The studio said it was impossible to lose money

Marriage, couples will photos hanging back within just installed a new home, just hang up the two days, whimpossible翻译at picture frame hanging on the rope suddenly rupture, lead to picture frame to thelose是什么意思 ground, not only has broken his wedding photos, also smashed the floor play hornmoney什么意思 line, consumers are demanding studio compensloseation their economic losses, the result was rloselife全攻略好感度ejecte赛点d, for industry and commerce after chefoowashroom to help coordinate, it was eventually settled satisfactorily. Mr. Chloselife全攻略好感度en took his wedding photos last yeloser中文谐音歌词ar at a wedding dress shop in the city. The set contaisaid是什么意思ned a 20-inch domestic knot, which was attached to the wall by a red rope woven with domestic knots and embedded in a wooden frame. On the eve of their wedding, Mstudiofow1-16字幕版r. Chen took out the wedding pwassuphotos and frames from the studio and hung them in the bedroom. Mr. Chen was verywash satiwastesfied. Unexpectedly the next day, Mr. Chen came back from work

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