How to distinguish single and double side ribbon?

We see that some ribbon products produced by the ribbon factory have two different products, singlesided and double-sided, so hdistinguishableow to distinguish (especially nylon ribbon) single-sided and double-sidedhowdoyoudo什么意思, imkgift ribbon xiaodouble占几个字节bian summary has the following methoribbons怎么读ds.
A. The genersingle反义词al ribbon front pattern, in color, brdistinguish的形容词ightness and feel above are better than the revedistinguishablerse side, comfortablsingle翻译e. And the四的成语 ribbon on the back is dhowarker.
B. Printed ribbon or ribbhow是什么意思on products, if silkscreen, without printed on the reverse.
C. Convex and embossed fabrics. The front side is compact and fine, with strip or patterned ridges, and the back side issingle-minded coarse思的组词r, with long floating lines.
D. Velvet belt: Velvet belt is best divideribbond into single and double sides. Vedoublelvet belt belongs to wool fabric, and there are many protruding villi on the front side.
E. Observe the edge of the fabric: if the edge is smooth and cledistinguish的用法an, the neadistinguish的用法t side is the front side of the fabric.
F. Leno fabric: tsingleplayer是什么意思中文翻译he front side of the fabrdistinguish和discriminate区别ic isribbon the promdoubleinent side of the warp with clear lines.
G. Towel ribbon: the front side is the dense side of the loop.

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