The second session of the 14th Member Congress of China Lions Association was held smoothly

On June 15, 2022, the second meeting of the 14th Congress of Members of China Lions Federation (hereinafter referred to as the “Federation”) (hereinafter referred to as the “14th Congress”) was successfully held by video conference. The main venue of the conference will be set up in the secretariat of the Federation, with sub-venues set up in Shenzhen Lions Club, Guangdong Lions Club and 11 representative offices. The 264 delegates from 14 regions across the country discussed and deliberated various reports and motions of the Federation.

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Li Lun, Party member and Vice President of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation; Zhang Guoyun, director of Lions International; Zheng Degang, Vice President of Lions Association 2021-2023; Lin Ziyu, Su Zeran, former Chief Supervisors; Ma Min, Chief Financial Officer; The 2021-2022 President of the Shenzhen Lions Club Guo Yongyong, the Chief Supervisor Tian Xingxing, the first Vice President Peng Daojian, the second Vice President Nie Xiangdong, the former President Weng Hua, the Deputy Chief Supervisor Deng Yi, the Secretary General Lai Zhuoni, the Chief Financial Officer Xu Qiubin, the Chief Secretary Tan Fei, the Chief Inspector Li Zhou, the Executive Deputy Secretary Zhao Hui, the Deputy Secretary General Li Chunchang, the Chairman of the zone Lian Chuhai, Chairman Lin Xiaoyi, Zheng Bochao, Supervisors Du Peng, Wu Zhijian, Huang Shaofang, Special Assistant to President CAI Min, head of the Teachers’ Group Jiang Xiezhen, Chairman of the Revitalization Support Committee Tang Qing, Chairman of the Foreign Exchange and Cooperation Committee Xie Yan, representatives of the Service team Li Yi and Gao Rui, Commissioner of Supervision Tang Haozhi and other 30 members attended the meeting in the sub-venue of Shenzhen.

The delegates will vote and deliberate by electronic voting through the mobile messaging platform. Approved the qualification examination report of the second session of the 14th Member Congress of the Domestic Lions Federation, the suggested list of presidium members of the second session of the 14th Member Congress of the Domestic Lions Federation, the agenda (draft) of the second session of the 14th Member Congress of the Domestic Lions Federation and the chief vote supervisor and vote supervisor of the second session of the 14th Member Congress of the Domestic Lions Federation List of people and counter suggestions. In accordance with the procedures of the Congress, the presidium of the Congress shall be convened in the form of communication, and relevant documents shall be considered and adopted.

Zheng Degang, Vice Chairman of CCPIT Xiamen delivered the 2021-2022 Work Report of the 14th Council to the conference in Shenzhen. The report made a detailed report on six aspects: consolidating and deepening the Party building work of the Federation, deepening the public welfare voluntary service activities, improving the efficiency of organizational governance, coordinating the development of the work of specialized agencies, and deepening the supervision and governance work. Vice President Zheng Degang led all the delegates to review the achievements of the Federation in the past year, and summarized the existing difficulties and deficiencies in the development of the Federation, and once again defined the work tasks of the Federation in 2022-2023.

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Ma Min, Chief financial Officer, delivered the 2021 financial report of the 14th Board of Directors to the General Assembly in Shenzhen. The report defines the statistical scope of financial work data in 2021 and makes a comparative analysis of the financial indicators of this year one by one. Ma Min, chief financial officer, made a detailed report on the four aspects of improving financial management awareness, promoting financial management work, improving financial management system, improving financial management level and financial work tasks in the year 2022-2023.


After deliberation by all deputies, the reports were adopted. The conference also deliberated and adopted two important items: a partial article (draft amendment) of the Working Rules of the Domestic Lions Federation and a proposal to further regulate the membership fee of the Domestic Lions Federation.

In his final speech, Mr. Jia Yong, President of the Federation, said that the various reports heard by the Congress were detailed, comprehensive and pragmatic, which fully demonstrated the achievements of the Federation in promoting the high-quality development of the Federation in the year 2021-2022 by working with one mind and in the same direction. Chairman Jia Yong stressed that the next stage should focus on three aspects of work: first, continue to strengthen the guidance of Party building, promote the “two coverage”, promote the Federation’s Party building work from “tangible coverage” to “effective coverage”. Second, we will continue to raise our political position and strengthen our sense of responsibility. With the overall work of the Party and the country in mind, we will consolidate and expand our achievements in poverty alleviation and comprehensively promote rural revitalization. Centering on the 14th Five-Year Plan for the Protection and Development of Persons with Disabilities, we will assist them in ensuring their livelihood. We will do “what we can do, what the people want, and what the country needs” to provide services to optimize development. Third, we will continue to strengthen the self-improvement of social organizations. Focus on internal governance, brand building and digital empowerment, continue to strengthen the organizational structure, constantly improve the rules and regulations, encourage the development of professional, differentiated and personalized services according to local conditions, strengthen the brand building and promotion of the “warm project” service of the association, accelerate the intelligent office system of the Association, improve the ability to respond to public opinion and the “Internet +” service level. Capacity for development.

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The second session of the 14th General Assembly of the Domestic Lions Federation concluded with the successful completion of the agenda. Guided by the spirit of the 14th Generation of the Club, the Shenzhen Lions Club will promote the high quality development of the club, actively explore and practice on the road of “helping others and serving the society”, contribute to the sustainable and healthy development of public welfare charity, and strive to be a new force for community and humanitarian services.


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