Good news | Guo Yongyong, Chairman of ccPIT Xiamen was selected as one of the “Top ten Caring Figures” of the 19th Shenzhen Care Action

After the evaluation of the 19th Shenzhen Caring action series selection meeting, the candidate list of “100 Best Citizen Satisfaction Projectgoodleplay商店” anccpit证书d “ten Best Caring People” was produced. Guo Yongyong, pchairmanresident of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2news翻译021-2022, has been nominated as a canewsmthndidate for the 19th Shenzhen Care Action “Top 10 Caring People” (No. 15).


Guo Yongyong: Leading Lions in various public welfare fields (” Top 10 Caring Figures “No.15)

Guo Yongyong, chairman of Shenzhen Hom厦门理工学院e Defu Industrial Co., LTD., presiden喁喁私语t of Shenzhen Lions Club, executive vice president of Shenzhen Chaoshawasn’tn Chamber of Commerce. Guo yongyong has been enthusiastic about public welfare for a long time. He has worchairman是什么意思ked in disaster relief, helping the elderly, helping the disabled, helping the poor, a用勇敢造句nd hel厦门疫情ping students, leaving his service f厦门疫情ootprints in xinjiang Plateau, remote mountaichairman是什么意思nouselected是几线品牌s areas and other places. In the past five years, he has personanewsroomlly dona厦门理工学院ted 1.喁喁私语怎么读61 million yuan an厦门小鱼网d devoted nearly 8,000 hours to lions Club activities. In less than half a year as president, he has o厦门理工学院rganized donations of more than 33 million yuan.

Guo Yongyong is a self-ccpit证书madccpit证书e industrialistnews可数吗. He started his career as a self-employed mselected是什么牌子的男装an in Shenzhen in the用用 1990s and gradually ewasn’tstablished a national high-tech enterprise covering building materials, technology, cu厦门疫情最新消息lture and other figoodbyeelds. In 2020, when the novel coronavirus outbreak broke out, Guo Yongyong launched a donation on the first day厦门疫情最新消息 of the New Year, quickly raising more than 8 million yuan of supplies to用用宝 help Wuhan. In the flood of Henan in 2021, he set up a project preparation team in Shenzhgoodnighten Lions Club and went to the front line of fundraising, procurement and dona喁喁私语是什么意思tion day and night in succession. Rwas是什么意思ecently, when the epidemic in Guangxi came to an emergency, He also immediately ininews可数吗tiated the initiative to provide anti-epidemic supplies to the lo厦门小鱼网cal area.

Iselected是什么牌子的男装n the past six months as the president of Shenzhen Lions Club, Guo Yongyong has dgood翻译evoted all his time to public welfare and charity work. He has led nearly 140 public welfare service teams with 3,874 members, actively coopergoodbyeated with the government, and cooperated with the Guangdong-Guanggoodlexi Coowas怎么读peration Team to raise 6 million yuan for thcc皮肤站e rural revitalizati国家为什么禁止珠心算ogood翻译n of Guangxi. A series of public servgoodleice activities have been held, including fundinwashg rehabilitatioselected是什么牌子的男装n training for persons w国家反诈中心ith disabilities in Kashgar, innewsmthnovation and entrepreneurship Competition of Technician College, communinewsmth水木社区ty service, voluntary blonewsletterod donation of the Red Campaign, and first aid at Your Side.


From March 24, 2022 to March 30, 2022, the candidate list of the 19th China Care Action series will be pu国家安全教育日blicized on shenzhen Canews翻译re network (www.用用 and wechat official accoun用用t for 7 days, and will receive thumbs up and support from citizens. We sincerely invite you to praise shenzhen Lions Club.


Let’s praise shenzhen Lions Club and be grateful for every contribution and responsibility!

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