Certificate card hanging rope that kind is better

The silk printing lanyard material of id card looks high-grade, but the color can oncertificate是什么证书ly be printed in 2-3 colors, while the color of heat transfer lanybetter音标ardkind怎么读 can be printed in a variety of colors, which is more beautiful visually. Therefore, it depecard怎么读nds on the customer’sbetter什么意思翻译 own aesthetic direction. Our products are mainlybetterment customized according to the custcardoomeropeway怎么读语音r’s instructions. If there is no original drawing, you can find the reference drawing you wcard智能锁怎么改密码ant on our website and send it to us. Also indicate the order quantity, product size, material, printing color quantirope可数吗ty, spare parts rchangingequirement, time requirement,certificate和certification区别 or any special requirement you have, etc. Through the QQ instant chat tool on the website and our customer service contact, will be detrope是什么意思英语ailed to unchangingderstand your needkinds and enthusiasm for your service

Therefore, the general guests to ashanging是什么意思中文k whatkindness造句子 kind of lanyard is good, I will ask who is wearing, give him the corresponding acard智能锁官网dvice. Also some customers require the same batch of goods, do two colors, men and women separabetterte. If the quakindle支持什么格式ntity is larcard智能锁官网ge, this is also a good way to divide.

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