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Each of themMedal of metalThey are made and carved with heart. Due to theMedal of metalThe effect of customization directly affects the quality of sales, soMedal of metalProduction is the key. thenMedal of metalWhat is the form of customization? The following Yao Sheng can Xiaobian to introduce to you.

Medal of metalWhat is the molding method of customization?

A, stainless steel ring cutting

In the actual production, the processing of stainless steel is more difficult, if you can not master its characteristics, in the cutting process not only can not get the ideal processing quality, but also a lot of damage to the tool.

Due to the material characteristics of stainless steel and chin alloy, there are certain difficulties in turning, it is necessary to select and formulate the corresponding processing parameters according to the characteristics of the material, in order to ensure the machining accuracy and surface quality of the medal.

Two, cutting forming

The use of lathe will be stainless steel or chin alloy profiles directly processed into MEDALS, in ring and bracelet MEDALS are the most common, accounting for a large proportion, respectively, the use of lathe turning stainless steel ring and chin alloy ring.

The above content is how to introduce the forming way of metal MEDALS customization. Metal MEDALS should not only emphasize the quality, but now people pay more attention to the connotation of MEDALS and the meaning of this kind of production. Metal MEDALS have always been a special product with a high degree of special significance. Therefore, the meaning of metal medal making must be positive and can inspire people to progress.

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