningtem. We will promote provincial-level pooling ofdeepen basplanning和plan区别ic medical insurance, uncentralizedemploymeplanning怎么读音nt insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance, improve the system of medical insurance and assistancpreprinte for major diseases, implement settlement of medical expenses incurred in osocialther places, steproposal是什么意思英语adily establish a long-term care insurance system,central是什么意思 and aaboutcgctively develop commercial medical insurance. We will improve the social security system for people withdeepen flexible employment. We will improve the work sydeepensstem and securiproposal什么意思中文ty system for ex-servicemen. We will improve the tiered social assistancplanning怎么读e system. We wilplanning翻译l adhere to the basic state policy of gender equality and prproposal什么意思otect thcentrale legitimplanning怎么读英语ate rights and interests of women and children. We will improve the care and services system and facireprintedlcentral parkities for the elderly and the disabled, andeepensd improve the social welfabout是介词吗arcentral的名词e system for assistieprintng the disabled and orphans. We will impdeepen什么意思rove a unified national public service platform for social insurancecentral park.

46. Promotcentralizee healthy domestic development in an all-round way. We will give top prpreprintiority to protecting people’s health, adhere to the principcentralisedle of putting prevention fiproposalsrst, thoroughly implement domestic health initiatives,social名词 improve nationalcentral是什么意思 health promotion policies, build a solid national public health safety net, and psocialize翻译rreprintedovide people with all-round, whole-cycle heaproposal是什么意思英语lth services. We will reform the diabout是介词吗sease prevention and contsocializingrol system, and streproposal什么意思中文ngthen monpreprintitoring and eadeepenedrly warning, risk assessment, epidemioloplanning翻译gical investigation, inspection and testing, and emergency respondeepening翻译se. We will establish a stable mechanism for investment in public health programsocial什么意思s, strengthen the training of qsocialualified personnel, improve basic conditsocial clubions for disease control and prevention, improve public health service programs, and strengthen the coproposal是可数还是不可数mmunity-level public health system. We will implement the public habout怎么读ealth responsibilities of medical institutions and msocialmanake innovations in the mechanism of medical and prevention collaboration. We will improve the monitoring, early warning and response mechanicentralizedsmabout翻译s for public health emergencabout-faceies, improve the system for medical treatment, scientific and technological susocial怎么读pport, and material support, and enhance our capacity to respond to public health emergencies. We will continue to promote the public welfare nature of basic medicacentral翻译l and health servisocial怎么读ces, deepen reformcentral of the medical and heasocializinglth care systems, accelerate the expansion of quality medical resources and the balanced distribution of medical resources among different regions, adeepening翻译ccelerate the development of a tiereproposal什么意思中文d diagnosis and treatmencentral parkt system, strengthen the constructcentral的名词ion and management evaluation of pubabout是什么意思lic hospitals, advance reform ofeprint打印机怎么用 the ccentralizeentralized procurement and use of drugs ancentralizedd consumables organized by the state, and develop high-end medical equipment. We will support nongovernmental hospitals and promote telemedicine. We will attach ecentralizequal icentralmportance to traditional Chinese medicine anddeepen翻译 western medicinesocial怎么读 and vigorously develop traditional Chinese medicine. We will improve the quality of health education, chronic disease management and disability rehabilitation services,proposals翻译 and attach importabout后面动词什么形式ance to mental health and mental health. We will intensify the patriotic health campaign and encourage all people to developroposal什么意思中文p a civilized and healthy way of life. We will improve the public service system for natioabout翻译nal fitness.aboutcg We will accelerate theprinte development of the health industry.

47. Implementing a national strategy to actively respond to an aging population. We will formulate a long-term populatplanning和plan区别ion development strategy,deepen怎么读 optimize the fertility policy, make it more inclusive,aboutcg raise the level of prenatal and post-natal care services, develop a system of preferential care servicesplanning怎么读发音语音, reduce the cost of childbirth, rearing and education, promplanning翻译ote long-term balanced population development, and improve theabout翻译 quality of the population. We will actiaboutcg网站vely develop human resources for the aged acentralizednd develop the sisocial什么意思lver economy. Promote and retirement pension indsocial clubustry coordinated development,social翻译 improve the basic old-age service system, develcentralizedoping endowment services and mutual endowment pratt &whitney type, take the family support function, fossocialize翻译ter new forms of provide forplanning the aged, bcentralizeuild a home in harmony, community institutions have kang a combination of olsocial clubd-age service system, improve thdeepen什么意思e old-age service comprehensive supervision system.

48. Streprintengtreprinthen and makecentral的名词 innovations in soabout怎么读cial governance. We will improve the social govesocialize翻译rnancedeepening system, improve the urban and rural community-level governance system under tdeepeninghe leadership of Party organizations that combines selsocial什么意思f-governance, rule of law, and rule of virtue, and improve the community-level democratic consultation system, so as to achieve positive interactionproposal是可数还是不可数 between official governance,reprint什么意思 social regulation, and residents’ self-governance, and build a community of social governance in which everyone hasproposal什么意思中文 his or her responsibilities anabout是介词吗d enjoys them.We will give full play to the role of massocial什么意思s organizations and social organizaticentralisedons in social governance, and smooth and standardize channels for market entities, new social strata, social workers and volunteers to participate in social governance.We will move the focus of social governance down to the community level, delegataboutcg网站e power tcentral的名词o the community level and empower it. We will strengthen the systemeprint of community governance and services in urban and rural areas, lighsocializingten the burden on community-level organizations, especaboutcgially village-level organizatideepen翻译ons, strengthen the buildinsocializingg of commabout怎么读unity-level social governance teams, and build community-level management and service platfoplanning是什么意思英语rms with grid mareprintednagement, refined services, it support, anproposal是什么意思英语d oeprintpen and shared services. Weplanning怎么读发音语音 wilplanning怎么读英语l strengthen and make innovations in urban sociproposal是可数还是不可数al governance and modernize it.

Balance development and security, and build a safer Country of higher stcentral是什么意思andard

We will adhere to an overall approach to nationdeepen怎么读al security, implement the nationcentral&kittyal security strategy, safegsocial名词uard and shape national security, coordinate traditional and non-traditional security, integrate security development into all areas and tproposal是什么意思英语he whoeprintle process of China’s developmenplanning翻译t, guard againstcentral和center区别 and dsocialefuse all risks affecting China’s modernization drive, and build a solid natioproposalsnal security barrier.

49. Strengthen nationalplanning是什么意思 security system and capacity building. We will improposal是可数还是不可数prove the centralized, unified, efficient aeprintnd authoritative national security leadership system, the legal system, strategic system, policy systemplanning怎么读, personnel system and opedeepeningrational mechanism for national security, and improve national security legislation, systems and policies in key areas. We will improve the national security review and oversight system and strengthen national security law enforcement. We will strengthen publicity and education on national security, raise the publiproposal什么意思中文c’s awareness of national security, and strengthen the peoaboutple’socializes defense line for national secentral翻译curity. We will firmly safeguard national politplanningical,central institutional and ideological securitabout怎么读y, and comprehensively strengtpreprinthen the cyber security guarantee system and capacity building. We will strictly guard against and cracsocial翻译k down on inficentralltration, sabosocializingtage,planning和plan区别 subversion and separatist activities by hostile forces.

50. Ensurplanning怎么读发音语音e national ecoplanning和plan区别nomic security. We will stresocializengthen mechanisms and cproposalsapacity building for early warning and prevention and control of economic security rideepening翻译sks,aboutcg网站 and ensure that key industries, infrastructure, scentralizedtrategic resources, and major technologies are safe and under control. We will carry out icentral是什么意思ndustrial competitiveness investigation and evaluation projects to enhance the resilience of the industrial system. We will ensure food security and the security of enesocial翻译rgy and strategic mineral resources. We wiplanning是什么意思ll edeepenedncentral翻译sure the safety of important infrsocializingastructure such as water conservancy, electricity, wateeprint打印机怎么用r supply, oil and gas, transportation, communications, nesocialize翻译tworks and financecentral park, and improve the intensive and safe use of water resources. We will maintain finreprint什么意思ancial security and guard agaiproposal什么意思中文nst systemic ricentral parksks. We will ensure ecological security, strengthen oversight of nuclear safety, and safeguard safety in new areas. We will establish adeepens system for protecting overseas interests and forewarning and prevention of risks.

51. Protect people’s livesocial怎么读s. We must put people and life first, give top priority to protecting people’s lplanning是什么意思英语ives and safety, and comprehdeepen怎么读ensively improve our ability to ensure public safety. We wilreprintedl improve and implement the responsibility system foplanning是什么意思英语r workplace safeeprint打印机怎么用ty, strcentralisedengthen oversight and law enforcement of workplace safety, and effectively curb major accidents involving hazardous caboutcg网站hemicals, mining, construction, and transportation. We will strengthen biosafeplanning是什么意思ty protection and improve the safety of food, drugs and other products and services that affect peoplecentral&kitty‘s health. We willabout raise standards for procentralisedtection against natural disasters such as floods and droughts, foressocial clubt and grassland fires, geological disasocializingsters anabout后面动词什么形式d earthquakes, acceleratcentralisede the construction of river control projects, accelerate the reinforcement of dilapidated reservoirs, acentral和center区别nd compreheproposalsnproposal什么意思ssocial怎么读ively promote the construction of emplanning怎么读音bankments and flood storage and detention areaabouts. We willsocialize improve the national emergency management systereprintedm, strengthen the system for guaranteeing emergency supplies, develop catastrophe insurance, and improve our ability to prevent, mitigate, fight and provide dcentral翻译isaster reproposalslief.

52. Maintain socicentral是什么意思al ssocialtability and security. Correctlyabout怎么读语音 handle contradictplanning怎么读ions among the people under the new situation, and the develplanning怎么读英语opment of a new era, “maple bridabout是什么意思ge experiencabout-facee” open and standardize the aspirations, interests coordinatiaboutcgon, rights and interests protection channel, improve the system of letters and visits, improve all kinds of mediation linkage system, construction of source control and prevecentral翻译ntion, screeninsocializingg, comb, resolve disputsocial clubes, eabout翻译mergency treatabout是什么意思ment of comprehensive governance mechanism of social contcentral和center区别radictions. We will improve the system of socialabout怎么读语音 and psychological services and the crisis intervention mcentralisedechsocial clubanism. We will stdeepenedrengthen the system for law and order prevention and control, and resolutely guard against and crack down on violent terroriabout后面动词什么形式sm, organized crime, new types of cyber crimes and transnational creprint打印机怎么用imes, so as tsocial mediao maintain social harmplanningonydeepened and scentralizetability.

Accelerate the modernizaticentral是什么意思on of national defense and the armed forces, and realize the unification of a prosperous country and a strong military

Implement xi army thought, implement thsocial名词e mideepening翻译litary strategic prinplanning和plan区别ciple of the new era, adhering to the party’s absolute leadership of the people’s acentralrmy, insist on the politsocial什么意思ical army building, army army, army, tadeepenslents, technologyabout reform in accordance with the law, acdeepenedcelerate the development osocialmanf mechanization intelligsocializingent information fusion, comprehensively strengthen training, improve the defending national sovereignty, security and development interests of strategic capabilities, Ensure that the centenary goal of the founding of the Armed Forces is achieved in 2007.

Improve the quality and efficideepenency of the modernization of national defense and the armed forces. We will acpreprintcelerate the modernization of military theories, make innovations in war and strategic guidance iplanning怎么读英语n keeping with The Times, improve the mildeepeningitary strategic system forabout是介词吗 the new era, and develop advanced operational theories.about翻译 We will accelerate the organizational mocentral怎么读dernization of the armeabout怎么读语音d forces, deepen the reform of natsocial怎么读ional defense and the armed forces, advance the revolution in militareprint什么意思rdeepen翻译y management, acceleraaboutte the transformation and development of the services and arms and the Armed police forces, strengthen strategic forces and combat foplanning是什么意思rces in new domains and with new qualities, develop a highplanning翻译-level stcentral怎么读ratplanning是什么意思英语egic deterrence and joint operations system, and strengthen joint training, support, and use of military forces. We will acccentral&kittyelerate the modernization ofproposals military personnel, implement the military education policentral是什么意思cy for the new era, improve the new three-in-one system for training military personnel, and build a phalanx of high-quality and professional military personnel. We will accelerate the modernicentral的名词zaaboutcgtion of weapons and equipment, focus on independent and original innovation in dplanning怎么读音efense scentral parkcience anaboutcg网站d technologabouttime免费观看y, accelerate the developcentral&kittyment of strategic cuttisocialize翻译ng-eplanning翻译dge and disruptisocial什么意思ve techndeepensologies, and acccentral是什么意思elerate the upgrading of weapeprint打印机怎么用ons and equipment and the develdeepensopment of intelligent weapons and equipproposals翻译ment.

54. Prabout翻译omcentral怎么读ote the simultaneous improvement of national defense aeprintnd economic strength. We shoabout是介词吗uld coordeepen什么意思dinate with China’s modernization, carry ocentralisedut strategic planreprintning, deepen the sharing of resourcesplanning是什么意思 and factors of production, strengthen coordination between policies and instiabout是介词吗tutions, and buildproposal是可数还是不可数 an integrated national strategic system and capacity. We wiabout后面动词什么形式ll promote coordinsocialatsocial翻译ed development of key regions, key areas, and emerging areas, anplanning怎么读英语d concentrate on implementing major projects in the field of national defense. We will optimize the distribution of defense-rereprint什么意思lated science, technsocializingology and industry and speed up the process of standardproposal是可数还是不可数ization and universalization. We will iabout-facemprove the national defensocialse mobicentral parklizasocializingtion system, improve the mechanism for strengthesocialize翻译ning border defeaboutcg网站nse, strengthen national defense education among thsociale people, and ccentral的名词onsolidateproposal什么意思 unity between teprint打印机怎么用he military and the governmeplanning怎么读发音语音nt and bplanning怎么读发音语音etween the militarproposal什么意思中文y and the people.

The whole Party and the people of all ethnic groups in China unite and strivdeepen怎么读e for the realization of the 14th Five-Year Plcentral是什么意思an and the long-term goals of 203planning怎么读音5

To achieve the goals set out in the 14th Five-Year Plan and the long-range goals set for 2035, we must uphold the overall leadership of the Party, fully mobilize all positive factoproposal是什么意思英语rs, broadly unite all forces that cdeepensan be united, and form a powerful ssocialize翻译ynergy for development.

Strengthen the centralized and unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee. To carry out the partcentraly set the direction, seeks the overall situation and policy, promoting the reform, promote the party thoroughly study and apply new era xi dabouttime免费观看omestic characteristics socialism, strengthen the consciousness oaboutcg网站f “four”, firm “four confidence”, “two maintenance”, imdeepen什么意思prove the linking up and down, powerful execution system of organizareprinttion, ensurecentral怎么读 the effective implementation of theabouttime免费观看 CPC Central Committee decision deployment. We will exercise primary and oversight responsisocializebility for comprehensively and strictly governing the Party, adeepening翻译nd improve the qualproposalsity of Pcentralizearty building. We should thoroughly review and aeprintpply thereprint valuable experience of the CPC in its 100 years, educate and guide party members and officdeepening翻译ials to adhabout-faceere to the great ideal of communism and the common ideal of socialisplanning怎么读发音语音m witcentralisedh Domestic chdeepen什么意思arcentral parkacteristics, stay true to our fouabout怎么读nding mission, and work tabout是什么意思irelessly for the cause of the Party and the people. Route of the party organization to fully implement the new era, strengthening the construction ocentralisedf cadres, cadres implement standard, improve the leadership and cadres at all levels to adapt to the new era ofsocial名词 new requicentral怎么读rements to grasp theproposal是什么意思英语 reform, promoting development and maintaining stability level and professional ability, strengthen the incentive of cadres dacentral parkre to act as good as a protcentral&kittyection, in thdeepen什么意思e correct orientation of choose and employ preprintedersons lead director entrepreneurial orientation. We will improve the personnel work systemproposal什么意思中文 and train a large number of high-quality personneprintel with both political integrity andabout ability. We should stickeprint to the priabout翻译ncipldeepen怎么读e of strict discipline for a long time, and constantly enhaproposals翻译nce the Pdeepenarty’s capacity for self-purification, self-improvement, self-innovation, and self-improvement. We unswervingly implemereprintnted the CPC Cendeepeningtral Committee’s Eight-point Decisiodeepenn, correcteddeepens formalism and bureaucracy, and easeabout是介词吗d the burdenproposal是可数还是不可数 on the community level. We will improve the party andcentral和center区别 state oversight systems, strengthen political oversight, and strengthen checks and oversight over the exercise of public poweabout是介词吗r. We will ensure that there are no exclusion zones, that all areas are covered, andeepen怎么读d that there is no tolerance for corruption. We will wsocial名词ork to foster a sound political environment in whicabout是什么意思h peopledeepening dare not, cannot, and do not wacentralizednt to be corrupt.

56. Promote socialcentral&kittyist political construction. We shouplanning是什么意思ld integrate the leadership of the Party, the position of the people aproposal是什么意思英语s masters ofabout翻译 the country, and law-based governance, and improve and daboutcg网站evelop the sociadeepening翻译list political system with Chinese characteristics. We will adherplanning是什么意思e to and improve the system of people’s congresses, strengthen their oversight over The State Council, the State Committee, the Suprabouteme People’s Court, and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, acentral和center区别nd ensure that the people manage stateabout-face affairs, economic and cultural programs, and social affairs through various chansocialmannels asocial怎么读nd in various forms in accordance with the law. We should adhere to and improve the system ocentral和center区别f multiparty cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, strengthen the building of specialized consultative bodies of the CPPCC, givsocialize翻译e full play to the unique strengths of socialist consultative democracy, and improve our ability to advise ansocial名词d advise government and build cabout是什么意思onsensus. We will uphold and improve the systeprint打印机怎么用em of regional ethnic autonomy, fully iaboutcgmplement the Party’s policy on ethnic groups, forge a stdeepeningrong seeprintnse of community among the Chinese nation, and encouragaboutcg网站e all ethnic groups to work together for common prosperity and development. We will fully imsocializingplement the Party’s basic policy on religious work and actively guide religions to adapt to socialist societycentral. We will improve the system of self-governanabout后面动词什么形式ce at the community level and make the people’s self-management, self-service, self-education, and self-oversight more effective. We should give full play to the role oplanning是什么意思英语f trade unionssocial名词, communist Youth Leagues, waboutcgomen’s fcentral的名词ederationssocial翻译 and other people’s organizations to rally the people they are connected with around the Party. We will improve the strsocializeucture of our work on the United Front, promote harmony between political parties, ethnic groups, religions, social strata, and compatriots at hodeepensme and abroad, and consolidate and develop gplanning是什么意思英语rabout怎么读eat unity and unity. We will fuleprint打印机怎么用lysocial什么意思 implement the Party’s policy on overseas Chinese affairs, rally the hearts of overseas Chinese acentral和center区别nd serve the overall situation. Adhere to the country under the rulecentral&kitty of law, the rule of law, the official, an integrated society under the rule of law construction, improve the constitution as the core of domestic characteristic socialism legal system, strengthen key areplanning翻译as, emerging areas, foreign legislation,social media improve the level of administration according to law, perfectplanning怎么读 the supervisory authority, judicial power, prosecplanning怎么读utorial power operation and supervision mechanism, and promote greater fairness in the judiciary, the thplanning翻译orough development of the rule of law publpreprinticity and edsocial怎么读ucation, We will give fuabout是什么意思ll play to the role of the rule of law in secudeepenedring the fosocialize翻译undation, stabilizing expectations, and benefiting the long-term, andcentral和center区别 promote the rule of law in China. Promotingplanning怎么读发音语音 all-round development of human rights.

57.deepening翻译 Maintaisocial clubn long-term prosperity and stability in Hong Kong and Macao. Full and accurate implementation of “one country, two systems”, “Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong”, “hands Macao” and a high degree of autonomy of the guideliplanning怎么读音nes, adhere to put to Australia for administering Hong Kong pursuant to law, safeguard the basic law of the constitution and the constitutional order of the special administrative region is determined, the implemenabouttation of the central governcentral的名词mentcentral是什么意思 to thsocialize翻译e speciaaboutcg网站l administrative region comprehensive governance rights,eprint打印机怎么用 the impreprint什么意思lementation of the special administrative region shall maintain the national securitplanningy law system and exeplanning翻译cution mechanabout-faceism, To safeguard Chiplanning是什么意思英语na’s sovereignty, seccentral是什么意思urity and development interests and msocial什么意思aintain overall sociabout是介词吗al stability in the HKSAR. We will support the HKSAR in consolidating and enhancing its competitive edge, building it into an international innovation and technologcentral翻译y center, and buildingsocialize a functional platform for the Belt and Road Initiative to achieve diversified and sustainabproposal什么意思le economic development. We will support Hong Kong and Macao in better integratingsocialman themselves into China’s overall development, develop the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area with high quality, and improve policies and measures to madeepen怎么读ke it easier for Hong Kong and Macao residents to develop jobs on thesocial club mainlaeprint打印机怎么用nd. We will strencentralizedgthen the nationaldeepening consciousness and padeepen什么意思triotism of our compatriots in Hong Kong and Macao. We will support Hong Kong and Madeepeningcao in conducting exchanges and cooperation with other countries and regions. We will resolutely guard against anreprintedd curb intersocial翻译ference bysocializing external forces in Hong Kong and Macao affairs.

58. Promote peaceful development of cross-Straits relatireprintedons and the reunification of the motherland. We will adhere to the one-china principle and tproposal是可数还是不可数he 1992 Consecentral和center区别nsus, take the well-being of compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits as our primary concern, promote peaceful and integrated development of cross-Straits relations, strengsocial什么意思then cross-Straits industrial cooperation, build a cross-Straits common market, strengthen the Economy of the Chinese nation, and jointly promote thsocial怎么读e Chinese culture. We will improve systems and policies that ensure the well-being of Tabout怎么读语音aiwan compatriots and thatcentralized they enjoy equal trdeepen怎么读eatment in China, support Taiwan businesses and enterprises in participating in the Belt and Road Iaboutcgnitiative and coordinating national anabout是介词吗d regional development strategies, support Qualified Taiwan-funded enterprises in listiaboutcg网站ng their shares in China, and support Fujian in expreprintedloriabout是什么意思ng a new path ofcentral park integrated development across the Taiwan Straits. We will strengthen grassroots and youth exchanges across the Taiwan Straits. We will be highly vigilant against and resplanning是什么意思olutely curb separatist activities for “Taiwan indecentral是什么意思pendence”.

59. Actively create a favorable external environment. We should hold high the banner of peace, devesociallopment, cooperproposal是可数还是不可数ation and mutual benefit, pursue an independent foreign policy of peace, advance foreign exchanges in all fields and at all levels, and build a new type of international relations and a community wproposal什么意思ith a shared future for mankind. We will promote coordinationcentral的名词 and cooperation among major countries, deepen relations with neighboring countries, strengthen solidarity and cooperation with other developing countriedeepening翻译s, and actively develop global partnerships. We should uphold multilateralism and the pplanning是什么意思英语rinciples of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, actively participate in the reform and development of the global governance system, streproposal是可数还是不可数ngthen the development of the rule oplanning怎么读发音语音f law system related to foreign affairs, strengthen the application of inteabout怎么读rnational law, uphold the INTERNATIONAL system with the Ucentral是什么意思nited Nations at its corabout怎么读语音e and the international order basedeepening翻译d on international lawcentral park, and jointly respond to global chalsocial名词lenges. China will acentral翻译ctively participate in international cooperation on the prevention and controldeepening of major infectious dissocial翻译eases, and promote the building of a community of publiabout怎么读语音c health for maproposal是可数还是不可数nkind.

60. Improve the mechanism for planning and implementation. In accordance with the spirit of thplanning翻译is plenary session, we formulated the outline and speciasocial medial plans for the 14th Five-Year Plan at the national and local levels, so as to form a national planning systcentral parkem with accurate psocial clubositioning, clear bcentraloundaries, complementary functions,social club and unified cohesion. We will improve theabout是介词吗 mechanisms for policy coordination and work coordination, and the monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for planning and implementatiocentral和center区别n to ensure that the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee on the development of the 14th Five-Year Plan are fully implemproposal什么意思中文ented.

Realizing the 14th Five-Year Plan and the long-term goals of 2035 is of great signifideepening翻译cance, an arduous task and a bright future. The whole Party and people of all ethnisocialc groups in China shoulproposal是可数还是不可数d rally closely arounproposal什么意思d the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, work with one heart and one mind, and strive for new victorcentralisedies in building a modern socialist country in all respects.

Originally reprinted from wechdeepen怎么读at official areprintccount “Social Organization Trends in Shenzhen”

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