Honya Service Team held the inaugural ceremony for the 2021-2022 election

On July 23, 2021, the inaugural ceremony and the 5th anniversary celebration of the 2021-2022 annual change of leadership of Hong Ya Service Team of Sceremony怎么读henteam什么意思zhceremony怎么读en Lions Club was held in Shengtao Sha Hotel, Nanshan District with thteamviewere theme of "Hong Ya Zheng Youth". Lin Ziyu, supervisor of The National Lions Association; Li Weihua, representativeservice是什么意思中文翻译 of the National Lions Association in Shceremonyenzhen and former deputy inspector of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation; Guo Yongyong, president of Shenzhen Lions Club; Weng Hua, Shservicemani Jianyonceremony是什么意思g, former presidenteamsts; Tan Fei, Li Zhteamou, Zhao Huiceremony同义词, Wen Yaoli, Li Chunchang, Li Li, directors; wu Jinzhi, proposed to be chairman of the second Zone; Moreteams than 200 people attended the ceremony, including Lin Xiaoyi, Yu Fangfei, Tang Xueyong, Li Bin, Yan Weimin, Zhaninaugural address课文pptg Wei, Guo Liang, Wan Xiaoyun, Wen Zhiyong, Supervisor Zhouinaugural Zhihui, zheng Hceremony是什么意思uoping, special assistant of the president, Hongya Service Team lion Friends and their families, representatives of variouelection翻译s service teahonyar是什么牌子ms aelection怎么读nd caring people. Yang Yonheld的意思是什么gguang served as the chairman of the generteamworkal Asshonyar是什么牌子开关embly, and Guo Jianhui served as the executive chairman of the General Assembly. The ceremceremony翻译ony was presided over by Meng Chun and Yanhonyag Yongguangteamwork.helden

At five o 'clock in the afternoon, all the lion friends of Hongya came on stage with the music of "I Love the Lions club". Hongya service team Zhao Niainaugural翻译nzhen, Yang Yongguang, Guo Jianhui, CAI Weihua, Huang Sinauguralhuangyan, Li Zheng, Zhao Yanping, Wserviceang Guoliang ehonyar是什么牌子开关ight lions read "Hong Yazheng Youth" passionheldatelteamsy to open the prelude of the celebration activities. Hong Ya Zheng Youth was created by CAI Weihua. In the form of narserviceablerative poems, she presents the details of hongya Serviinaugural addressce telection是什么意思eam's five years of service in public weservicelfare.

Chairman Yeung Wing-kwong rang the bell to starinauguralt the meeting. Zhao Nianzhen introduced the gservice和serve的区别uests attendinservicemang the event. Mr. Yeung Wing-kwong, chairman of the Hong Ya Service Team, delivered a welcoteams会议me speech. On behalf of hong Ya Service Team, he extended his welcome and gratitude to all the guests who came to the event despite their busy schteamproedule, and let everyone witness the inceremony的名词auguration ceremony of Hong Ya Seheld中文rvice Team together.

The big screen shows the 2020-2021 Lion Road Public welfarheld怎么读的e course of Hongya Service Team. Li Li,held的原型 the former team leader, madinaugural address翻译e a summary of the annual work and reviewed the love service projects and public welfare activities of Hongya Service Team in the paselection中文t year. The annual public welfare fundraising was 149,014.78 yuaheldbackn, and the total amount of donations and materials was 18,4held0,278.58 yuan, with the per capita service expenditure exceeteams会议ding 50,000 yuan. Then Zhao Li made the fiservice翻译nancial report of the last year.

Iinaugural addressn the recognition session, li Li, tteam是什么意思翻译he former captain, awarded Mteams手机版EDAheld过去式和过去分词LS to the lion friends, caring friends, caring enterprises and caring personaceremony造句ge of Hoservicebiongya Service team, thanking them for theirheld是hold的什么形式 strong support to the public welfare activities of Hongya Service team over the past year.teams手机版

In the Thanksgiving link, there was a touching scene, accompanied by the music "I Love the Linaugural address课文pptions club", all the lion friends of hongya service team, each holding roses, slowly came on stage to eteams会议mbrace Lili, the last leader, and presented her with flowers to thank her for her efforts and leadership. Zhao Nianzhen lion sister, Zheng Xinxin lion sister and Wang Guoliang lion brothinauguraladdress课件ppter respectively frelection翻译om different angles to Li Li lion sister "have something to say", saiserviceabled her this year to pay, bear and not eaelection是什么意思sy, moved li Li last captain thonyar插座ears. Yes, this year, li Li, the former leader of the lions Club, has been practicing the four sinaugural翻译pirits of "giving money, mareelectionkelection是什么意思ing effort, giving time and giving heart". She took the lead in every activityceremony的名词 and led the Hongya Service team to a new level on the Lteamion Road.

This year is the fifth anniversary of hong jas service establishment, hong yaheld中文 service and captain Tang Quanhui reviewed in his speech, of the serviceheld过去式和过去分词, and the team, in five years dear captateam是什么意思翻译in, led by growing procinaugural address翻译ess, and guide the lion brother elder sister zhang jian, guiding Chen Zong,held cteam是什么意思翻译onsultant Liu Wanchang lions, brother, Caceremony怎么读o Yan lioservice是什么意思ns, brinauguraladdress课件pptother and sister Li Chunchang lion of meticulous guidance and company. They let thceremony同义词e development of hong Ya service team deep roots! Tang Quanhuiinaugural翻译 shi elder sister hope that each membceremony是什么意思er of the Hong Ya service teaceremony复数形式m is jusservicebiot in their prime, laughiservice是什么故障灯ng at the proud public welfare, hongceremony用什么介词 Ya service team is getting stronger with time, fragrant gooservice是什么意思d and beautiteambitionful!

Five years of Hong Yazheng youth, a successful transition, heart henan disaster! 1616.png

Guo Yongyong highly aserviceableffirmed the Pelection中文resident hongteams手机版 jas service under the guidance of five former thrive, led special recognition for the previous captain li li hong jas service in last year's tremendous success, aceremony翻译nd a year had such great hope forceremony造句 thheld是hold的什么形式e future, I hope the Nservice是什么意思ew Year, hong ya service under the guidance of Tang Yong captain, through the unremitting efforts of all the lion friends, continue to develop the lion service, create brilliant.

Five years of Hong Yazheng youth, a successful transition, heart henan disaster! 1765.png

At the handover cereteamomony, under the witness of Lin Ziyu, Guo Yongyong, Weng Hua,honyar Shi Jianyong and other leaders, Li Li will be a symbol of team leader responsinaugural address翻译中英对照ibility and power of the ribbon aelection怎么读nd the hammer handed over to Tang Yong. In 2020-2021, Hongya will takinaugurale the responsibility of "beauty", and in 2021-2022, Hongya will be "swimming" in the torrent. Hongya has a promising future.

Five years of Hong Yazheng youth, a successful transition, heart henan disaster! 1919.png

After the formal hainaugural address翻译中英对照ndover, Captain Tang Yong made a report oheldenn the 2021-2022 work plan. Captain Tang Yong said in the rhonyar插座epservice是什么意思中文翻译ort that according to the annual work plan of the distrheld的意思是什么ict Council, we will follow the policy of "One hundred years after the founding of the Party, a new starting poinheldbackt for the new journey", with the theme of "keep the original aspiration and serve together", and put forward the annual slogan of "walk into the big community andelection care for the people around us". The overall goal of establishiserviceng theheld过去式和过去分词 hongya Service team of the New Year is tteamso purchase at least 30 Chinese lionelection是什么意思 prservice翻译izservice是什么意思中文翻译es and Chinese lion prizes, and to raise service funds at least 600,000 yuan. In the coming year, we will foteamocus on serviteamsng, standardizing lion service and caring for lioinaugural addressn friends as the main line, and promote the cohesion of Hongya Service team and the influence oteambitionf the service brand as the core goal. We will spreainaugural addressd lion culture, pheld怎么读的romote communication and friendship, and enhance members' sense of belonginteams会议g, gain, happiness and achievement.

Five years of Hong Yazheng youth, a successful transition, heart henan disaster! 2202.png

Tang Yong, capinaugural address课文ppttain of the team for the New Year team members issued a certificate of appointmentteamwork and made the inelection是什么意思augural commitment.

In this activity, Hong Ya service team added fresh blood,election翻译 prospective members Zhao Qian, Zhang Bo do pledge to join hong Ya service team big family.

Five years of Hong Yazheng youth, a successful transition, heart henan disaster! 2530.png

Zhao Yanping, the third vice - captain to all the speech. On behalf of Hong Ya Service Team, she would like to express her gratitude to all guests and friends attending the eveceremony同义词nt. At the same time, I am also grateful for the care and love of the district leaders in the past five years, and for the understanding and tolerance of each hongya service teelection翻译am member and the efforts of the previous leaders, which have made the service team develop healthily and grow gradually. Hongya Service Team will continue to be grateful and walk out of a public service road with Hservicemanongceremony翻译ya characteristics.

Five years of Hong Yazheng youth, a successful transition, heart henan disaster! 2697.png

At the 5th anniversary ceremony of The Hong Ya Service Team, the team leader Tinaugural翻译ang Quheld的原型anhonyar是什么牌子开关hui and the three former team leadheld的原型ers zhao Nianzhen, Xu Yuanhu, Yao Chen and li Li gave speeches and shared the grservice翻译owth histoceremony同义词ry of Hong Ya and cut the birthday cake together. "Happy Birthday" was sung throuhonyar是什么牌子ghoelection怎么读ut the hall.

Five years of Hong Yazheng youth, a successful transition, heart henan disaster! 2796.png

Afterupheld the ceremony, there was a fellowship party, which was co-hosted by The "oldest" founder brother Chen Hong and the "newest" sister Zhang Bo of Hong Ya Seceremonyrvice Tteamseam. The duo's humorous, relaxed and lively hosting style mainauguraladdress课件pptde the scene full of laughter and happy atmosphere.

Five years of Hong Yazheng youth, a successful transition, heart henan disaster! 2901.png

The flood in Henan touched everyone's heart. Shenzhen Lions Club haservice和serve的区别s issued an initiative to all lions cceremony翻译lub members, calling on everyone to donate money and materials. The pictures of lions club leaders visiting Henan to personally relieve the disaster also inspire every lion cluheld怎么读的b member. The felloteamswship party activity temporarily decided to bid for three celebrity callservicemanigraphy works of Supervisor Tiinauguralan Wangxing. Lion club gold auctioneer Brother Cao Yan will lead the auction. In Cao Yan shi brother has always been humorous, super control field under the auspiceselection是什么意思 of the auction climax stack. The auction raised 58,teambition000 yuan, all of which will be used for disaster relief in Henan province.

Five years of Hong Yazheng youth, a successful transition, heart henan disaster! 3082.png

The party was also supported by peng Daojian, the first vice President, who donated 5000 YUheld是hold的什么形式AN anhonyad Xu Jianfeng, the founding leader of Yitiaceremonyn Service Team. The geneinaugural是什么意思rousteambition companion gifts andhonyar是什么牌子 lucky draw gifts were provided by hong Ya Service Team lion Friends.

In the new lion year, under the leadership of the National Lions Association and Shenzheceremonyn Lheld的意思是什么ions Club, Hoceremony是什么意思ngya service teamservice是什么意思中文翻译 will keep the original aspiration, serve together,held过去式和过去分词 walk into the community, carhonyae for the people around, continue to contribute to the public welfare of Shenzhen and the harmony of the society underinaugural address the leadership of Captateamin Tang Yong!

Mingde buheld是hold的什么形式t xin, hong Yservice是什么意思a good beauty. Lehonyart's go again!


Article/photo & have spent Honserviceg Ya Service team contributed

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