Women and Family Growth Committee to celebrate 2021-2022 Tribute and Change of Leadership 2022-2023 – District Club News – News Update – Lions Club Shenzhen, China

On September 29, 2022, LIONS Club Women and Family Growth Committee of Shenzhen, China held the 2021-2022 Tribute and 2022-2023 Transition Ceremony at the 2030 Life Hall, 7 / F, Sanuo Wisdom Building, Nanshan District. Zhang Guoyun, former Director of Lions Club International and President of GAT Fifth Charter Zone, Nie Xiangdong, First Vice President of Lions Club Shenzhen, Tan Fei, former President Xiao Xingping, Secretary General Zhou Wenpei, Chief Financial Officer Xu Qiubin, Deputy secretaries Li Chunchang, Tang Xue Yong, Zhang Zhe Qin, Chairman Huang Shaofang, Jin Qian, Li Yi, Su Bing, District Chairman, Wen Yaoli, Secretary General of the Board of Supervisors, Li Zhou, Special Assistants to the President, Wong Wai-keung and Tang Qing, former Chairmen of the Committee on Women and Family Development, Choi Wai-ying and Zhao Nien-zhen, LAN Yuxiao, director of Shenzhen Blood Center, Wang Zhihui, principal of OCT School, Jiang Hongxia, founder of Star Guide, Zhang Yanbo, president of Ainos (China) Public Welfare Group, Zhang Yunfang, Zeng Chen, Mother Lin of Very Learning Hall, Xu Yanhui, founder of Marriage in Youdao, Ms. Nie Wei, CEO of Ruiyu International Education and other leading lions, representatives of various service teams and caring people attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presented by Chairman of Council for Women and Family Development, Mr. Liu as president of the Assembly. The ceremony was moderated by Executive Chairman, Ms. Jean Tsang.

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The party kicked off under a romantic starry sky. President Liu introduced the present audience with great enthusiasm and delivered an audience of welcoming remarks. She thanked them for their support of the Council for Women and Family Growth. As an audience member, she looks forward to an enjoyable and memorable evening.

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Zhao Nienzhen, Chairperson of the Women and Family Development Committee for 2021-2022, made a summary of the work. She shared the founding of the Council on Women and Family Growth and the contributions of previous teams. President Zhao reported three priorities for 2021-2022: empowerment of women, mental health of adolescents, parent-child relationships and harmonious families; We organized a series of activities, such as visiting the art museum to enjoy paintings, punching in the morning, sharing books and giving lectures on adolescent psychology, which benefited many people.

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Luo Cong Shijie presented the annual financial revenue and expenditure report for 2021-2022. Details are disclosed in the form of PPT, the data is clear, accurate, open and transparent.

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The development of the Women and Family Growth Committee cannot be separated from the support of the Lions, the Service Team and the Caring enterprises. President Zhao Nienzhen presented the Caring Unit Award, the Charity to the Beauty Award, the Outstanding Contribution Award, the Outstanding Executive Chairman Award and other MEDALS to the Lions, the Service team and the enterprises to show his respect.

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In the presence of former International Council Member Zhang Guoyun, First Vice President Nie Xiangdong, and former President as Mob of President Xiao Xingping, President Zhao handed over smoothly to President as Mob of President Liu, who takes on the responsibility and responsibility. Passing on, passing on, and creating is the mission of every Women and Family Growth Council chair.

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The executive team of the Council for Women and Family Development made a wonderful appearance. They are full of vigor and vitality, positive and committed to earnestly fulfilling their responsibilities.

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President Liu shared the working plan and vision of the Committee for Women and Family Growth for 2022-2023. As well as continuing to carry out reading, sports, focusing on youth mental health, women’s physical and mental growth, and parent-child relationship, as well as developing more lectures for women as an audience of beauty. As an original master of inheritance and innovation, President Liu Mob mob of services is effective, original, scalable and scalable. To demonstrate the power of the Women’s Committee and the value of a public welfare organization.

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Nie expressed appreciation for the independent spirit of the Women and Family Development Committee team, and called on more committees to learn from the Women and Family Development Committee.

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Ms. Xiao spoke highly of the beauty, fragrance and sense of responsibility of the Women and Family Growth Committee team, which attracted her to participate in the celebration of the Women and Family Growth Committee for three consecutive years. She also shared the history of the sacred title “Sister Lion”.

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Former International Director Chang Kwok-kwan said he was very pleased to see the growth of the Council on Women and Family Development beyond the horizon, and presented Cho Nyeon-jin with the badge and certificate of International President. This honor is the recognition and appreciation of Chairman Zhao Nienzhen’s dedication and ability.

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President Liu thanked the friends of Women and Family as they continue to support the Council, as well as the executive team and original advisors for their dedication this past year. They mob the Council with their fountain of love. President Liu said that for the upcoming year of 2022-2023, as an audience of executive presidents, we will do our best as an audience of executive Presidents. As an audience of executive Presidents, we mob beauty together, discover beauty, share beauty, and make life more beautiful.

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Contribution to the Council on Women and Family Growth

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