Shenzhen – Guangdong Lions Club and Shenzhen Lions Club have a working exchange

2022years8month25Shenzhen Lions Club and Guangdong Lions Club Work Exchange Forum was held at Shenzhen Integrated Services Center for Persons with Disabilities on January 1. The two sides gathered together to have in-depth exchanges on organizational construction, service activities, public relations and publicity, learn from each other and share the friendship with each other.

Chen Hailong, Member of the Party Committee of Guangdong Provincial Disabled Persons’ Federation, Wu Xianzhong, head of the Party Committee and the First Secretary of the Temporary Party Committee of Guangdong Lions Club, Li Lun, member of the Party Committee of Shenzhen Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation, Luo Qiwei, Director of the Group Promotion (Quanbao) Department, Chen Aping, Vice Director, Qiu Jun, President of Guangdong Lions Club and Chen Shijun, Interim Party Secretary of Guangdong Lions Club, Chief Supervisor Zhan Xiaoyang, last Chairman Zheng Ziyin, Vice Chairman Yang Jianwei, Secretary General Wu Qiang, Chief Financial Officer Liang Minning, Peng Daojian, President of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2022-2023, Weng Hua, Chief Supervisor, Guo Yongyong, President of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2022-2023, Nie Xiangdong, first Vice President, Tan Fei, second Vice president, Zhou Wenpei, Secretary General, Xu Qiubin, Chief Financial officer, Yu Xiaoping, Deputy Secretary General, Li Chunchang, and Ma Huijuan, director general, attended the forum. A total of 22 people attended the forum.

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Zheng Ziyin, the former president of Guangdong Lions Club, introduced the main work of Guangdong Lions Club in recent years from the aspects of basic overview, Party building work, service activities, membership and next step plan. At present, Guangdong Lions Club has 3 member management departments, 11 resident representative offices, 8 liaison offices, 274 service teams and 9,603 members. The next step is to strive for better results in the evaluation of social organizations, and strive to be recognized as a charitable organization, so as to build a participatory charitable social organization with distinctive domestic characteristics and Lingnan characteristics. He said that the Shenzhen Lions Club is a 5A social organization in Shenzhen, which is qualified for tax exemption and pre-tax deduction of public welfare donations. We should learn from the Shenzhen Lions Club, strengthen the communication between the two sides, deepen exchanges and acquire relevant experience.

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Peng Daojian, President of Shenzhen Lions Club, warmly welcomed Guangdong Lions Club to Shenzhen for the Lions exchange. He said the two sides should strengthen exchanges, learn from each other’s excellent points and promote each other’s growth.

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Guo Yongyong, the last president of the club, focused on the work of the Shenzhen Lions Club in the previous year, focusing on party building, strengthening publicity, standardizes membership management, and accurately serving the community. Mr. Peng introduced the 2022-2023 work plan of the Shenzhen Lions Club in detail from the aspects of “one principle, two firm, three new developments and four service areas”. He hoped that this exchange meeting could enhance the friendship between the two places, promote the common development of both sides, improve the construction of lions and open up a new vision.

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Mr. Zhan Xiaoyang, supervisor of Guangdong Lions Club, shared the rules and regulations of the Board of supervisors and the complaint process. He said that the rules and regulations of the Guangdong Lions Club Board of Supervisors are being constantly improved, and the board of Supervisors should be the “catcher in the rye” to fulfill its duties and protect the healthy development of the Guangdong Lions Club.

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The two sides had in-depth exchanges on issues related to organizational construction, and participants expressed their views.

Through this Lions exchange activity, Shenzhen Lions Club and Guangdong Lions Club have strengthened communication, deepened understanding and strengthened friendship. I wish both sides will remain true to their original aspiration and create a better future together. I wish both sides will have more exchanges and cooperation in service activities and lion service construction, and jointly contribute more to the development of the charity cause.

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