Shenzhen Lions Club held the ninth Board of Supervisors meeting for 2021-2022

On June 19, 2022, the ninth Board of Supervisors Meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club 2021-2022 was held next to Deep Combustion Building in Meidu Community, Futian District. The meeting was attended by Tian Xingxing, the supervisor of Shenzhen Lions Club; Deng Yi, the deputy supervisor; Zhou Zhihui, the secretary general of the Board of Supervisors; Tang Haozhi, Zhu Feng, Du Peng, Wang Haiyan, Yu Hui, Wu Zhijian, Huang Shaofang and Wang Xuebo. The meeting was presided over by Tian Xingxing.

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The supervisors at the meeting reviewed the work report of the Board of Supervisors, the letter of recommendation on the revision of the Code of Conduct for the Members of the Shenzhen Lions Club, and seriously discussed the documents related to the compilation of materials for the 2nd 10th Members’ Congress, the revised explanation of the Fund Management System of the Shenzhen Lions Club, the application for funds for the 20th anniversary of the series of activities, and the budget of administrative expenses for July-September 2022.

The chief supervisor of the seventh Executive Board of Directors was first briefed on the relevant situation, and the agenda of the meeting was explained. The supervisors attending the meeting studied carefully, and discussed and expressed their opinions on the adjustment of membership fee, the qualification of Jinming Art Service Team representatives, and the examination of candidate qualifications.

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In order to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the organization and members, prevent false and malicious complaints, and increase the “cost” of complaints, the Board of Supervisors proposed to revise the Code of Conduct for Shenzhen Lions Club Members to further standardize the complaint handling process of Shenzhen Lions Club members. Secretary-general Zhou Zhihui introduced relevant suggestions for revision: First, complaints and reports submitted by registered members must be real-name and written; Second, the complaint and report materials of members must be authentic and credible, and cannot be fabricated, rumor-mongering or slander, otherwise they will bear corresponding responsibilities; Third, real-name written complaints of members shall be filed with the Board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors of LIONS Club Shenzhen, and they must sign the “Letter of Responsibility for Complaint and Report” in their real names, and voluntarily assume legal responsibilities and relevant consequences; Fourth, the disciplinary committee shall confirm the qualifications of the complainant before launching the investigation, and the investigation process shall be open, fair and impartial.

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In this year, with the joint efforts of all members of the Board of Supervisors, the Board of Supervisors has steadily promoted various work, continuously strengthened its own construction, optimized the supervision mode, improved the ability to perform duties, broadened the channels of communication, independently exercised its powers in accordance with the law, and supervised and guaranteed the legal compliance of the financial work of the Shenzhen Lions Club, the implementation of council resolutions and service activities. After the discussion and decision of all supervisors, the annual work report of the Board of Supervisors will focus on the work of the board of Supervisors, its own development, as well as the actual operation of the Shenzhen Lions Club during the reporting period. Based on the principle of seeking truth from facts, the Board of Supervisors will objectively and fairly point out the contradictions and problems existing in the specific work, truly and comprehensively reflect the irregularities existing in the actual operation of Shenzhen Lions Club, and identify the rectification direction based on the problem, so as to promote the sound development of the mechanism of Shenzhen Lions Club.

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The chief supervisor of Neptune made a summary speech, thank you for taking the time to attend the meeting, earnestly perform supervision duties. He hoped all the supervisors to be realistic and pragmatic attitude according to the rules, in the supervision work dare to find problems, face problems, and put forward targeted supervision opinions. He also hoped that all of you would stand up for the last shift of the year with full spirit and escort the work of the General election of the members’ Congress.

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