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On November 2, 2022, Typhoon Nig is about to land in Guangdong. Neither strong wind nor cold rain can stop the spread of the love of lions. The 2022-2023 Publicity committee training of “Kindness Pengcheng Spreads the Love of Lions” was held at the Shenzhen Lions Club office. The First Vice President of China Shenzhen Lions Club Nie Xiangdong, the second Vice president Tan Fei, the Secretary General Zhou Wenpei, the Executive Vice Secretary Yu Xiaoping, the deputy secretaries Li Chunchang and Tang Xue-yong, the chairman of the Third Zone Li Yi, the chairman of the 13th Zone Wen Zhiyong, the chairman of the 18th Zone Zhang Yan-chen, the head of the Teachers’ group Jiang Xie Zhen, the Chairman of the Community Service Committee Zhao Zhuo-ni, the chairman of the Deep Lion News Agency Gao Rui, Executive Chairmen Wang Shu, Jia Nengguo, Wu Shaoyi, Chen Meihong, Liu Meijiao, CAI Liying, the third vice-captains and secretaries of each service team, a total of more than 60 people participated in the training activity. The training was chaired by Gao Rui and presided over by Gao Ling and Wang Shu.

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Before the training, the ice breaking game was relaxed and pleasant. The lion friends began the day’s training journey with laughter.

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Executive Chairman Jia Nengguo introduced the guests and delivered a welcoming speech. Welcome to attend the training of publicity committee members without fear of wind and rain.

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Chairman Gurry shared the founding and founding vision of Deep Lion News Agency and introduced the past presidents and all members of the news agency. Chairman Gurry introduced the purpose of the training and gave a detailed report on the work plan and the work carried out by the news agency this year. She hopes that through this training, more publicity talents will be found and more reserve talents will be cultivated for the publicity of Shenzhen Lions Club and other service teams.

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In her speech, the second Vice President Tan Fei stressed the importance and necessity of publicity. She hoped everyone could apply the knowledge learned to daily work and life and record the beauty with words and pictures. She also wished everyone a great success in their studies and training activities.

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Zhou Wenpei, the secretary general, presented the topic “Reflections on the Standardization Construction of the Lions Club in Shenzhen, China”. He stressed that Lions Club should raise its political profile to ensure that it becomes a public welfare organization with Chinese characteristics, which can reassure the authorities, satisfy the public and be recognized by the society. Strengthen the system construction and self construction, form the pattern of legal person governance; Centering on the center and serving the overall situation, with “aid to Xinjiang and Tibet”, “rural revitalization”, “medical and health”, “community service” as the core, to create brand services and obtain better social benefits. He pointed out that in the publicity work, the lions should clear the direction of publicity, master the pace of publicity, and deepen the theme of publicity. He explained that the official carrier tools of the Shenzhen Lions Club are the website, wechat public platform and video account, hoping to strengthen the media attention and expand the social influence.

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Jiang Xechen, former president of the Deep Lion News Agency, gave a lecture on the Rules of Journalism and the Boundaries of Public Service Promotion from the perspective of a professional journalist, sharing the professional qualities required to be a Lions reporter. It focuses on the requirements of publicity, namely the correct political direction, public opinion direction and values, the six elements of publicity and news, and the matters needing attention in public service publicity. She said news reports should not only report good news events, but also convey correct stances, opinions and attitudes, guide people to distinguish between the true, the good and the beautiful, and inspire people’s spiritual power to be good. And shared many real cases in the publicity work.

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After lunch, Jiang Xiezhen led the “Listen to me” and “gum” ice breaking games, and then entered the afternoon training course nervously. During this period, there was a small detail that was very impressive. When Jiang Xechen made a mistake in Shouting the “gum” password, she immediately did ten push-ups. Her work style of bravely facing mistakes and leading by example received warm applause from the lion friends.

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From the Sheng Da photography agency Pan Manli teacher bring wonderful short video shooting and editing skills training; Teacher Zhou Shanjie explained mobile phone, SLR photo skills. The two teachers guided the lions to carry out systematic training of practical operation, theory and practice, so that the lions quickly mastered the basic knowledge and skills of photography and we media.

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As a veteran journalist who has written more than 400 articles, Zhao Zhuoni, the former president of Deep Lion News Agency, describes the basic logic of writing and interviewing, preparation, writing rules and interviewing skills with her own experience of growing up. She was full of words, goods and homework. After half an hour, the participants finished their homework.

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As the training drew to a close, Mr. Gorry, chairman of Deep Lion News Agency, made a summary and shared, presented the classroom training and works of the Lions on the spot, and announced the list of selected trainee journalists. Mr. Nie Xiangdong, the first Vice President of China, Mr. Yu Xiaoping, the executive Vice Secretary-General, Mr. Li Yi, Mr. Zhang Yanchen and Mr. Gurry presented certificates of completion to the students.

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Nie Xiangdong, the first Vice President, congratulated on the successful completion of the publicity committee training. He hoped that through the systematic training, the publicity personnel training and promotion of LIONS Club of Shenzhen, China could be done well, and a professional team could be built to strengthen the publicity force of the service team.

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At the end of the training, the lion friends were still full of enthusiasm, and immersed in the harvest and emotion after learning. They stayed on site or in wechat groups, sharing press releases and making their own testimonials. Everyone agreed that the training is practical, rich in content, practical and interesting, and has special guiding significance for publicity work. Seeing the joy the lions get from learning, and feeling the growth and progress of the lions, the members of the news agency felt that the hard preparation before the event was not enough.


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As Zhao Zhuoni said, “The two most popular people in the world are kind people and cultured people. We should strive to be wanted and popular. The flowers are far away and we are on our way.”

Deep Lion News Agency, spread the lion love every moment!



[Text] Liang Wenjuan, Yuan Yujiao, Deep Lion News Agency

[Photo] Wu Shaoyi, Chen Weiming and Chen Meihong from Deep Lion News Agency

[Editor] Chen Meihong, Deep Lion News Agency

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