Celebrating National Day and Practicing Party kindness — Community Service Committee held the annual service launch ceremony and donated supplies to Qingshuihe Mobile Party Branch — District Club News — News Update — Shenzhen Lions Club

On September 23, 2022, the 2022-2023 annual service launching ceremony of Shenzhen Lions Club Community Service Committee and the activity of donating materials to Qingshuihe Mobile Party Branch was held in the National Tide Art Exhibition Hall of Qingshuihe Domestic Shenzhen Industrial Station in Luohu District. The activity was co-sponsored by domestic Shenzhen Lions Club, Shenye Taifu Logistics Group and Shenye Jinzhi Logistics Development Co., LTD., undertaken by domestic Shenzhen Lions Club Community Service Committee and Domestic Shenzhen SAN Express Industrial Development Co., LTD., co-organized by love enterprises such as Mogeron Animation Culture Communication (Domestic Shenzhen) Co., LTD. It was jointly established by the Party Branch of Shenzhen Lions Club and Qingshuihe Mobile Party Branch of Tongchuan District, Dazhou City.


The second Vice president Tan Fei, Secretary General Zhou Wenpei, Deputy Secretary General Zhou Zhihui and Li Chunchang, Chairman of Zone 4 Lin Xiaoyi, Chairman of Zone 4 Wei Xinxin, Jia Xiping, Zhang Wenqing, Wu Xiaoyan and Li Wei, Secretary General of Board of Supervisors Wen Yaoli, supervisors Zhao Hui, Li Xiaofeng and Lu Guiqin, Chairman of Community Service Committee Zhao Zhuoni, Executive Chairmen Luo Kwan-qi, Chu Xin-lan, Gao Li-li, Xu Youping, as well as the chairmen and executive chairmen of the specialized working bodies and representatives of the service teamsMore than 50 people attended the event. The event was chaired by Xu Youping and Meng Chun.

Chairwoman Joanne Chiu introduced the guests. Mr. Wan Chaolin, the person in charge of Shenzhen SAN Express Industrial Development Co., LTD., the venue provider of this event, welcomed the arrival of the Lion friends and guests. He introduced the company’s philosophy of integrating intangible cultural heritage with modern trends, not only telling good domestic cultural stories, but also innovating domestic cultural trends in Shenzhen.

Wan Chaolin.jpg

Wei Xin Xin, Chairman of the Community Service Committee of the Shenzhen Lions Club 2021-2022, made a summary of the work of the previous year and commended the Lions for their outstanding contributions.

Wei Xinxin.jpg

Zhao Zhuoni, chairperson of the Community Service Committee, introduced the work plan of this year. Through the investigation of the community service of the District Council, the committee and each service team, the community service to be carried out this year was divided into three categories: public service, precise service and targeted service. The community service was reasonably distributed and arranged in close combination with the annual work plan of the District Council. She hopes that the Community Service Committee will get a satisfactory result by the end of the year, so that they can help others and help themselves.


Chairperson Chiu Cheuoni introduced the Executive Chairperson, Associate team, special Advisor and secretary team of the Community Service Committee and presented the letter of appointment.






Tan Fei, the second Vice president of the CPC, Zhou Wenpei, Secretary-General of the CPC, and other leaders donated supplies to the representatives of Qingshuihe Mobile Party Branch, and Zhao Zhuoni, chairwoman of the party, personally donated portable suppliesA KTV, a total service fund of 10,000 yuan.


In his speech, Secretary General Zhou Wenpei pointed out that community service is the key work direction of the Shenzhen Lions Club. Last year, with the efforts of Chairman Wei Xinxin and his team, the community service has made great achievements. The work plan for this year announced by Chairwoman Chiu Chou-ni is also encouraging. I hope we can deliver an even more brilliant result. On the occasion of the victory of the Party’s 20 National Congress, the Party branch of Shenzhen Lions Club and the Mobile Party Branch of Qingshuihe, Tongchuan District, Dazhou City, launched co-construction activities to strengthen communication and learning and improve the level of party construction. It is hoped that the domestic Shenzhen Lions Club can improve its political position, do a good job as a good helper of the official departments, constantly improve the effectiveness of organizational governance and demonstrate its responsibility as a social organization.


Tan Fei, the second vice president, said that the National Day approaching, the community service committee to carry out the “National Day sense, Party kindness and practice the original aspiration” activity is of great significance, community activities and party building activities, to lead the development of the party building, to further improve the lion members of the public service, dedication to the society awareness. At this event, I listened to the detailed annual plan introduced by Chairperson Chiu Cheuoni. I believe that this year’s Community Service Committee will be able to make new progress on the solid foundation laid by the previous Community Service committees.


The Executive Chairman of the Community Services Committee, Mr Law Kwun-chi, delivered a speech of appreciation. He said that with the support of the leaders and the Lions, the Community Services Committee would surely fulfill its annual mission and strive to build the community into a harmonious, mutual help, love and beautiful home.






【 Text 】 Hu Lei

[Photo] Chen Weiming, Hong Shenglong and He Gang from Deep Lion News Agency

[Editor] Ma Huijuan

【 Typesetting 】 Li Xiaojun

Shenzhen Lions Club Office in China



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