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As we all know, the general badge is made of metal material, so it is easy to be oxidized in the air, so we should choose a box with better sealing, but also easy to keep for viewing.Badge customizationManufacturer Xiaobian to give you popular science about the most commonly used preservation methods of metal badges.

Badge customization

        1. Place in a dry place. If you put it in an airtight container, you can put a desiccant or a deaerator in it. It can also be wrapped in plastic wrap to keep out air and moisture.

2. Find a light-tight box, put some bamboo charcoal or other dehumidifiers on the bottom, and put a layer of plastic foam between them.

3, coating wax on the badge, can make it isolated from the air. With plastic bags, socks packaging bag, according to the size of the badge cut, seal with a sealer.

4, find a piece of flannelette, wrap the plastic foam, the corners are facing below, with a thumbtack fixed, so that the bottom plate is done. Badges can also be pinned on the flannel, which can be kept well and beautiful. The sealed collection does not affect appreciation, but also makes the badges isolated from the harmful gases outside, and can avoid direct contact with the badges.

5, to prevent rust, wax spraying is to spray a layer of wax protective film on the metal surface, so that the metal surface and moisture isolation, so as to achieve the purpose of rust prevention. This method is simple to use and needs to be cleaned with hot water. It is an environmentally friendly one-time rust-proof material.


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