The Lion Sea is the same boat as the sail — An exclusive interview with the 200% donation of the “Chinese Lion Award” by the Mingjia Good Food Service Team

Xie Luhong, captain of Minjia Good Goods Service team

Thank you for your love

Based on the fine character of the Chinese nation, “being good neighbors with Germany is the happiest”, the Minjia Good service team united and made concerted efforts to become a trickle of water into the ocean of love. With the values of “gratitude, inclusiveness, heritage, innovation, dedication and growth”, the company pursues the vision of “public welfare for everyone and harmony for all”. Since its establishment, the company has been down-to-earth in organizing a number of public charity service activities, such as community service, Red Action, Bright Action, student assistance, and assisting the disabled. It has won a number of awards from Lions Clubs International, Domestic Lions Association and Shenzhen Lions Club respectively. Among them, all the members in 2020-2021 and this year pledged “China Lion Award” and won “200% China Lion Award Service Team”.

In addition, at the end of August 2021, the team leader mobilized all the Lions to participate in the “Action 100” with a donation of $100. On September 8, the donation of $500 per person was completed, and all 34 members of the service team actively participated, becoming the “Global Model Branch”. The funding is coordinated by Lions Clubs International for humanitarian services around the world. Through this kind act, all the lion friends of the Mingjia Good Food Service team send their love to every place in the world.  

“All Fukuda, from the inch”. “Square inch” is the heart, the heart to express good thoughts, good behavior. Minjia Good goods service team will think good, good words to implement good deeds, promote good lion work. The lion sea is the same boat, and kindness is the sail. May all the lion friends of the Minjia Good service team walk more and more on the road of public welfare and charity!


[Text] Liu Meijiao, Public Propaganda Committee

[Editor] Gao Rui, Public Publicity Committee

              Office: Huijuan Ma, Lei Hu

Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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