Staying True to the Original Aspiration and leading the Way -- The Party Branch of Shenzhen Lions Club held a plenary (expanded) meeting and a symposium on Party construction

On December 23, 2020, the plenary (expanded) meeting of the Party Branch of Lions Club shenzhen and the Symposium on Party construction was he傻英语ld in the Lions Club office in Shenzhen. Domestic representative in shenzhen, shenzhen fedpartynextdooreration of lion lion li wh, first secr蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松etary oftrue the party branch and shenzhen lions party branch secretary wang xing tian, shenzhen lions club President from 2020 to 2深圳疫情最新消息021, the second zone沙蝇 functional zhi-qiang lu, secretary of party branch, vice President of the first G沙蝇uo Yongyonaspiration是什么意思英语g, deputy secretary-general Tan Fei long, secretary-general, shenzhen lions party branch committee m蛙泳的正确姿势视频ember Lai Zhuoni深圳天气, Financial officer NieXiangDong, long picke沙鹰修罗t zhang jian, the first party branch secretary, deputy se沙鹰天神怎么变双枪cretary general Liao Ronghui zone functionality and deputy secretary-general Fang Shilei, Wang Danya Zhang Zheqin, chairman of the zotrue是0还是1ne, Wei Xin new, lily, &schwar瓦窑堡会议z, xiao-ping yu, li xiaofeng, chairman of the partition, zhi-jian wu深圳市最新疫情, Chen Xusheng, the saletrue的反义词, and the party branch沙鹰修罗 committee member of 28 people were present at the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Tian Xingwang.

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Secretrue是0还是1tary Tian Wangxing preached the learning content of the spirit of thepartynextdoor fift深圳地铁线路图h Plenabranches是什么意思ry Session of the 19th Central Committee. He made it clear that in the face of the complex international situation, espeaspiration的用法cially the severe imbranches是什么意思pact of COVID-19, under the leadership of the CPC, we will surely overcome all difbranches翻译ficulties and obstacles on our way forward, achieve the decisive深圳疫情最新消息 achievement of complecleadingting the building of a moderat深圳疫情最新消息ely poriginally形容词raspirational翻译osperous societybranch什么意思 in all respects, and successfully achieve the 14th Five-Year Plan and the two centenary goals.

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Laoriginal是什么牌子i Joaspiration什么意思loni organized participapartynts to study in depth general Secretary Xi Jinping'saspiration important discourse on strengthening party building in social organizations,branch什么意思 as well asoriginal软件 relevant documents and regulations on stroriginal翻译engthening Parparty是什么意思ty building in socialtrue翻译 organizations at all lstaying什么意思evels.

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Liao ronghui preached taspirational翻译he discussion about social organ深圳疫情最新动态izations since the 19th National Congress of thepartynextdoor Communist Party of China, and stressed that shenzhen Lions Club should abranch什么意思dhere to the leadership of the Party, give full play to the role of the Party branch深圳疫情 as a fighting fortress and the vangparty是我家下载mp3uard and exemplary rooriginal是什么牌子le of party members as lion friends.

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Li wh first深圳市最新疫情 secretary of the confederation of organizational learningway翻译, the domestic lion spirit of party construction saspiration什么意思ymposium, conveys the domestic lion federation President Gu Yong, vice President of the federation and domestic domestic lion federation party branch secretary Gupartynextdooro Ke symposium on party constrparty复数uctiontrue是0还是1 in the lion ioriginallyn thway是什么意思e league's remarks, shenzhen lions party construction in recent years are summarized, find the existing problems and gap, Has been clear about the next stepway in the imstaying怎么读plementation of the lion symposium of the spirit of party construction measures, requirements of shenzhen lileadingons party branch, council and board of supervisors, and all the lion, attaparty是我家ches great importance to and support the party coriginal翻译onstruction, strengthening the consciousness of the party leshenzhenadership, cherish the瓦窑堡会议 liwaywardons honor, strengthen organizational leadership, carefully manage team, a solid service. Especially at present and in the future, members of the Party branch, members of the funcbranch翻译tional Party branches, regional chairmen, regional chbranch什么意思airmen and service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club should cotrue是0还是1operate with each other, make concerted estayingffo沙鹰天神怎么变双枪rts, take solid responsibility and fulfill the specific work of Party building with high standards: One is to fully caroriginal是什么牌子ry out the lion friends party member registration, in accordance with the reqstayinguirements of all the lion friends of the service team to carry out a comprehensive registration, to ensure that no one mtrue的反义词issing; Second, we must set up service group, on the basis oaspirationalf the party member registration overall statistics, combining with ser蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松vice meeting, as well as shift work, want to be in more than three lions friends set up the service group of party memberstrue怎么读, elected at the same tiway翻译me the party leader, service lion friends party number three enough to nearby service sebranchest up a joint group, and regulleading什么意思arly carry out activities according to the requirement; Third, conscienoriginal的名词tiously implement the party day life sysbranchingtem, o瓦窑堡rganize a joint mestayingeting of par深圳地铁线路图ty affairs workers of a functionatrue是什么意思l Party bparty的中文ranch every quarter, timely study party affairs knowledge, discuss party affairs work, enhanbranch怎么读ce tcleadinghe cohesion and centripetaparty的中文l force of functional Party branches.

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During the forum, CAI Chunlin, Luo Junping, Liao Ronghui, Zhang Zheqin, Wang Lina put forwardaspirational constructive suggestions on how to strengthen the construction of Shenoriginal和initial的区别zhen Lions Club.

In the end, Lu Zhiqiang, chairman of shenzhen Lions Club, saibranches是什么意思d that sheoriginally形容词nzhen Lions Club would attach great importance to and fully suoriginal什么意思pport the work of the Party branch, and hoped that all party members shoulaspiration怎么读d give full plaaspirational翻译y to the exemplary role of party membeoriginally形容词rs. The club should organize party members to study rleadingegularway怎么读ly, actively do a good job in combranch怎么读munication, and unite with the board ofbranches directobranch怎么读rs and the B深证指数oard of Supervisors to promotrue的反义词te the healthy development of Shenzhen Lions Club. He firmly believes that under the深圳市最新疫情 strong leadership of the Lions Association and the Disabled persons' Federation, and under the active efforts of the Party branch away怎么读nd all party members of the Lions Friends of Shenzhen Lions Club, the party building work of the Lions Club of Shenzhen will be inaspiration怎么读-depth, solid and fruitfparty是什么意思ul.

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In the end, the participatinaspiration的所有变形g party members sang "Without the Communist Party, there would be no New China" in unison. With their magnificent songs, they sang the heartfelt wishes of all t深圳市最新疫情he Lion Friends to the prosperity and strengoriginal软件th of the motherland, expressing their strong love for the Party and patriotism.


[Text] Liu Zengye

[Photo] Liu Zengye

【 Ediwayt 】 Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Lin Yanbranchingfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaohway是什么意思eng

Issueoriginally形容词d boriginaly Shenzhen Lions Club

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