Long-term Service Team: Hold the second regular meeting of 2020-2021

On November 5, 2020, the second regular meeting of shenzhen Lions Club long Term Service Team for 2020-2021 was held ilongn Wujinxia Club of Nanhai Yiku, Shekou, Nanshan District. Long-term servregularityice captain ZhenYong before, themeeting翻译 previous captain Zheng Jianhai, first deputy captain xiao-ling zeng, second depserviceableuty captain kwok keung, vice captain Yang Weisong third, secretaryteams WuYiYing, financial YanXiuYing, general Ma Xiujie, sergeants-at-arms geoff, the captain of the teaservicebiom members Huang Tingyin, Jisecond的基数词ang Ling, Fan Liang Ming 22 people were present at the meeting, such as lions, chairman of the second zone of shenzhen Wei Xin new to attend the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Guo Qiang and Yang Weison龙猫g.

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Guo Qiang second vice team long belregularityl meeting, lion friends furegular的名词ll of awe of tsecond翻译he heart played the nationalservice翻译 anthem, lion song; Zhou Junsecondhand picket announced the discipline of the regular meteam什么意思eting,long formally enteamotered the specific agenda of the meehold的过去形式ting.

The participants listened carefregularityullhold的过去形式y to the introduction andteamviewer summary of the activities carried out in the past six months by former captain Zhenhold on Yong, and the latest fiterm是什么意思nancial report released by the financial fmeeting的音标an Liangming.

After that, the meeting mainly annoterm翻译unced the follow-up activities plan, and fomeeting的音标rmer Team leader Zh龙族en Yong introduced the investigation report and activity plan of Honghe County, Yunnan Province. Mr. Zheng Jianhaishi, executive chairman of the event, made a progress report on the second phase of the project. The second phase of the project iservice翻译s scheduled to be completed and accepted on December 28. Zhentermuxg Jianhai shi introduced that the long Termsecond怎么读 Service team insists on the 28th or 29thregular of each month as the "Lion Love Station" service dservice怎么读ay. Liteambitionon friendteambitions can arrangeserviceman time to take turns to participate in the service.

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"Red Action" activity, the goal is to complete 50 blood donation tasks in one activity, under the responsibility of the executive chairman Zeng Xiaosecondling, is scheduled to be launched in November or Dechold翻译ember; The executeam什么意思tive chairman of the activity is Guo Qiang, which is planned to be launched in November. The purpose of the activity is to serve lion friends, lion friemeetingtencentcomnds' familiehold的过去形式s and friends around, so that each family has a member who knows first aid. Lion friregular反义词ends care activities, organized by care committee mterminalember Ao Fei, include birthday care, weddings and funerals, business opening, etc.

Former team leader Zhen Yong proposed the membership development and retention targets for this year, and The executive chairman waservice的名词s Tingyin Wong shijie.

In the meeting, 15 lion friends ofsecond怎么读 the long Term service team actively donated 16 Lion awards, including 2 by Zhen Yongqian, 1 by Zheng Jian龙蛇演义hai, Zeng Xiaoling, Huang Tingyin, Yang Wregular是什么意思英语eisong, Zhou Jun, Guo Qiang, Hu Hongyan, Li Yserviceingjie, Wu Yiying, Ao Fe龙蛇演义i, Fan Liangming, Ma Xiujie, Dai Xueholdmei and Yan Xiuying. Accordisecondlove日剧ng to the relevant regulations of Lions Club, if a lion club pledges 5 or more lteamsion prizes, the distterm是什么意思rict club can return 70% to the service team for the next year.

At this meeting, all the participants agreed to change thmeeting是什么意思e leaderholdingship in the service, that is, to change the leadership in November in honghe County, Yunnan Province.

At the end of the meeting, Chairmhold过去式an Wei Xinxin delivered a speserviceech and presented a simeetingtencentcomgna龙族ture handkerchief to the participants to express good wishes.

In the end, Guoregular Qiang, the second vice team, rang the bell to a龙胆泻肝丸nnounce the successful conclusion of the sterm怎么读econd regular meetisecondscreen下载ng of shenzhen Lions Club long Term Service Team 2020-2021.



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