The 30th International Day of Persons with Disabilities and the 2nd "Technology Helps Me Grow up" themed activity was successfully held

On the morning of November 18, 2021, the 30th International Day of Persons with Disabilities and the second "Technology Accompanies me眉毛一根长是什么预兆 to Grow" theme activityinternational翻译 (Flextronics special performance) was successfully held in Shenshi Public Welfare School & Shenzhen Youth Venue. Activityhelpsbwithsth造句 guided by shenzhen lihelpsbwithsthon, flextronics electronicthins (shenzhen) co., LTD. Sheninternational是什么意思zhen lion hand in hand the second partition, joint shenzhen futian district bamboo fragrance special school,helps shenzhen association for the pinternationalhysically disabled, shenzhen, shenzhen association of the bli大鱼简谱nd, the deaf association shenzhen spirit and friends for tdayhe disabled association, shenzhen通货膨胀下什么最保值 intellectual disabled pdisabilitieseople and friends association, Sponsoremed by the Disabled Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club. Zhang Liang, Director of Operations of Flextronics Electr梦幻西游onic Equipment (dayShenzhen) Co., LTD., Lin Xiaoyi, Chairman of the second District of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022, Yang Dehua, Chairman of the Disabled Committee, Chen Yongping, Chairman of the Chelpsu是什么意思aring Committee and others attended the event. The activity was chaired by su Jianhua and Yin Xunfeng, e梦回大明春xecutive chairmen of the Disabled Committee.

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People with disabilities are vulnerable grouhelps意思ps in society, and their disability brings them inconvenience in life. In the face of prejudice and discrimination, their already inadequa大爷不买高铁票称在铁路工作40年te social scope is even smaller. Flextronics Electronic Equipment (Shenzhen) Co., LTD., as one of the world's top 500 enterprises, ltechnology怎么读earntechnology是可数名词吗ed abo退婚后大佬她又美又飒ut this situation through the Shenzhen Lions Club, and held an urgen娘道t internal meeting to pass the approval of the disability sepersons怎么念rvice activity, which or尿毒症iginally needed half a mont大鱼简谱h, within three days, and successfully held the activity on the original date.

Zang Ruixin, chairminternational缩写an of the convention and leader of the Shenzhen Lions Club Happiness Service team, delivered the welcome speecinternational是什么意思h. She expressed her gratitude to the guests and all carin大鱼g enterprises and institut娘道ions, orgpersons和personal的区别anizations and individuals. Shenzhen association,internationalworkers'day怎么读 vice President of Wu Zhongzhu mental disabletechnology翻译d people anthd friends, on behalf of the shenzhen association of disabled persons' federation five specialhelpsbwithsth leadership speech, fine barrier expert Wu Zhongzhu能的部首是什么 vice President from the present situation and the future policy aspects this painternationalworkers'day怎么读per expounds the essence of the imtechnology怎么读英语portance and particularity of the service, hope that more social forces t大伊在人线一二区免费o help people with disabilities to achieve health comb美团ination, build community of fate. Ms. Luo Manli, the rep大鱼resentative of Shenzhen Futian Qiaoxiang Special School, expressed her gratitude to flextronics, Shenzhen Lions Club and other social organizations and caring enterprinternational是什么意思ises on behalf of the special teenagpersons和people区别eperson是单数还是复数rs, and said that she would serve more disabled teenagers with her limited ability.

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At the event,梦回大明春 Mr. Zhang Liang, the operating director of Flextronics Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., LTD., introduced that although Flextronics is a manufacturing company, it is a company full of social responsibility and has been payin你的名字g att大赢家ention to social trends for many years, especiinternationalismally in helping the disabled and the poor. He said that it is the honor and social responsibility of Flextronics to make a cont同花顺ribution to the disabled youth in Shenzhen. Flextronics will always be a beacon of service for disabled youth in thhelpsbtodosth造句e past, now and in thepersons和people区别 future, helping theperson所有形式m today become part of the society. I would like to thank The Lions Club of Shehelpsbwithsth造句nzhen for creating宁德时代 this opportunity, and I would also like t尿毒症o tinternationalhank the disabled teenagers who came大爷不买高铁票称在铁路工作40年 to flextronics to give love and get love at clospersons和people区别e distance. At the event, flextronics organized a volunhelpsbtodosth造句teer service team of more than 10 people and gave 500 gifts to the children at the evtechnology什么意思中文ent and zhuxianpersons和peopleg Special School.

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Activities, children under the guidpersons和peopleance of teacher美元汇率s and parents, visihelps翻译t the experience data of doze梦回大明春ns of young 2 ~ 4 floor experience scietechnologynce and technology project, from the reform and opening up in shenzhen on ththine second floor of the hall, to the idea of the third floor space, feel the colorful light show, and then to the 4th floor of the mecha, mind美团 cpersons和people区别ontrol, f桃花源记翻译light simulation, multiple projects桃花源记翻译, participating children will enjoy, They are enjoying a diffnderent life experience from before. In their surprised eyes, we can see那的笔顺 the necessity of holding this event and the continuitpersons和peopley of future projects. Guided by guidanc你打算萌死我吗e and integratihelpsbwithsth是什么意思中文on, guided by the theme of "Technology accompanies me to grow up", the activities provide reletechnology和techniqueva眉毛有一根特别长是什么意思nt services for adolescents with disabilities through multi-international翻译perspective observation and experience, improve the dysfunction caused by disability, and help the dpersons翻译isabled tointernational怎么读 return to美女 work as soon as possibl退婚后大佬她又美又飒e. After the activity, the children in the桃花源记翻译 scene directl大鱼简谱y called addiction, said that greatly broadened their hhelpsbwithsth造句orizon.

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The Disabled Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club designed and implemented targeted service programs ipersons和peoplen this service prhelpsbwithsth是什么意思中文oject, which gave那的笔顺 fperson是什么意思ull play to its professional advantages and featured high-quality serv大鱼ices to promote the physical rehabilitation, mental health and vocational ability improvement of大鱼海棠 the disabled youth group. The project brings together social workers, med童话故事ical insti尿毒症tutions, social organitechnology是什么意思za那的笔顺tions and other social forces to help and support the disablperson所有形式ed and promote their attention and supporthelpsbtodosth造句. The project provides differentiated and personalized services for diff那的笔顺erent disabled people to avoid diffe大鱼海棠rent types of homogeneous services, so that all disablperson是什么意思ed people can enjoy the project services, build confidence, improve skills, and l梦回大明春ive a hap桃花源记py life and integrate into society.



[Text] Yin Xunfeng

[Photo] Situ Jie, reporter of the first scene

【 Edit 】 Jianhua Su & NB美女SP; Ma Huijuan & have spent Hu & have spent   grey

Ke Wuyue

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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