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After the new rain on the green lawn, the autumn wind sends cool Syrian lion. On September 20, 2022, the Lions Club Captains’ Fellowship Committee of Shenzhen, China hosted the “Night of Glory — Lions Club Captains’ Fellowship of Shenzhen, China” at Mission Hills Resort, Dongguan. The President of Shenzhen Lions Club of China from 2022 to 2023 is Peng Daojian, the last president is Guo Yongyong, the first vice president is Nie Xiangdong, the second vice president is Tan Fei, the founding president and the founding District director is Xie Jianwen, the former president is Ma Min, Tian Xingxing, Shi Jianyong, Lin Tao, Su Zran, Zheng Degang, Xiao Xingping, Zhang Guoyun, Wang Jinliang, Sha Haiyu, Dai Tongxin, Secretary General Zhou Wenpei, Chief Financial Officer Xu Qiubin, Chief Secretary Chen Xusheng, Chief picket Officer Lian Chuhai, Deputy Secretary General Yu Xiaoping, Deputy Secretary General Zhou Zhihui and other directors, team leader, reporters from Deep Lion News Agency and more than 150 people attended the meeting. The fraternity is chaired by Xiao Xiaoyu, chairman of the captain Fellowship Committee, and presided over by Meng Chun.

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Nie Xiangdong, the first Vice president, introduced the guests and asked everyone to stand and pay tribute to all the team leaders.


Conference president Xiao Xiaoyu expressed his high respect for the team leader in his welcome speech. Over the past 20 years since the establishment of the Shenzhen Lions Club, thanks to the hard work and foresight of the founding leaders, the service teams of the Shenzhen Lions Club have settled down in the South China Sea and spread their love all over the country. The leader of the team is the backbone of the service team. Despite the rapid changes of time and stars, he always sticks to the Shenzhen Lions Club of China. He always follows the leaders of each class with one heart and one heart without hesitation.


Xie Jianwen, President of the Club and Director of the Club, Zhang Guoyun, former international director of LIONS Club International, former president of Lions Club Shenzhen China, leader of Lianhuashan Service Team, Wang Bo, leader of Shangbu Service team, Chen Shijun, leader of Distance Service team, Wu Jiaming, leader of Xiangmi Lake Service team and so on accepted the interview as representatives.



Mr. Zhang Kwok-yun, former International Director of Lions Club International, former President of Lions Club Shenzhen China and Founding leader of Lianhuashan Service Team, returned from the 104th Annual Meeting of Lions Club International with great honor and brought the latest news of Lions Club International: These honors not only record the dedication of the Lions, but also win the honor for the Shenzhen Lions Club of China, and set an example for the Lions of the whole country. Hats off to them! The Shenzhen Lions Club of China established 39 service teams 20 years ago and still has 20. President Peng Daojian, former International Council Member Zhang Guoyun, and President Xie Jian Cultural and Creative Association awarded MEDALS to all the leaders of the creative team who attended the fellowship. It is a supreme honor. More than 70 team leaders who attended the ceremony cherished the MEDALS very much and looked for the most respected people to wear them. The scene was harmonious, warm and touching.

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President Peng Daojian said with emotion that the service team is the cornerstone of the development of China Shenzhen Lions Club. In the past 20 years, the service funds of China Shenzhen Lions Club in disaster relief, student aid, Bright Action, rural revitalization and other services have reached 468 million yuan, with more than 40 million beneficiaries. The service has been all over the world, and the outstanding contribution to the service of the society cannot be achieved without the commitment of all the team leaders and former leaders. It is not easy to create a service team. How to maintain and develop it is an eternal topic. The Lions Club of Shenzhen, China should do a good job of caring for the leaders and former leaders of the club, so that they can continue to shine like beacon lights. At the same time, we also hope that they will give us more valuable advice to build a better service team.

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All the members of the Fellowship Committee of the Shenzhen Lions Club of China recited the poem “That Year” : “You came from all over the world and made a commitment for a common mission. Therefore, from a single person to a group of like-minded lions… The 20-year road of lion love is shining like scattered sands, forming a bright river of stars that always shines on our way forward!” To honor the former president, founding team leader and all captains.

Finally, the team leader and all the guests were not satisfied. They returned to the green lawn and sat down on the ground. By Meng Chun, Xiao Xiaoyu lead everyone to song, open the memories of the team captain, recall their golden years, together recall that a period of passion burning years!


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[Text] Liu Meijiao, Shensi News Agency

[Photo] Jia Nengguo, Wu Shaoyi, Hong Shenglong and Yu Gang, Deep Lion News Agency

[Editor] Chen Meihong, Deep Lion News Agency

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