In the bright sunshine, The cause of helping the disabled in Shenzhen has reached a new level

On the evening of May 21, an art performance featuring disabled people in Shenzhen was staged at the Shenzhen Grand Theater tdisabled电脑o celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Founding of the Cosunshinemmdisabled造句简单带翻译unist Party of China and the 31st National Assistance For the Disabled Day.levelled

The performance was sponsored by shenzhen Municipal Peopsunshine什么意思le's Official Disabled Working Committee and undertaken by Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Fedebright翻译ration. On the stage, disabled people showbright翻译ed their talents and talencausedts, reflecting tsunshine翻译中文he theme melody of feeling the party's kindness, listening to the Partsunshine微信名含义y and follownew是什么意思ing the Party, as well as their vigorous and lifnew balancee-loving spicause的过去式rit.

Feng Ling, member of the Sdisabled造句简单带翻译tanding Comminew是什么意思ttee of shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Head of thlevelse United Front Work Department, Chen Hailong, member of the Leading party group asunshine组合nd vice chairman of Guangdong Disabled Persons' Federation, Dong Xiu, secrereached怎么读tary of the Leading party group and candidate for chairman of Shenzhen Disabled Pecausewayrsons' Federation, and leaders of members of Shenzhen Officlevel2ial Disabled Persons' Workidisabled造句简单带翻译ng Committee attended the event.

The performance beshenzhengan with a passionate chnew是什么意思英语orus of disabled performers titlednewspaper "Without the Communist Party, tcause的名词herenew would be no New China." The evening is divided intolevel怎么读英语 three chapters. The first chapter is "Love of Life", which expresses that the cause of disabled people in Shenzhen started in springcause什么意思. The disabled peopl深圳风险等级e in Shenzhen feel the warmth and call of spring breeze, and the love of life goes with spring. Disabled peoplelevels in Shenzhen love life, believe in the future, and write their stories into the chapter of urban development.

Mid-Autumn festivcausewayal, Lin Jiang Lujun nine disabilities such as singer chorus of "ideal upon domestic, shenzhen opera opreached outeran dance" open window ", show the spirit of resistance to disease of song andisabled造句简单d dance to protect life, to the beam and the recitation of the "dream", the visually impaired singers perform Wendy anew是什么意思英语nd dsunshineisabledisabled是开启还是关闭d dancers dance "climbers", r深圳天气eflected in shenzhen under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee, Open the windoreached什么意思w of reform and opening up, compose a colorful spring story.

Tang Kaifeng and other outstanding athletes and entrepreneurs let the audience and the public see the indomitable side of shenzhen disabled people. Among them are Tang Kaifeng, a hearing-imcause的名词paired Olympic badminton ch深圳地铁线路图ampion; Wang Qihong, a national May Day model worker and rhythmi深圳c gymnastics coach; Qiu Haohai, founder of Slive, China'disabled造句s first social platform for hearhelpingothersmakesmehappyisunshine组合ng-impaired people, and Dai Lu, an e-commerce entrepreneur sufflevelledering from ALS, shared their original aspirationdisabled是什么意思 to bravely challenge their fate and pursue their dreams.

The second chapter is "Love in Hand", which shows the warmth and strength of Shenzhen, a city of volunteers and charity, where disabled people cadisabled造句简单带翻译n feel love and hope. Therreached翻译e is love, clear ahead, singing and dancing here is shencause什么意思zhen people, young autism ShuHaiFeng solo piano three movement of Because和reasonethoven's enthusiasm, slapd, Jenny sing the lights in the domestic, yuan ping TeJiao deaf ccause翻译hildren perform a dance "the moon says," blind singer lily singing "thank y深证指数ou", w深圳地铁线路图hich elevel2有必要买吗mbody the disabledcause you know and volunteers palm witdisabled造句简单带翻译h heart, Shoulder to shoulder, for social progress, for The Times to empower, dedicated youth passion and strength.

Rbright照片oses, hands have lingering fragrance. Representatives of disabled volunteers also took the stage to talk about their service colevelncepts. It is reported that the disabled assistance group of Shendisabled的形容词zhen Volunteer Association "Walking with You" has been established for 2sunshine歌词0 years, with 1200 members participa深圳地铁线路图ting in morehelpingourparents课文翻译 than 1500 public welfare acbrightnesstivities and serving more than 6000 hours per person. Th深圳e city disabbright泰星led people's Federdisabled造句简单带翻译ation's pioneer volunteer brigade responded to the needs of the disabled in the first time through telephone calls anddisabled造句简单带翻译 Internet, becoming a "timely rain" for disabled f深圳风险等级riendsbright.

Self-reliant, disabled friends don't forget to give back to society, disabled entrepreneurs zhicauseway-yong he becausunshine什么意思se FuCan assistive deeds won the national title of "behelpingothersmakesmehappyst volunteers", deaf entrepreneurs NingLei, public welfare project director yu Ji jiing said it will continue to help the disabled employment endisabled造句trepreneurship, President of shenzhen lionbright, zhi-qiang lu, information barrier-free ssunshine怎么读ociety volunteers reflection on international exchange also said "whernew是什么意思英语e there is a nhelpingothersmakesmehappyeed, We are everywhere."

The third chapter is "Sincere Love", which shows tsunshine什么意思he features of disabled persons' federations at allhelping levels and various service organizations for the disab深圳疫情le深圳天气d in Shedisabled的形容词nzhen. These organizations have the courage to take responsibilitydisabled and inno深圳大学vate to bringreached同义词 the Party's care for the disabled to thousands of families in pursuit of a better life. The songs and recitations of "Sing a folk song to the Party", "Yearning" and "Oriental Charbrightm" by Shenzhen Opera and Dance Theatre exphelpingothersmakesmehappyressed the disabled friends' gratitude and striving spirit. On stage, Zhang Yingying, who just won the National May 4th Youth Medal, thankednew怎么读 officidisabled造句简单带翻译als at all levels and all wsunshine翻译alks of life for tsunshineheir help and support. Ninebright照片 years ago, she started to work on employment assistancbrightnesse for the disablsunshine歌曲英文歌词ed, using the ARTlevel2使用技巧IFICIAL intelligence platreached同义词form to incubate disabled pesunshine翻译中文ople to start businesses and slevelocial organizations, helping manylevel怎么读英语 sehelpingothersmakesmehappyverely disabled people find jobs at home, and exploring an innovative mode of "diversified employment" suitable for the disabl深圳天气ed.

At the end of the performance, zholevel是什么意思u深圳 Hui, the image ambassador of Shenzhen Barrier-free Environment Promotion Association, and other disabled singers sang the original song "There is Love for Barrier-free", showing shenzhen's barrier-free city construction treached怎么读音o the public.

The performance ended with a chorus of "Me and my Country".

Ahelpingourparents课文翻译t the end of the evening,helping many in the audience were left wanting more. With the isunshine的情侣名称nspiridisabled电脑启动项ng "14th Five-year Plan" sohelpingourparents课文翻译unding loud and clear, the cause of the disabled in Shenzhen has embarked on tbrightlyhe journey of rising sun and setting modisabled造句on, and the cause of assisting thcause和reasone disabled in Shenzhen will also enter a new journey.

(Zheng Jianyang and Zhanhelpingg Xingwei)

Source: Shenzhen Business Daily

Under the bright sunshine, The cause of assisting the disabled in Shenzhen has reached a new stage

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