The Teachers Club held the third Regular Meeting of 2022-2023 – District Club News – News Update – Domestic Shenzhen Lions Club

From September 23 to 25, 2022, the 2022-2023 Teachers’ Group of Shenzhen Lions Club held its building activities and the third regular meeting in Zhaoqing City, and prepared the second lesson for leadership training. More than 20 lecturers attended the event, including Ma Min, Chief financial officer of China Lions Association and former president of China Lions Club Shenzhen, Jiang Xiezhen, head of GLT and lecturers, Li Xiaotao, Zhou Fuhui, Ma Feng and Huang Jieling.

23On the afternoon of Sunday, the lecturers set out to Zhaoqing by bus. In front of the lake and the mountain, they talked about the lion friendship while tasting the food. The lecturers not only have to grind and deliver the lessons, but also have to prepare the lessons for many times before the big training activities, as well as the courses between lecturersPK, mutual learning and promotion, excellence, also need to exchange feelings in a relaxed environment, enhance the cohesion of the team.

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24On the morning of Sunday, the lecturers came to Suyou“The emerald on the Tropic of Cancer” said Dinghu Mountain for exploration, breathing fresh air in the natural oxygen bar, waterfalls, steps up, unload a tight; In the afternoon, visit Qixingyan, which enjoys the “First wonder of Lingnan”, and feel the beauty of Zhaoqing, a historic city and landscape. At the same time, take a cruise ship and wait for the appearance of “Reclining Buddha Containing Dan”. In the evening, the birthday party was held to extend sincere wishes to the lion friends on the birthday of the day. The atmosphere was warm and warm. Through the one-day communication, the lecturers increased their understanding of each other and strengthened the centripetal force and cohesion of the team.

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25On January 1, the Teachers group held the third regular meeting of this year, and prepared the second lesson of the local Lions leadership training. The regular meeting was presided over by the deputy head Li Xiaotao, and reported the duty report of the teachers group this month. The lecturers who attended the meeting prepared the second lesson of leadership training, and the lecturers who participated in the preparation presented relevant courses respectively. Mr. Ma gave a strategic presentation on the orientation of the course and shared with Lions the unique features of Lions Club and its future service direction.

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jpg of Fuhui

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The present lecturers deeply learned a lot. A good course not only needs to have height and depth, but also needs to have breadth and width. Only by fully absorbing the lion culture and combining with the actual situation of the Shenzhen Lions Club in China, can we better convey the course to the lions. The lecturer’s road, a long way to go; And we should strive for common progress.




[Text] Huang Jieling

[Photo] Huang Jieling and Gu Weixia

[Editor] Jiang Xiezhen, GLT and head of the lecturers’ group

      Office: Huijuan Ma, Lei Hu

【 Typesetting 】 Li Xiaojun

Shenzhen Lions Club Office in China

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