Future Service Team: hold the 2020 welcome to new students fellowship activity

On December 21, 2019, the 2020 Welcoming activity of Shenzhen Lions Club Future Service team was held at Lemon Manor in Heyuan City. About 30 guests, including future Service team leader Yang Dehua, secostudents英语怎么说nd vicservicemane captain Cao Meixiu, third vice captain Lin Riyang, pioneer team leader Sheng Baihua, and theirhold的过去形式 families attwelcome用法ended the event.

2020 Welcome party for new Students

Captain Yang Dehua delivers a speech at the fellowship party. He summarized the achievements of the service team in the pahold onst six months and looked forfuture糖果ward to the New Yenewlyar. He called on all liostudents英语怎么读ns memnew是什么意思bers to keep a good attitude, unite and assist, actively practice the spirit owelcome翻译f "Four Out" of lions Club and make morfuturee contribteamufuturetions to the healthy development of the sfuture4200ervice team. He expressed his gratitude to all lion friends and their families for their support and cooperation to the team and the attention oservice是什么意思中文翻译f caring pfuture是什么牌子eople in tservice翻译he community. He hoped that everyone wounewlyld continue to work together and act as a happy public welfaservice翻译re person with more practical actions.

The social party arranged entertainment programs,welcome的用法小结 lucky draw, funserviceman games and other content, the scene of lhold过去式aughter and laughter, everyone in a happy and relaxed atmosphere to spend a gofuture翻译od evening, together look forward to the progress of the New Year.service是什么意思中文翻译

2020 Welcome party for new Students

The lemon manor that relocates in the distanew balancent suburb of town of lighthouse of heyuan city, the night sky of mountain breeze, faint insect sing, faint fragrance of flowers, lang lang, the city that lets bufuture basssy all the time at numerous clamoholdur city person got the liberation of the heart, the cheerfuwelcome是什么意思l ofnew的反义词 spiriteamt, attend meetingwelcome中文翻译怎么说s personnwelcome的用法小结el expresses in order to be worth it this trip.

This is the first time for the team to arrange outdnewspaperoor activities, which is a concrete manifestation of the team's implementation of the concept of humanistic care. The social activities further promote twelcomeback什么意思he friservice怎么读endship betweewelcome怎么读n lion friends and enhance the cohesion and centripetal force ofteam什么意思 the team.

2020 Welcome party 1. JPG

Wen/Lin Day rearing

Photo/Future Service Team

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