Red Li Service Team: hold the third team meeting and regular meeting of 2020-2021

On September 20, 2020, the third captain team meeting and regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Red Li Service Team formeeting 2020-2021 was heldmeeting腾讯会议 in Kaiberi Junlin Sea Service Apartment, Yantian District. Red li service team captain Wu Guicheng, the last cthird是什么意思英语aptain Long Yali, the second vice captain Zhang Ying, the third vice captain Yang Li, former captain He Yhold的过去形式ongan, Liu Xiaoningredmik40, secretary Liang Wenjuan,临渊行 picket Chen Lixin, general affairs Xiaomeetingyou是什么意思 Jianteamo and other 1team2 lion凌天战尊 friends attended the meeting. The meetregular翻译ing was chaired by Ymeeting是什么意思中文翻译e Su Fang.

Illustration 2: group photo of regular meeting. JPG

Captain Wu Guicheng thanked and welcomed the lithird的基数词on friends to the scene, he repred怎么读orted the lion work in the near future, and made arrangregular反义词ements for the lion work in the late stage.

Illustration 5: photo of Captain Wu speaking. JPG

Long Yali, the last leader, introduced that last year, under the joint efforts of all lion frienthird怎么读ds, Red Li Service team achieved excellent resteamworkults, won the "Harmonious power" outstanding service award, 100% Huashi award; Among them, Long Yali won the "Harmonious fthird的基数词orce" outstanding captain award, Liang Wenjuan won the "Harmonious force" outstanding Secretary award, Yang Li won the "Harmonious force" outstanding浏览器的历史 financial award, Rong Jing, Zhang Jian, Wu Guicheng respectively won the "Harmonious force" outstanding performathird怎么读英语nce award. She congratulredated all the winning lions and thanked them for their hard work.

The team leader and executive chairmen discussed the arrangement of service activregularities, and said that they wredmi是什么手机ould carry out tmeeting是什么意思he science and technology assistthird的缩写ance program of Haifeng Special Education School in September and hunan and Hubei education assistance program in November according to the annual plan. At the same time, on the occasion of the Double Ninth Fesregularlytival, we will carry out community cmeeting是什么中文意思are services for the elderly.

At the meeting, The chairman of The Conference reported the progress of the H李亚鹏aifeng education project, and proposed to donate to bteams手机版uild the spring multime六级报名dia classroom and spring bud reading room for the school. Afteredmir communication and coordination, the servicservice翻译e temeeting的音标am decided to jointly organize the Haifeng special educaholdingtion school aid activities from September 25 to 27 by Yitired怎么读an service team, shajing, Shandemeeting and两个人的房间 Nanhai Service team, with Zhangli Jian as the generredmial coordinator, Wang Yanhua as the execureducetive chairman and Ye Sufang as the executive vice chairman.

Illustration 7: Ye Sufang speaks. JPG

Zhang Ying,regular反义词 executive chairman of Hunan Financial Aid Program, reported the latest progress of hunan financial aid program. She introduced that the second phase of the whiteboard technology donation project has completed the purchase of display screens. In addition, we are following up the procurementteam什么意思 and training of ground equipment for the five-body ballmeeting怎么读英语. We plan to go to Hunan to hold the donation ceremony in November.

Illustration 8: Zhang Ying speaks. JPG

Xiao Jian, executive chairmregular是什么意思英语an of Hubei Education Program, reported hongli's hubei Education program. He said the red Li service team will donate to the school to build an electric classroom, chunya reading room, four all-in-one teaching machines, eight air conditioners, and replace 240 sets of old desks and chairs.

Illustration 9: Xiao Jian speaking. JPG

For personthird什么意思al reasons, Brother Zhou Hongguang resigned from his post as the third vice captain. Captain Wu Guicheng made a speciholdingal explanation and notification on the reelection of the tmeeting的音标hird vice captain of the Red Litchi Service Team. After the vote of all the team leaderlis, Yang Li, the former financial officer, will serve as the third vice captain of the Red Li Service Team this year. In terms of finance, Li Rong, a financial professional, will assist in the fiservicemannancial wo六级报名rk. Sister Yang thanked hongred是什么意思li's family for their trust and suregularitypport, and said that she would try her best to do a good job as the third viceredis captain and serve happily with everyone.

Illustration 10: Yang Li speaks. JPG

After the meeting, lion friends dined together to exchange lion affairs and lion love and spend a good time togserviceableether. The lions of hong Lai Service team shared their opinions with enthusiasm. Former team leaders Lmeeting是什么中文意思iu Xiaoning and Hehold on Yong 'an shared the work of district commissionteamviewerers; Zhang Ying, Liang Wenjuan sharemeeting翻译d the second vice captain, secretary oredmik40f the relevant matters. With the new school season in September, let us continue to run against the wind with a grateful heart fulthirdlyl of love for public welfare undertakings!

Illustration 11: picture of past chairman's speech. JPG

Illustration 12: group photo of regular meeting. JPG

Article/photo Contributed by Hong Li Service Team

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