Giving a Rose Is a gift — An interview with the “Chinese Lion Award” Pledge of 200%

The Shenzhen Lions Club Walking Service Team actively pledged the “Chinese Lion Award” and won the “200% Chinese Lion Award Service Team” in 2015-2016 and this year. To this end, the public publicity committee of the deep lion to step up the service team captain Xiao Xiaoyu Lion brother conducted an exclusive interview.


Step up service team captain Xiao Xiaoyu

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This year, 42 members of the team pledged at least one “Chinese Lion Award” within 24 hours, and the whole team pledged 56 “Chinese Lion Awards” in total. The “Chinese Lions Award” is not only an individual contribution to the Shenzhen Lions Club, but also a reflection of the collective sense of honor the Lions have for the team they serve. The Shenzhen Lions Club proposes that the Lions pledge a number of “Chinese Lion Awards” to encourage the Lions to donate to the collective honor and return more service funds for the next year’s service activities.

intoPresentation by Service Team members“Chinese Lion Award”The significance and important role of the process can be personalfeelingTo the members of the Shenzhen Lions Club very much‍ ‍Recognition,People are very willing to pass the pledge“Chinese Lion Award”Go to the power zone and do moreserviceActivity, this is alsoGiving someone a rose is a way to keep the fragrance in your hand.

Here I would like to thank the first vice-captain of Shangbei Service Team, Wei Shaoying Shijie, who fully explained the ‍ ‍ rules, uses and directions of “Chinese Lion Award” to everyone. She also communicated with you about the planning and funding arrangement of Shangbei Service Team’s annual service activities in the next year. ‍

In order to encourage donation, members are advised that the Shenzhen Lions Club will continue to refund 70% of the “China Lion Award” donation amount to the service fund account of the Service Team. The service team can raise funds through the “China Lion Award” donation. The service team can carry out service activities at its own discretion. Compared with the service team’s own fundraising, it needs to spend a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. However, the high return ratio of “China Lion Award” creates a new fundraising mode for the service team, saves a lot of manpower costs and administrative expenses, and can raise more service funds.

Editor’s NoteThe Shenzhen Lions Club Walking Service Team was founded inFebruary 25, 2003, TronThe team teamChang is Wang Boshi Brother, now a full memberForty-two. genteamSince the last step service team adhering“We Serve”Spirit, in aid, aid to the disabled, respect for the elderly, redaction, post-disaster construction assistance, community services, diabetes, vision protection, environmental protection, youth growth and other areas of a series of social charity services,To participate inInitiated and created“Red Action”, “Youth Post”, “Bright Eyes Action” and other brand service projects have made a positive contribution to the construction of a harmonious society. The Service Team is the first service team in China to be awarded the 400% Mau Man Chung Service Team.

According to incomplete statistics, as of June 2021, the total funds raised and donated by Shangbei Service Team in the past 18 years exceeded 14.95 million yuan. 1.6 million yuan was donated to build 3 Lion primary schools; Brightness Action donated 1.01 million yuan to provide free cataract surgery for more than 3,200 poor cataract patients. Free optometry for students with 8083 glasses; Organize red action voluntary blood donation of 630850ml.

Nearly twenty years of precipitation, giving rose, hands have lingering fragrance! Shangbu service team captains lead Shangbu service team to create new brilliance! In the future, all the Lion friends of Shangbu Service team will continue to work hand in hand on the road of dedication and service to the society. “Sincere dedication and happy service” is the practice of Shangbu Service team, and it will be the eternal pursuit of Shangbu Service team.



[Text] Xu Jinghua, Public Propaganda Committee

[Editor] Gao Rui, Public Publicity Committee

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