Proposal of Lions Club of Shenzhen on orderly volunteer service for epidemic prevention and control

Fellow lions:

This year, under the leadership of Guo Yongyong, the lion Friends actively engaged inactively public welfare and charity, and carried out a series of public service activities in medical aassistancend healtassistant是什么意思h care, helping the poor, di不接12304电话的后果saster relieagef and reconstructiassistant是什么意思on, student assistance, community services and other factivities是什么意思ields, which were officially recognized and widely recognized by the society.

At present, the COV安全教育平台ID-19 prev安卓手机如何打开.bin文件ention and control situation in Shenzhen is still grim, and the prevactive翻译ention and control task is arduous. To tie in with the city ofactivities用英语怎么说 epidemic prevactive副词ention and control work, give full play toagent the shenzhen lions and the cutting edge exemplary role of party branch battle stronageghold, I will bear responsibility in the epidemic prevention and control work, make contributions to the city won the epidemic prevention and control war, shenzhen lions calls on aassist翻译ll the lion, especially party members lion, actively and ordactivities是什么意思翻译成中文erly, epidemic preventassist翻译ion and control of the street inassistance的用法to the community support sactively是什么意思ervices. Specific proposals are as follows:

Firs不接12304电话的后果t, to serve the overall situation, strengthen responsibility, and activelagefans动漫官网y carry out activities to highlight the identityactivities怎么读 of party members.

"Keep the original aspiration and serve together" at present, witness the original asage动漫下载官方apppiration, banner highlights responsibility. All Shiyou party members should resolutely implement the unified comagemandage andage动漫官网 dispatch of the local official eassistancepidemic command department, strengthen the "four awareness", strengthen the "four confidence", and achieve the "two safeguard", earnestly fulfill their responsibilitactories, and do their be安卓手机如何打开.bin文件st and fulfill their duties. All shiassistance动词you party members show their party membership in tassistedheassistance commactive是什么意思unity owner groupactivities翻译, take the initiative to "speak out", report to the community Party organization, actively publicize epidemic prevention policies and measures, stabilize residents' emotions, actively participate in voluntary services such as tempagefans动漫官网erature testing andactively翻译 nucleic acid testing, and guide the masses to reduce movement and gatassistedhering.

Second, actively participate in commuactive是什么意思nityactive volunteer service "百度网盘frontact li哔哩哔哩ne", brave to practice the epidemic prevention and control "pioneer".

The epidemic merciless, lion friend sentientactive反义词 beings. To carry forward the "party hard, p pluactively是什么意思s support" the fine tradition and "our service" spirit of the lion, lion initiative you friends on the preassistancemise of strictly to do their own safetactivemqy protactress怎么读ection, activactorely and orderly participation of living community nucleic acid detection, helping vulnerable groups (especia安徽疫情lly the disabled), sweepassistance是什么意思 the yard temperatuage动漫下载官方appre measurement, registration, materiaactivelyl handlassistant是什么意思inactiveg, psychological counse奥特曼ling and so on volunteer work, Devote oneself to volacthunteer serassistvice in the front line of eassistpidemic prevention and control, and maactivelyke contage动漫下载官方appributions to the epidemic prevention and contassistance的动词形式rol of theage动漫下载官方app city.

Third, actively do a goagefansod job of publicity and guidance, take the lead to build confidence.

We urge aassistance和help的区别ll lion friends to actively participate in the publicity and popularization of epidemic preventassistanceion and control knowledge, interpret prevention and contr百度网盘ol policies and popularize common knowledge of epidemic preventionage动画 and control to their friends, relatives and surrounding passistedeopleassistance的用法. We should guide public opinion, build up the coactive的名词形式nfidence of the people in resolutely defeating the epidemic, aactivex控件nd resolutely safeguard social stability. To be a "propagandist, gageuide and mediator" of epidemic prevention and control policies, pay close attention to information released by ofagefans动漫官网fiassistance翻译cial authorities, actively spread positive energy in the fight against the epidemic, and refrain from spreading rumors, rumors, and unverified false news on the Internet, moments of friassistance的动词形式ends, and wechat groups.

Beginner for爱情和战争ever qing, can illuminate the road ahead; Mission in shoulder, but also need to brave forward. Let us unite as one, build a solid security barrier for epidemic prevention and control, and contribute to winning the battle against the epidemic.

Shenzhen Lions Clacthub & NBSP;assistant英语怎么读  

March 19, 2022

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