Live Up to your Dreams — An interview with the Master’s Service Team who pledged 300% of the “Chinese Lion Award”

For the good cause of Lions Club and for the ideal of “We Serve”, the Main Club Service Team of Lions Club Shenzhen enthusiastically pledged the “Chinese Lion Award” and won the “300% Chinese Lion Award Service Team” in 2015-2016, 2019-2020 and this year. The reporter from the Publicity Committee of Shenhs interviewed the 2021-2022 captain of the Service team of Shenhs, Li Qingshijie, hoping that she could share the original sentiment of the donation of “Chinese Lion Award” on behalf of the service team of Shenhs.

 The main service teamCaptain Li Qingshi sister

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Reporter:All the members have pledged the “Chinese Lion Award” very well. How did the Main club service team achieve the 300% “Chinese Lion Award”?

Captain Li Qing:Winning the 300% China Lion Award is no accident. All the captains of the service team have a high sense of mission and team honor, which has been passed down from generation to generation. It is natural to achieve this result.


Reporter:Is it the tradition of the team to pledge the “Chinese Lion Award”?

Captain Li Qing: It’s not a tradition, but it’s already a tradition!


Reporter:Is it difficult to promote the 300% “China Lion Award” for all members? What does it include?

Captain Li Qing:Of course, there are some difficulties. First of all, the main meeting service team is quite large, and it takes a certain amount of time and energy to mobilize. Secondly, affected by the epidemic in the past three years, business owners of all sizes have been hit hard and faced certain economic difficulties. The third is that many services and activities have been postponed due to the epidemic, which poses a challenge to the team leader’s appeal.


Reporter:When promoting the Chinese Lion Award, is there any case worthy of praise within the team?

Captain Li Qing: Over the past 20 years, all the leaders and Lions have been practicing the tenet of “We Serve”, adhering to the spirit of attendance, dedication, contribution and money, and have carried out more than thousands of service and charity activities, raising tens of millions of yuan.

The most proud is the lion brother Tian Xingxing, he pledged 20 Chinese lion awards every year, as early as in the Shenzhen Lions Club legend. In addition, he was the first Shenzhen Lions Club to pledge 100 Maowen Bell Prizes. So far, he has pledged 155 Maowen Bell Prizes, which is the highest number of Maowen Bell Prizes donated by members of the Shenzhen Lions Club.


Reporter:Can you pass on some experience to other service teams?

Captain Li Qing:Since its establishment, the main club Service team has won various awards of International Lions Clubs. It has formed sister clubs with the Katong Mandarin Lions Club of Singapore and the Golden Island Lions Club of Thailand. It has organized teams to participate in the International Lions Club Annual Meeting and Southeast Asia Annual Meeting for many times, which has a certain influence. At the same time, there also emerged many excellent lion friends, such as Shi Jianyong and Tian Xingxing served as the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 president of Shenzhen Lions Club respectively.

If the experience is taught, the most valuable thing to share is the love of all the captains for the Lions Club and the practice and inheritance of the lion culture by all the Lions in the main Club service team.


Reporter:Please briefly introduce the Lion’s journey of the main meeting service team.

Captain Li Qing:In 2001, The State Council approved the establishment of the new Lions Club in China led by Deng Pufang, president of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation. In April 2002, the first Lions Club in China — Shenzhen Lions Club Main Club Service Team was born. At the beginning of the establishment of the main service team is a special service team, shoulder the responsibility of the mother team, the seed team, the role is to breed more service teams. Through unremitting efforts, by March 15, 2003, the Shenzhen Lions Club had established 25 service teams and trained more than 1250 members, successfully meeting the requirements of the International Lions Club standard area. From then on, the first Lions Club standard area in China was born.


Li Qing’s words reflect the Lions’ journey of every member of the Lions’ Service team in the past 20 years in the Lions’ Road of great love and perseverance. They take their dreams as their horses and live up to their youth. They wish the Lions’ Service team of the Lions Club of Shenzhen better and better, and wish more excellent service teams like the Lions’ Service team of the Lions Club of Shenzhen to make greater contributions to the public welfare and charity cause of Shenzhen and China!


[Text] Zeng Xuemei, Public Propaganda Committee

[Editor] Gao Rui, Public Publicity Committee

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