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On October 28 to 30, 2022, the Shenzhen Lions Club of China (RLLI) 2022-2023 Leadership Training was held in Shili Silver Beach Hotel in dongguan City with 65 captains of various service teams attending the training. Ma Min, Chief Financial Officer of China Lions Association, Peng Dao-jian, first Vice President of China Lions Association, Nie Xiangdong, second Vice president of China Lions Association, Tan Fei, former president of China Lions Association, Zhou Wenpei, Secretary General, Xu Qiubin, Chief Financial Officer, Lian Chuhai, Deputy Secretary General Yu Xiaoping, Deputy secretary General Li Chunchang, Tang Xue-yong and other leaders attended the training site to support the Lions. GLT leader Jiang Xiezhen was the chairman of the workshop.

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On the morning of 28th, the head lecturer Ma Feng led all the students to carry out the ice-breaking activity to kick off the training. Through the class activity of “Magic Pedal”, the students quickly felt the joy of reaching the other side through close cooperation.

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Nie Xiangdong, the first Vice president, said in his opening speech that the offline training had been greatly affected by the epidemic. As for the leadership training that the team leaders were looking forward to and attached great importance to, it was only with the strong support of the leaders of the district Association and the joint efforts of the teachers group that the training could be implemented after overcoming many difficulties. He hoped that the Lions would cherish the learning opportunity. After more than two months of lesson preparation, the teachers strive to achieve the training goal of empowering lions and provoking thoughts. The second Vice President of the Club Tan Fei encouraged the team leaders to study hard and apply what they have learned. He suggested that while improving their own leadership, they could better lead the service team to complete the work plan of this year, and strive to assume more important responsibilities in the next year and make more outstanding contributions to the development of the Shenzhen Lions Club.

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Ma Feng, the chief lecturer, and Huang Jieling, the head teacher, introduced the curriculum review and consensus rules of this training.

The lecturers brought ten wonderful practical courses to the students. Ma Min is the first to bring Lions in China to guide the audience to review the wonderful moment when Lions Clubs entered China. She compares the Chinese Lions Association with Lions Clubs in eight dimensions, explains the “Chinese characteristics” in a simple way, and more firmly believes that we can work together in the public welfare cause. Starting from a team and focusing on people, Ms. Wen taught the course “Working in a Team” so that the team leaders could understand the need to formulate clear strategies for different stages of the team. In a step-by-step presentation of “Local Problems and Opportunities”, Brother Ng guided the participants to look beyond the phenomena, identify the local problems encountered in the development of the Service Team, and apply the training methods to find solutions. In the evening, the students discussed the designated local issues through the way of challenge competition. Everyone actively participated in the contest, and sparks of ideas flew. Leaders and former seniors were also invited to participate in the contest and give their wisdom contribution.

On the 29th, the wonderful course continued. Mr. Huang Yiqun brought the interactive and participatory “Public Speech”, which made the class lively. “Diversity” lectured by Gu Weixia guided the captains to return to the service team to create a diversified atmosphere after understanding the power of diversity to the organization; In the class of “Time Management”, Brother Zhou Fuhuishi used “big rocks in life” to make students think about how to make choices within the effective time. Li Xiaotao’s “Personal Mission Statement” course made the team leaders understand the importance of making a personal mission statement, and constantly review in the process of implementation.

On the afternoon of 29th, Miss Wang Danya gave a lecture titled “Motivating Members”, which made it clear that the right way to motivate the Lions Club can effectively improve all aspects of the operation of the club. Goal Setting by Zhang Shijun introduces a series of spreadsheet tools to help you set clear goals and keep them in order. In the evening, under the leadership of Yi Dongsheng, all the students took off their shoes and rolled up their pants to experience an unforgettable “journey of life”.

On the morning of the 30th, it was time to test the results of the training. Whether it was a three-minute public presentation or a presentation of solutions to local problems and opportunities, the students applied the knowledge and methods they had learned in the three days and two nights, in an atmosphere of clear rules and challenges, to deliver a satisfactory conclusion paper.

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At the end of the training sharing session, the leaders elected by each group spoke highly of the overall training organization, course arrangement and teaching level of the lecturers. They all expressed that they would bring what they have learned back to the service team, and they would be more confident and capable to do more services.

At the graduation ceremony, each student solemnly held up their Certificate of Completion and took a photo with President Peng Daojian, First Vice President Nie Xiangdong, Second Vice President Tan Fei and lecturers who taught and served Lions throughout the course. The three presidents congratulated the students on their completion and shared fascinating stories from their leadership courses.

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It is reported that in order to complete the leadership training work, more than 30 lecturers took part in the preparation and PK for 2 months. There were 18 lecturers on site to give lectures and provide teaching assistant and logistics services, which fully demonstrated the professional, efficient and united style of LIONS Lecturers in Shenzhen, China. The end of the training is the beginning of better service. We believe that the students will apply the essence and skills of the course to the lion’s work and service work of their respective service teams, one by one to implement the work of the annual plan of the service team, and support and assist the successful completion of the annual task of the council with President Peng Daojian as the core.

Lion friends, let us heart to heart, side by side, live up to the glorious mission of the captain, in the annual summary assembly, hand in a perfect graduation report, no regrets lion years, together to new.

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