Deep night reports | when public welfare in teenagers "heritage plan" to!

On September 24th, under the guidance of Shenzhen Working Committee for Caring for the Next Generation and Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Broadcasting Group financial lwhenife Channel co-sponsored youth Innovation public welfare project. The Inheritor Program "; , offplanicially launched in Shenplanet什么意思zhen Guangdian Building. Chen Biao, former vice Mayor of Shenzhen anddeeply Director odeepl下载f Shenzhenteenagers怎么读 Working Commitdeepsleep2tee for Caring for the Next Generation, Dong Xiu, Party Secretary and Director of Shenzhen Disabled Persons'when怎么读英语怎么说 Federatiowhen的用法四种句型n, Guo Yongyong, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, Dai Jie, Deputy Party sheritage可数吗ecretardeepsleep2y and Disciplinenight软件下载链接 inspection Secretary of Shenzheteenagers怎么读n Brplanoadcasting Group Professional Chanwelfare可数吗nel Center, and other leaders,when的用法四种句型 guests and youth representatives attended treport什么意思英语怎么读he launching ceremony. As the organizer and co-organizer of the evenwelfare可数吗t, 20 service teams (projects) of Shenzheheritage可数吗n Lions Club were invited to attend the launching ceremony.

Deep night reports | when public welfare in teenagers

"According to the organizers," The Inheritor Program "; Tpublic是什么意思his year, there willplantation be two sub-activities, public speecwheneverh contest "Public Welfare,heritage是什么品牌 This YOUNG" and classroom "Health, this YOUNG". "Public Welfare, This YOUNG" is dedicated to recordingplan the public welfare moments that are unteenagersique to YplanetsOUNwhen和while的区别G people, lereports什么意思tting the publipublic404html乱c see whaplanetix第九行星t this generaheritage的意思tion thinks about public welfare, passing on charitable acts, and shaking one heart witteenagers怎么读h another. "Health, This Ydeepl下载OUNG" focuses on the physical and menwhental health of YOUNG people from the aspects of family, campus andnight软件下载链接 peers, igniting the drive to establish an effective connectplansion between YOUNG people, family and society, so as to become a better self.

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Among the public welfare organizations in Shenzhen, the Lions Creports翻译lub of Shenzhen is definitely a profwheneveressional public welfare organization that cannotdeepest be ignored. Under the care of shenzhen Municipareportsl Party Committee and municipal officials, and under the guidance and supervision of shenzhen Disabdeepestled Persons' Federation, Shenzhen Lions has been deeply engagedheritage是什么品牌 in public welfare for nearly 20 yeapublicityrs. Shenzhen Lions will help public welfare workplantationers turn their interests into passions, passiplanetsons into careers, careers into beliefs, and become noreports怎么读t only public weheritage形容词lfare, but also sacred responsibilitydeepest of mission. With this initial intention, Shenzhen Lions Club has joined hands with Shenzhewhen的用法四种句型n Finance & Life Channheritage怎么读el to creteenagers的中文意思ate a "business life channel". The Inheritor Program "; We hope that starting from the youth, we can find anothpublic翻译er way tplan是什么意思o achieve long-term success in public welfare.

Acdeeplycording to Guo Yongyong, the yowhen引导的时间状语从句uth project is one of the five key projects of Shenzhen Lions Club twhenitcomestohis year. Soul class is tdeepl在线翻译官网o ureport是延续性动词吗nderstand the psyplanchology of teenagreportsers in a more comprehensive way thdeepinrough interaction, swelfare翻译haring anddeepest lectures,deepl在线翻译官网 and show the care of the whole society for teenagers.

Deep night reports | when public welfare in teenagers

Excellent public welfare orgadeepl在线翻译官网nizations and activities cannot leave the professional supervision and gureport是什么意思idance of the unit, Chen Biao said that shenzhen closes working committee, as the carriers plan guidance unit will be in the next series of activities, together with youth public class, focusing on thewhen后面的动词用什么时态 rule of law education, rightsnight软件下载链接 protectiodeepsleep2n, the physical and mental health, parent-child relationship, etc., to help thedeepl healthy growth of tereports翻译enagers.

Deep night reports | when public welfare in teenagers

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At the opening cerdeepnostalgiaemony, the dnightalkirectpublic404html最新网站or owhenf Shenzhen Book Club, the golden host, and the four years' dedication to puwhen是什么意思blic service had an interaction with the two invited teenagers, Shifang and Yiyi, shreport是什么意思owing their experience of participating in public service for ten years at thplanninge age of 13 and telling stories to children with autism. With a trophy and a poteenagers怎么读stcard, they tell us that age shonightuld nheritage怎么读ot be an obstacle to public welfare, and that cultivating a good heart from an early age is even more precious. Siyi, as a seninight翻译or journalist and winner of the fwhen的用法irst prize of the 7th Good Reporter Tells Good Stories, was also hired as the general consultwhen是什么意思ant and judge of thewelfare怎么读 Youth Public Speech Competition.

Deep night reports | when public welfare in teenagers

▲ Yiyi, the youth representative, shares her story of public welfare.

Deep night reports | when public welfare in teenagers

▲ The first contestant to sign uwhen后面的动词用什么时态p, Shi Fang, shared hireport是什么意思s story of public welfare.

Philanthropy can bereports什么意思 much more than simply donating money and materials." The Inheritor Program ";when引导的时间状语从句 The YOUNG series is a kind of broad sense of youth, which is the youth of brand expression, the youth of user group, and the youth of public welfare development. From mere rituals driven by gpublicityood intentteenagers的中文意思ions, it has bteenagers翻译ecome a way of life that is attractive in its own right. The sponsor wishes to pass ". The Inheritor Program "; This precious spirit of inheritance and faith in public welfare can be seen not only in Shenzhen, but also in the wider public wpublicityelfare ecosystem in the next ten or twenty years.

It is reported that the youth public speech contest "; Public welfare, this young "; , registration has beedeepln opened. Email youngtalk@163welfare怎么读.com, 10 to 17 years old, young people who wanheritage翻译t to share their own experience, experwelfare是什么意思英语iencwhenitcomestoe, experiencwhenevere and action of public welfare stories can sign up by way of manuscript + videheritage怎么记忆o (or audeepsleep2dio). For details, pleaswelfare怎么读e follow the Fiwhen和while的区别nancial Life channel. In the end, 10 semi-finalists will be selected to pheritagearticipate in the rereport是什么意思cording of the TV final in STUDIO 800, and the fideepl在线翻译官网rst, second and third prizes will receive puwelfare怎么记忆blic welfare bonuses, and the organizers will help to fulfill their pudeepinblic welfare wishdeepsleep2es.

Shenzhen Evening News reporter Liu Danqing editor Fang Zhuang Fang

Source: Shenzhen Evening News

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